The Biggest Splash

Once, a little girl called Amy was having a lovely, warm bubbly bath when suddenly, a duck came waddling up to her bathtub. "Hello", quacked the duck...
Gold cherry

Arbonni the Great

"But you've never met Arbonni the Great . I’m the best, the greatest, the master of our craft!"


THE ACCUSER Today, a white plume rises. A flock of storks, embarks on a journey of a pilgrimage to an Arabian desert. The beauty is unbounded Yet...

No Good Deed 97

Moffat hopes to be a record breaker, dedication's what you need... Source image by David on Flicker... image changed and used in acc with CC BY 2.0

No Good Deed 96

It's hard work getting to the end... then it'll be rewrites, then... probably not published by Unbound, have to get them to say they don't want the sequel though... (Shouldn't be hard) Image: PD-US - no copyright notice source wikipedia commons.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (76) A Poor Little Rich Girl’s Christmas

Sarah Atkinson was 21 years old and an only child who lived with her parents in a huge 10 bedroom house in the village of Shallowfield on the edge of the Dancingdean Forest, and she had led a very privileged life and she was spoilt and conceited and had grown accustomed to always getting what she wanted.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (60) Molly’s Secret Santa (Part 04)

When she was settled into her room she went on a tour of the facilities to see if she could find something “interesting” to do. As it was a cold winter day she decided to stay inside and began with refreshments. Which was when she got the first surprise of the weekend, when she saw, already sitting in the cafeteria wrapped in a pristine white towelling robe, Doctor Polly Jones.

Train Times

I ride the train. Away from daily life; from paid labour, from domestic chores, from reality. My book stays on my lap. Too much to see. Once through...

The Magician's House

Once a magician called Balthavar abducted a princess named Nepthalie and pouring potion upon her from a silver watering can turned her into a white...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (60) Molly’s Secret Santa (Part 03)

After Molly Webb was dumped by her on/off boyfriend she took solace in the arms of her rich cousin Pauline Barker who was a renowned philanderer who had a big house in the village of Shallowfield, a mile or so from Teardrop Lake and they lived together for three years before even Pauline grew tired of her lovers roving eye and wandering hands.