The Nutty Detective - Part III - A Craven Danger Mystery

“Mornin’, Betty. Sorry I’m late with the coffee. But I got to thinkin’ about yesterday and how I shouldn’t have thrown them Baker Street Irritators...

Sam Sawyer Chapter Seven

“A word with me, sure of course, anything to help.” Sam said, noticing his gray short -cropped gray hair and thinking drill sergeant. “How is she,”...

Snippets of Downshire Life – Reprise

The village of Highfinch sits just on the edge of the Pepperstock Hills and the Lily Green Hollows Golf Club separates the village from the Hamlet of Lily Green, and the combination of those two and Kingfisherbridge made up the parish of St Martins and new to that parish was writer Ken Smithson, who moved to the village for a new start after he and his long term girlfriend split up acrimoniously, he chose Highfinch because he had never heard of it, and if it was unfamiliar to him it would certainly be to her, and that suited him very well indeed as he never wanted to run into her again unless it was in a car and he was driving

Sam Sawyer Chapter Six

Reality changed Tuesday night. So, Wednesday could not be just another day. It was another world and not just for Sam, who had already stepped over...

Sam Sawyer Chapter Five

“Sorry, should have already done that, kinda new to this.” He said stepping back, giving her space to regain her composure. “What,” she asked, “new,...

Sam Sawyer Chapter Four

Besides it was this world’s impotent imperfect legal system that freed Kathy Wyatt’s abductor, thereby enabling him to take her in the first place...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (66) Rained Off (Part 03)

Just then it started raining hard so they kissed goodbye and then went their separate ways, Francesca ran towards home and he ran across to find Terry, by which time the rain was falling like stair rods,


Gold cherry

The Nutty Detective - Part II - A Craven Danger Mystery

Betty Felcher flipped the switch on her intercom. “Mr. Danger?” Craven Danger took a bite of his toasted corn muffin and sat back in his chair. “Mr...