Craven Gets Flashed 31

When last we left our heroes. . . Betty and Mildred were at the Village Tavern waiting for the bartender to introduce Betty; who was expected to sing...

The Ghost House (Part 3)

I had actually seen a real ghost before , when I was 9 , in 1972, so had ‘one up’ on Alan. Dad and me were helping put up Christmas decorations in...

Top Tips for Turbulent Times by Timothy Tomkinson #2

Motoring As I might have mentioned before somewhere, car door designs leave a lot to be desired. It's amazing to me that modern cars can be loaded...

Bronte's Inferno IV (All Things Happen for a Porpoise)

Yep, that's a dolphin, I did that on porpoise. Image from PxHere. CC0

Bronte's Inferno III (Not The Two of Spades)

Bored yet? Visit cardarium where you can find out what the two of spades means in cartomancy Image author's own fault.

A Letter.

Dear Love, During the crack of the dawn, I whisper a silent prayer. I keep you safe in my wishes, I keep you delighted in my fantasy, and I keep you...

The Farmer (Part 3 of 3)

The events of Friday 17th July 1994 were not my fault. It took me decades, several broken relationships and three therapists to reach that conclusion...

The Farmer (Part 2 of 3)

I stepped into an open grassland that was not supposed to be there. It was dark, deepest night but, when I turned back, I could still make out my...
Gold cherry

The Farmer (Part 1)

I take the desire line across the field; ankles sodden from drenched grass and thistle. The path falls away, across the hill, cutting the meadow in...

Patterns of Comprehension For Close Readers

Patterns exist within our written language which benefit those who are aware of those benefits. This bonus is enjoyed by skillful readers who know...