Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (42) In Green Silk (Part 01)

Shallowfield lay on the southern edge of the Finchbottom Vale and Shallowfield’s fortunes had always relied largely upon forestry and agriculture for its survival. In the post war years with rationing and a shortage of work a lot of people moved away, to Abbottsford, Abbeyvale and beyond, and it only barely survived.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (233) Do you Want Everything with that?

The Channing family owned and operated a number of “Burger Vans” one of which was on the Shallowfield road on the Childean side of Forestdean. During the Summer, eldest daughter Georgina ran it with the help of David Wythe, who were both university students, and although they both attended Abbottsford University, they were doing different degrees and had never met before that summer.

A Serial Killer, A Spider and A Moth

He carried her down in the basement. The old wooden steps creaked as their weight bent the thin oak boards. He dumped her on a pile of past victim's...

The Magic Attic

It was the year of 1998 and was Louise was sitting down to a maths lesson. Break time had only just ended but already she had found herself looking...

Chapter 1: The Girl

They were standing underneath the mighty 400 year old Banyan tree- a tree three centuries older than the campus that had been built around it. Spring...

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 06)

It was not a short kiss it was long and simmering after all it had been a long time coming and when it was over they smiled at each other and he asked “Do you still want that ice cream?”

Choice Tales from the Vale – (232) Nookieville

Graham and Denise Rouse were on holiday at Maxlins Holiday Camp in Sharpinghead, it wasn’t their ideal holiday destination but it suited their pocket and the extended family all went as well so it was normally a fun couple of weeks.

The Old Ball Game

One of my colleagues, a guy named Fred Carbone, got into as much trouble as I did for having classrooms that were not quiet. Neither Fred nor I...

Mister Badger

I became a teacher for many reasons, one of them being Mr. Badger. Mister Badger was my history teacher during my junior year. Badger associated good...
Gold cherry

Flat Taste of Success -flash remix 150

The Flat Taste of Success Your song, my chord, our hit. It’s relatively minor. We don’t want it to go to the suits. It’s so flat, the see you in...