Uncanny Tales – (38) The St Michaels Terracers

Much of my childhood was spent playing football, and whenever possible the whole year round, in all weathers and for as many hours as my parents would allow. I wasn’t fussy who I played with either or where for that matter, and we would play with any size ball and use jumpers for goal posts and we would play for hours.

"Lies Always Come Back" [Mister Martínez Part Twenty Nine]

Fizzle...hiss... As you can see from the photo, whilst the Hedy Lamarr isn't nearly as glamourous as its namesake, or indeed 'Rita, it's much nicer than I've made it sound. Image is a screenshot from's website. This is much better than a plug on TripAdvisor and I've told them so.

A Fool's Errand

26) Jessica on tenterhooks. (Flash fiction - 500 words)
Gold cherry

A Story of May

I was born in October, and I always knew my name was chosen as a political statement. My Dad was a member of the International Marxist Group back then. They were big in the seventies.

Lamenting the lock-up

Josiah and Archibald consider the possibility of further Covid restrictions, with mixed results.


At 6 am a jogger wearing a blue track outfit, huffs past a Victorian house with green-gabled trim, waves to a paperboy leading his terrier, skirts a...

Uncanny Tales – (37) No Finger Pointing Guaranteed

I worked for the same man for more than twenty years and for most of those years it was like working for a schizophrenic, because of his mood swings. One day he would be an irrational gibbering idiot, next day completely rational and on another day, he was like a zombie, it was like he’d had speed on his cornflakes one morning and downers in his coffee the next.

Adopt a Tiger (3)

Susan had seen Billy the Pie around, obviously. He was the purple-haired clown at the end of her street, the one with the clown car outside his house...

Adopt a Tiger (2)

Susan rang the emergency number on the tiger cage. "There's been a mistake," she said. "I signed up to adopt a tiger and you've delivered the tiger...

Soul Circles

The sun was setting. They had reached a stretch of desert. She wasn’t familiar with any deserts in the area. Groups of people were gathered in circles across the stretch as several black cars dotted their outlines. Some looked to be around her age. Older ones seemed to stay close to the cars. "Excuse me?" she asked a woman with long grey bushy hair. "How do I get to-" "Follow your instructors kid and join one o' the circles," the raspy voice said as the woman lit up another cigarette.