Choice Tales from the Vale – (275) Sweet Young Things – Sharon’s Tale (Part 03)

“Hello girls” he said jovially and there followed five minutes of light hearted chattering and then the girls went on their way. Ian watched them as the three girls tottered down the lawn and when they reached the gate all three turned and waved and Sharon blew a kiss.

Rough Draft

“Do not take roads traveled by the public,” the man said out loud. The range of his voice was calculated not to go any further to those he did not...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.9 : Concessions (Part 2: Gerald)

The Officer in charge of the Dormitory debates light heartedly with Danella and brings a request from General Ravelleon to meet him again.

The Thing That Lives Under the Hill (Chapter 2)

Some more of the novel that I posted the other week. This is just the first part of Chapter 2, althought, to be honest, this is such a raw, early...

Downshire Diary – (46) A Bridge too Far (Part 04)

“Because I really enjoyed it, because it was so special, because it was the most electrifying kiss I’ve ever had” Emma paused then continued “And because I had dreamed of that moment for a full year”

Choice Tales from the Vale – (275) Sweet Young Things – Sharon’s Tale (Part 02)

When they reached the Vicarage he left the giggling flirts outside while he went inside to change and came out 10 minutes later just wearing an old pair of baggy shorts and he joined the girls as they sat on the patio which was now in the shade and he gave them a glass of wine each.

Promises Beyond The Veil Of Light ( PT 2 )

Picture by pixabay free images Part Two It was the beginning of the weekend in Veiled Forest as the creatures both large and small searched for...

Promises Beyond The Veil Of Light ( PT 1 )

Picture by pixabay free images. A Story About A Young White Witch. Written In Forty Eight Parts. Part One Birchester was much like any other county...
Gold cherry

I will change. I promise

Four short stories, linked by change.

Downshire Diary – (46) A Bridge too Far (Part 03)

Recent events in the wider world had provided Kevin with a wealth of material for his blog and he had managed to produce around two months’ worth of content for his blog. Which was one of the reasons he thought it was time to end his self-imposed exile, the other one being Emma’s return from Greece the day before. He stepped out into the sunlight to find the postman, Frank Worthing, walking up the path. “Morning Mr. Riddett” He said “So you’re not dead then”