Spreading the Word

Sebastian gazed irritably from the verandah into the sun filled garden. As usual a zillion thoughts had jostled aside his attempts to attain a state...

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 1: Section 2)

Valdark, the Great Barbarian Sorceror, has called Sorceror Aribor back to work. He has been sent on a mission with other Black Sorcerors to bring terror to Bricas in Shalirion. He has gone into the city in disguise to assess the best means of terror. He merges with crowds and finds himself involved in a festival of the Goddess, and learns much about the ways of Shalirion. His purpose is tested by temptation and new understanding. This is Section 2 of this Part.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (82) Stable Relationship (Part 03)

James headed down the perimeter road towards Forest Lodge and halfway down the road the rain came and so he took shelter beneath a tree for five minutes and then he got going again, but that five minute delay was enough to mean that he missed her at Forest Lodge so he reverted to plan b, which was to catch her at the stables, but he wasn’t really sure where it was.

After The Blame

With the second war over and the soldiers back home things were resuming back to normal . That is what ever normal was and ever could be again . The...

A Troubled Runaway

A Troubled Runaway - Short Story by Paul McCann It was the summer of 1969 and all around me houses burned . The illegal paramilitary were armed and...

That Monday Feeling

Part 28 This one takes me through 20k words (in 12 days)

Kit Handsome and the Mysterious Strangers 5

On the count of three Kit and Anderson charged into the bank, along with a dozen of Anderson's best heist prevention officers and full translation...

Kilo of Cheddar

Part 26