new dog for old

After his mum’s death Bob decided to get a dog. He’d been laid off after working for the same company for almost thirty years, his wife had left him...

"Past and Present" Chapter 1

The newsroom was hectic. It was nearing the deadline for the final print and the last of the articles were due in. Stephanie Mitchell was spell...

Crape Myrtle (11)

“Look at you!” cried Valerie. “Did you get the mail?” asked Natalia who wore high waist, wet look, metallic purple, stretch leggings and an off the...

Break The Child: Epilogue: Through a Father's Eyes

Epilogue: Through a Father’s Eyes I’ve cried a million tears and cried until I thought it would dissolve me. This time I’m crying for a new reason—I...

Three Ships

Flash fiction - 400 words. (A repost)

Break the Child: Prologue: In Dad's Own Words

Break the Child Katherine Black Beware of the monsters that dwell in the mind. - Katie Bell Prologue I am a humbled man. My name is Stephen Barnet...

Break the Child: Chapter Thirty-Eight: The End

Chapter Thirty-Nine I know, I haven’t written for ages. I bet you thought I was dead. You try writing with a nine-week-old baby to look after. I...

The Reign Of Three Kings #1

Chapter One of a story i've been working on! Please give feedback on anything as i am constantly trying to improve! Enjoy! - Hal (Harry)

St. Malo bound

Playing with an idea

Uncanny Tales – (19) Tales of a Young Angler

My father was a very keen angler and my older brother followed suit and in the fullness of time, so did I. There was however a vast difference between my brother and I, namely that he was a good fisherman like my Dad, and I was hopeless.