Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Monday 13 October

Monday 13 October I sat next to Nettie when I got the bus that morning. As I sat down, I whispered: "Nettie Scoot. D irfen. Nefrid nerfid." "Huh,...

Decoding A Dream (Part 5)

It was late afternoon. Kaola listened to Hishan’s family talking in the lawn with the east wing occupants. Her brother brought a team of guys and...

The Star Dog

There once was a boy, called Tom, who really wanted a pet dog. He wanted a pet dog more than anything in the whole world and at night he would lie in...

to await a guardian: chapter two

They arrived not too long after at the 3rd year's dormitories; O'Rorke Hall. It was, surprisingly, the neatest of the residences offered by the...

to await a guardian: chapter one

The gnawing June chill crept its way across the country and nonetheless overtop Aberdeen Boarding School. It never snowed in Queensgate, but the...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (28) To Catch a Thief and Steal a Heart (Part 06)

Wendy turned away from him and he could tell the way her shoulders were moving that she was crying. “Well come on then” he said “Get your shoes on, they’re waiting for you” “What, now?” She said wiping her face on her sleeve and nearly falling in the stream then she threw her long arms around him in a big gawky hug.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (103) Studying Poppy (Part 05)

As she sat on his desk he stroked her outer thighs as he looked forward to her sliding onto his cock as he sat in his chair. But at the point of potential penetration a look of doubtfulness crossed her face and she said “I don’t know what to do”

The Boy's Companions Chapter 4

Oliver's hands began to tremble uncontrollably. The one in his pocket had a tighter grip on the medallion than ever before. He struggled to find his...


She hated how the wetness of those creams stretched from the top of her forehead to the top of her intentionally open cleavage.

"Past or Present" Chapter 7

He was not her husband, he may resemble him, but he was not him. Grant’s smile was strained, Stephanie was staring him down and he didn’t know if...