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I have 176 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 10441 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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B̶̢͓͙̖̤̤̒͑́͌̆ŕ̷͕̫̆̽͝e̶̩̮̪̯̿̽͛̃̆̾̆̚͜͜ͅá̴̲̭̩̺̝͐̎̃͝k̵̨̧̺̯̟͌ḭ̴͍̟͖̦̓́̔̿̀n̷̼̼̺̖͚̪̺͌̅̽̎̇́͊g̸̛̭͔̯̥̮̬͊̍̆ ̴͔̻̟̺̳̹̏̈́͑͌͘t̴̬͙̗̖̒̎̅h̷͓̯̓̑ĕ̵͉̗̍̃ ̶̻̔͆̄c̷̢͎̥̖̲̭̻͋́y̸̡͚̝͎͐̏͒̔͆̈́̐̕͜c̶͔̩̗̝̓͑̊l̴̫̪̋̎͆e̵̟̹̮̽͑̂̋
The beginning is a great place to start. Shame.

Lore is thrown into an explored universe with no clue as to their place within it.
All they know is that people know them and they know none of them. Instinct and 
Breadcrumbs to lead them as they attempt to piece together their life and work out how
can change the future to stop the past from coming back around again.

Cornerstones of Reality.
The fire's burnt out but the frying pan is heating up. Oh dear.

With everything as it should be, new problems are quick to present themselves.
The aftermath of their previous adventures makes itself known before newer
problems pile on. Life is slowly being drained from the universe and only a
chosen few are being spared.

Collapse of Everything. 

All good things come to an end, even the universe. Ah.

Ten years of peace tainted with the worry of missing colleages and lost friends.
Things were starting to seem normal but Reality had more in store than a simple
family life on Earth. It's Murphy's law and the problems are only going to get bigger. 
Enter the endgame.

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1:2:1 Illia (Part 2)

Destiny was suspiciously quiet. Lore looked over to Char, they were both braced. Char nodded and Lore activated the drive. And then they were there...

1:2:1 Illia (Part 1)

Yawning. Char hadn’t even left the bridge but it was obvious she was more tired than she had let on. Staggering in her sightlessness, she retired to...

1:1:12 Destiny

Beckoning. She held the doorway open with her body. “Come on, I know it’s only six rooms but I think you’re going to like what you see. And if you’re...

1:1:11 Lists

Scrolling. The tablet finally loaded and displayed a series of objectives. The list wasn’t as long as they had been expecting, certainly not long...

1:1:10 Silus (Part 2)

The lift doors parted and the sound washed in. It was like their trip to medical but a thousand times worse. While there had been a lot of different...