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A simple individual, making their way in the galaxy.

Breaking the Cycle. 
The beginning is a great place to start. Shame.

Lore is thrown into an explored universe with no clue as to their place within it.
All they know is that people know them and they know none of them. Instinct and 
Breadcrumbs to lead them as they attempt to piece together their life and how they 
fit into their own plan.


Cornerstones of Reality.
The fire's burnt out but the frying pan is heating up. Oh dear.

With everything as it should be, new problems are quick to present themselves.
The aftermath of their previous adventures makes itself known before newer
problems pile on. Life is slowly being drained from the universe and only a
chosen few are being spared.

My stories

Times Changed

Months passed. Times passage seemed non-linear, especially as they travelled between Earth and Quatarr. The weeks spent on Quatarr seemed to last as...

Closing Time

Peaceful times. Lore checked their Breacher and for the first time since the first act of their forced honeymoon, nothing. No alerts, no distress...

Rexian Rumble

Even field. Where four had stood against one, now only two people remained. The universe in their eyes and time at their fingertips, The Reaper took...

Reaper Reforged

Narrow streets. Their Breaching point was a short trip away from The Rexian’s broadcasting tower but the maze like back alleys made it seem even...

Daughterly Departure

Abrupt Mourning. The return journey was much quieter than they had thought it would be. A quiet snivelling followed the group as Char tried to...