Science fiction


Anything For Her

“Will, wake up.” A familiar voice prodded followed by a hand to jostle him awake. “It’s almost time. There wasn’t much else he needed to motivate him...
Gold cherry

The Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven Someone once told me that love can transcend time and maybe even defeat death itself. I don’t know about that but as the future...

Climate finance (yes, this gets to be fictionalized)

Mario placed his $300,000 into the Parnasus Core Equity fund and let out a sigh of relief. It is finished. He has clicked the button. He had placed...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 3

The elf female ate the porridge she was given with relish. Argibel noticed this and wondered whether perhaps Gruby had not been feeding her enough...

The Speech Writer Pt. 5

Mara was Pearl's best friend. That was how it had been since basically forever. They met in grade two because of Manyo. He was being mean to Pearl...

How can I have more feeling in this scene without making this more cringy?

It's supposed to be KIND OF emotional, for it's one that marks the start of a change in one of my characters. (Keep expectations low lol) I provide a little bit of context, and then the scene itself. How can I accomplish the goal in the title, or make it better in other ways?

One Night at Kedasi (10)

Previous Chapter 10. An Interlude with Air Traffic Control Paul took pride in is work for the Private Cay Docking Company. A fifteen year plaque...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 2

Mannioch, the King of the Orcs in the mountains at that time, was trying to force the Elves to stay in their fortresses at that time. He did not want...