Science fiction

As The Coronavirus Continues......

This morning when I woke up, I thought of the people who about two weeks ago or more was in the category who was told, “Stay home.” This morning...

Calban Attends A Concert : A Night Out (Ch.17) Part 4

Calban's interest in Clarella, the lawyer, is detected by Vera, his mentor, who encourages him to be more confident. This is set in Marta City, in the continent of Gallanol, where long hours of work and an overdeveloped economy have made life very dull indeed. The Neo Creadds hope to encourage change in society, and an improvement in the quality of life. until now Calban has been a victim of society.

The Company Man (11) Part 2

The greatest search the galaxy has ever known needs loyal men.

The Company Man (11) Part 1

The greatest search the galaxy has ever known needs loyal men.


Jesse Davis sat up right, his back pressed to the soft cushioned headboard, buffeted further by the two pillows that lay between him and the faux...

Necromantic Abominations Anonymous

Here's a short story I had some fun with to get me throuhg this time of isolation. Hope you enjoy! Necromantic Abominations Anonymous By, Ashton...

Playing Golf While Rome Catches The Virus

Rome was burning. Nero practised his violin to keep his mind off the ruin of his great city. Meanwhile Trump tried to cut taxes for the rich businessmen, desperately slashing Obamacare. Then the virus came.....!

I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Virus Version)

(Based on/ influenced by the lyrics of the famous 1979 track by The Damned) They’re closing the schools They’re storing the books The church is empty...

Dimensionals-Chapter 1

It was seven in the morning, and Fran’s alarm clock has started ringing deafeningly. Grunting, Fran searched for the clock with his eyes closed and...


The bar clearly once had an enterprising owner that attempted to emulate a T.G.I. Friday’s with the kitschy pieces hung all around the walls, but...