Science fiction

1:4:10 Crait (Part 5)

There was a knock at the door. The first guard struggled as he tilted and turned the foldable bench through the doorway and out of the narrow...

Where is Everybody?

Well, where? Image created by me at

In This House III

In the darkness, she dreamt. She saw the village in which she lived. Elm trees, which lined the roadside of her culdesac, shed their leaves, floating...

1:4:10 Crait (Part 4)

Simplicity was almost exactly as she remembered. Although her time on the ship had been short, its layout and the events that occurred within were...

Planet Prison

“Death never scared me,” I say to an eagle. “Not until today.” It pays mind only to its decaying meal. “This was my favourite bench as a kid,” I add...

Mono Log

First of all, let's call it prosetry. Well, I've been playing with this one for well over 10 years. My normal mode of working is give the keyboard a bash and then dash. Those I do fiddle with, I rarely improve. However, I've had a go with this... Regarding the quoted/allusory material, I would say that this is the upper (or do I mean lower??) limit of acceptable, but what do I know. If anyone's worried, I'll take it down.

The Can Guru Lectures #314

One day the earth will be blackened rubble. Even now, it's nought but a bubble. Gurning youths with simian stubble. Owt for nowt, at the double. No...

1:4:10 Crait (Part 3)

Char hadn’t even realised they had left the ship. She and Charrlene now found themselves choking in The Slingshot’s courtyard. With a wave of her...
Gold cherry

Black Hole

Another old one. I treated it to some punctuation and one word change. So now it's a completely different poem, isn't it? Picture is from wiki commons. Used under CC 4.0 licence

Radio Galaxies

Very old poem, written 2011. I like it, but you don't have to. Image created using canva from elements provided.