Science fiction


UV (Part 2)

Dystopian speculative fiction or sci fi social satire. Image Wikicommons.

Chadpocalypse - Volume 1 - The Warning (3)

Link to parts 1-2 3. “Oh great, thanks Marvin, you’ve let the Jehovahs in again,” Chad yelled. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for various religious...

Party Crashers (Part 2 of 2)

Belinda started crying. Jake began to wish he hadn't started this. She fascinated him, sure, but he hadn't really signed up for this, and he didn't...

Party Crashers (Part 1 of 2)

It was just after nine, but already frost was starting to form on the pavements; already his breath was misting in the air. Jake Martin pulled his...


Dystopian speculative fiction, or sci-fi social satire? It's up to you.
Gold cherry

The Rubber Face

A stranger in a market, lemon juice, an act of violence

New Ways Forward and Publication (Ch.13f : Part 2)

Janus plans to make contact with colleagues from earlier life and create a movement of discussion and action. Meanwhile more of his writing, outlining his views and ideas for society are published onto the Vidnet. Set in an alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.

Wallypot McGinty and the Space Potato (of Dooom)

"I am Wallypot McGinty," said Wallypot McGinty. "And you are?"

Larry and Mick and the Nidiot

"You're an idiot," said Larry. "I'm not a Nidiot," said Mick.

Wisdom and the First Moments of Darkness (Gambar 9)

To the Islander's on the boat, Gambar's ascension was a phenomenally meaningful event, the literal birth of knowledge. To Gambar, the whole exercise...