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In retreat

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 12 – The Secret Songbird

After all his guests had left, despite the fact he had had the busiest week he could remember and he’d been up half the night he had no intention of trying to catch up on his sleep so Kayleigh drove him into Purplemere to pick up his car then she went to visit Carl up at Plaxton Park while Jack went home and spent his time tidying the house and to keep him going he put on some music.

"Meh-tha tur-ah?"

The title? You'll have to read it to see what that means... Picture is the Bridge at Belleek, which will form part of a hard UK Eire border, should it come to that. Source is wikipedia commons.

No Good Deed 94 (WMDN)

Is there more to the mystery of Moffat than even he guesses? The picture is of the frontispiece of "The 40 Virtues of Armagnac" by Cardinal Dufour. Readers of Gibbous House will have come across this enlightening and uplifting work of early Catholic literature... Image is copyright The Vatican Library, taken from www.armagnac.fr used in accordance with CC licence.

The Golden Island

There was once a king called Argex who was desperate to travel to the moon so that he could make a trade agreement with the moon people. "They...
Gold cherry


‘David Salter,’ the woman said. She had his file in her hand, looking over the top of her glasses and scrutinizing him. Five-foot four with sandy-...

when once we ran through the night

you are not here I know not where you are but you are not here I flail still, just like I used to but now I do not mistakenly, fortuitously,...

Wee Hussie You

Wee Hussie You by Paul McCann .Wee Hussie You , what are you trying to do , break my heart in two ? Wee Hussie You , What’s your problem , don’t you...
Gold cherry


Her mother always told her this: iron your clothes before you go out. It’s a minor thing, but it makes a difference, it affects how people see you...


life is a hard thing to understand The dark and the light in the palm of your hand the pain and the sorrow that peel you away the love and the beauty...