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Parental guidance suggested for children

Proud Nation

Once willingly we wandered those barren lands with self determination, respecting Mother Earth, only deriving what was needed in Spring time of our...

The Eve Of The Hallow

The Eve Of The Hallow A short story by Paul McCann . Back in a place where crows picked maize from the fields and crops grew among the blackstones on...

From Jester To King XXI

Holidays for big kids

The Visit

The Visit By Paul McCann The trees brushed up against the windows of the cottage and the rain battered the shutters from their hinges. The thatched...

The Wedding Speech

The Wedding Speech By Paul McCann So I was walking out the door and the phone rang .It was one of those occasions when I was in two minds wondering...

The Free Market (Part 2)

The way the sand felt under Christian’s feet, fine and warm and clean; the way it moulded to the impact of his heels, the balls of his feet, the...

The Free Market (Part 1)

A clothed orgy every morning. Hell. Zone 1. If Picasso painted bodily odours… Christian Weaver enlivened his morning commute by inventing USPs —...

"Will ye no come back again...?"

This story was conceived the other day, when I drove through my old home town of Burton upon Trent and noticed that this had actually happened at a well-known funeral director's. I couldn't believe my eyes and I wondered what Archibald and Josiah might have to say about it...

From Jester To King XIX

Back in the day.