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A commonplace

Meet Me On The Corner

Dear diary...1977 holds a big sack of memories for me, not only was I a part time vegetarian, that is to say that throughout the working week I'd be...

Moonlight Bay

It's Lugi's fault...he got me thinking of Doris Day. So I melded a sort of Romeo & Juliet ending to a forbidden love...not what the Hollywood of the time would have scripted.

Game of Moans 4: ‘Stab’

The ‘small package’ that Jon Snow had sent was a dragonglass dagger Construct-a-Kit for his sister, Sansa. Although Sansa wasn’t really his sister,...

A Game of Scones

Queen Percei ordered her cream tea, then sat there all regal like, while she waited for it to arrive. Her cross-dressing brother, Myrion, ordered his...

The Last Case of Dr. Jonah Wexley Abbott (Pt. 2)

She looked old. Not the type of old one earns at the end of a long and fruitful life, but old like rusted metal, blighted by rot. Her wasted arms,...

Game of Moans 3: ‘Pub’

The Night King’s phone rang. ‘The Wife,’ it said on the screen. He rolled his scary blue eyes and answered it. “Where are you?,” said the Night King’...

A nobody

The rain which had been coming down in a steady light drizzle developed all of a sudden into a downpour. Umbrellas mushroomed over the heads of the bereaved gathered at the graveside.

Affected by this Issue

They’ve been working on the house two doors down for 6 months now It looks spectacular Young men have been there all day music blaring machines...