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Parental guidance suggested for children

Jack Mutant - Which Way is Down? (part ten)

Jack woke to find a warm, scraggy lump pushed up close to him, he reached out his hand and ran his fingers through Bristol’s coarse fur, the dog made...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 19 – The Spider Hawk Mission

It was the early hours of the morning after the crew of the Tornado discovered that Maxil Weltz and Vint Reganus, Ghambran agents in the employ of Prefector Collis, had arrived on Soman asking about the Tornado’s whereabouts.

Spinning and Spanning

Checking the calendar I confirm the date. The 19 th January, not April the 1 st . And yet it appears to be true. A Foreign Secretary with a less than...

Self Control

Despite his public denials – to his wife, his family, workmates and friends – and his private one to himself Bradley knows that his problem is...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 18 – The Hounds Return

After leaving Eirkos they returned to base on Soman and prepared for a prolonged run around the system although it turned out they had a three day wait before departure. And as there wasn’t too much in the way of leisure activities they got to work on some basic maintenance, cleaning and restocking.

The Pirate Pig (Children's Song)

1. Most pirates have parrots but one had a pig which he fed upon carrots; pineapples and figs. 2. And the pig joined his crew and he taught it to...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 17 – Return to Montrose

The Tornado lifted off the planet Achrem after assisting Legion Commander Salmin with an operation to capture a fugitive named Kurla Babic, with Merionwen Strong and Lyris Skeet at the controls as everyone else was otherwise engaged.

Slower Than Light

It was a slow, hot summer day and Jill was out in the garden running about and playing when one, then two, then three strange creatures in space...

Dreaming Of Paradise

Dreaming Of Paradise By Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni97hFm5LlA . Dreams they come and dreams they go , what they mean I just don’t...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 16 – Breaching

Having spotted their target in the Blue Horizon, Lyris and Zerrad ordered another drink, while the latter sent an electronic signal to the Commander, and then they waited while Kurla got comfortable and during the next half hour the Skeets witnesses an array of wrong doing among the clientele, where a variety of contraband changed hands.