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Why I Stopped Watching Family Guy

I used to enjoy watching Family Guy. It was entertaining and funny. But Seth Macfarlane and the other people who make Family Guy went too far. They...

Iron butterfly

I once beheld your splendid wings Your life was full Found on the wing Unfettered travel You zinged Whist all the creatures sing Now you wings feel...

Unfulfilled Cravings

Image from Wikipedia - Magritte now out of copyright.

Anemoi - Winds

Bank Holiday walk on the Northumbrian Coast. Image source: geography.co.uk. Licence CC- BY SA 2.0 photographer MikeatSeahouses


'Man's Best Friend'

Over the Rainbow

I want to build a fire in your eyes can’t help but want to make you smile. You’re too smart to let this life slide.

"One, Two, Three, Four!"

Not actionable. Image is CC0 and in Public Domain.

Larry and Mick Create a Black Hole and Nearly Destroy the Universe

"Oops." "What?" "I've just accidentally created a black hole with this Home Physics Kit." "Oh dear." "It's growing exponentially." "You better stop...

Larry and Mick Spin Around Very Fast and Then Regret It

"I'm bored." "Tiddlywinks?" "Bored of it." "Are you mad?" "Just bored of tiddlywinks." "I need tea." "Coffee for me, thanks." "You are mad." "Just...