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My Other Dog is . . .

My other dog is quite cheeky, but he cannot bark or go for long walks sniffing in dead leaves or chasing next door’s cat. He doesn’t have a name. He’...

Did You See Me

Did You See Me in the moonlight as you began a journey during this evening’s sunset before it began its song? Did you meet anyone by a blue spruce...
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Secrets Of A Green Man

Through soil wherever you need to go, slight curious impressions advance; roots emanating emotive kinship for descendants of forest floor. Green man'...

Ghosts in the Machine

An old friend died a few days ago. Faceache sent me a friend request from him. He was already my friend, so I knew it was some hacker. I took the appropriate action. (No, not write this poem). Image authors own created at Canva.com

Falling Angel

It was an early misty morning when Lily crashed into a Birch tree – such hard wood & she lay quietly on the ground. Forest creatures gathered...


God I’m lying under the Word on the grass You made so pure this day almost at end & the things I did should not have been done so glad You...

Bronte's Inferno XXX (They're Not A L L Mad)

Aren't they, though? Still hunting for licence or rights for this image... Will remove if man he say no.
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