Certificate PG

Parental guidance suggested for children

Lamenting the lock-up

Josiah and Archibald consider the possibility of further Covid restrictions, with mixed results.


At 6 am a jogger wearing a blue track outfit, huffs past a Victorian house with green-gabled trim, waves to a paperboy leading his terrier, skirts a...


tragic our lives are tragic, starving artists overlooked die in poverty they are buried as paupers - then - too late - gain cult status our lives are...

Worlds Apart

When I hear about people having to flee their country because of poverty, wars or cruelty, it makes me feel so sad, but lucky to live here in England...

Soul Circles

The sun was setting. They had reached a stretch of desert. She wasn’t familiar with any deserts in the area. Groups of people were gathered in circles across the stretch as several black cars dotted their outlines. Some looked to be around her age. Older ones seemed to stay close to the cars. "Excuse me?" she asked a woman with long grey bushy hair. "How do I get to-" "Follow your instructors kid and join one o' the circles," the raspy voice said as the woman lit up another cigarette.


Oh look A glimpse of thigh

Anyway, plagiarism

People only see what you want them to see, that's the problem with psychosis you are convinced that people see what you don't want them to see, it's...


Remembering now, after thirty years of antipsychotic medication and finally being well enough not to need it.How I stood in Sarah's mothers allotment...

Black Dog On The Skyline

Black dog on the skyline ridge in the flat grey afternoon, soundless in the hills going south. Padfoot mimicking the walker on the gravel path at the...
Gold cherry

Bucks from a Cuban

Yeah, the pancakes are good. See that guy over there. Yeah him, chewing meatloaf like a godammed camel. Well round here on the street they say that...