Certificate PG

Parental guidance suggested for children

Rage in the West

The fire is on a rage of destination eschewing skeletons and other innocence now shards of outer skin into burnt dust and the wind ts pushing its...

Ukulele Lesson 3

In which the Tiger Mother Ukulele and I agree to differ and I add another name to my list of annoying relatives.


'Grumpy Old Men'

The Art Critic

An art critic struggles to tell an artist her painting is not a good as she thinks...

Ukulele Lesson 2

WARNING! There is one instance of adult language in this piece (due to my lack of tolerance with artificial intelligence) . Did I say even the longest journey begins with the smallest step? I was wrong. The second step can be even smaller. My unrelenting Tiger Mother ukulele bends my fingers back until I squeal and insists on perfection.


A man who I went to school with died recently. His name was Wade. He was 50 years old. He and I were both born in 1971. He was a few months older...

You Are

brilliance in morning light and ecstasy at the coming night. You are my lady who merits being a precious one- with understanding love and caring for...

Attack of the Blobwoman Part 2

Chapter 4: An evil within us Despite the increased ballast slowing her down, Carole had made it out of her apartment building with little problem...

Attack of the Blobwoman Part 1

Chapter 1: The Discovery Carole Williams loved science. It had been a passion of hers ever since she was little. She’d spend hours a day trying to...

An Encounter With Self

I chase fireflies as eye-light changes to dim and loons begin to trill with delight- As I lay in my tent the sky is full of dark echoes. Nature earns...