Thirsting For Autumn

Dear's weekend of the 17th and 18th July 2021. This heat is so overwhelming it leaves me drained and longing for cooler days. Call of the...

Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13 : New Friends In Dumis : Part 2 : Communication (Section 1)

Danella, the Priestess of Pirion, recieves invitations from rich businessman Valery. She regards him as a new friend. She explains to her new friend Jeanette her delicate relationships with General Ravelleon and Mireau. This is a continuing fantasy, the adventures of a Priestess of Pirion among the socialites of Prancir, which is occupying parts of her homeland.

Sublimely Spoken

Message heard, the challenge enjoyed, occasionally comprehended In defence of the cryptic poet - pic, no ©

Discovering the Boy

I forget what age I discovered the dangle. What was it all about? Something new fangle? Apparently no more use than a plastic bangle. There seemed...

Timanfaya Volcanic National Park

Dear diary...a poem about the volcano we visited in Lanzarote, during a holiday in July 1987. Once quaking; red hot lava gushing, flames rising...

Home Sweet Home

Penelope sat in her dark brown leather recliner pensively; she was only home from hospital a few days and was finding it hard to acclimate to her ‘...