Philly Lyft Volume II

Lyfting Philly on a Sunday afternoon

a place I never knew

Silence swills in early morning lamplight, catching fog in rays as gulls patrol the cobbled streets; an oversight in fading darkness. Streets filling...


She's never spoken before. Not to me. Not properly. Just platitudes. How are you? Cold today isn't it? Have a good weekend! There's a shadow on his...

Mikey - A Personal Essay

Mikey - A personal Essay I remember the day he was born incredibly clearly. As soon as I saw him, Mikey, I cried without even realizing it. Tears of...

Beyond Clarity

Beyond Clarity White caps snooker the edge of my imagination as ocean features its grizzled countenance: tappy-dancing is my fetish in the horrors of...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.5: Cultural Exchange (Part 3: Section 1)

A sense of normality and security returns to the Priestesses after the excesses and dangers of conquest. They are now able to influence and educate the conquerors in the ways of the Goddess. Still the Pirionite men remain in labour camps, and the exploitation and competitive values of the conquerors remain incomprehensible but fascinating to Danella.
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Poem of the week

Compassion Fatigue

Hey you. Yeah you. I know your grandad died last night but conjugate this verb. Get into groups now. Group one: Data says you're the smart kids...

How To Keep Life Real

We construct lives of fantasy around us. I write a long story about a better life, a place I would like to live in, where people are really free and...
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Futures falter

Is this the messiness of actual living? News came; we all acted, said, ‘understood’. Understanding. Finding out, knowing. Knowing nothing. Lines...

The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14c) : The Meeting Of Two Groups

Janus makes contact with a similar group of social discussion and action who also appear to want to reform society. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol.