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You're Doing Great

From the moment my wife’s waters broke, I knew I had some serious shit to sort out. It was Wednesday morning and I’d just come home from walking the...

Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13: New Friends In Dumis : Part 1 (Section 6)

Priestess Danella has noticed that men are more powerful than women in Prancirian society, and explains to her new Prancirian friends that she feels women in her homeland have a better life. The Prancirian ladies are dubious about the status of Pirionite women, but Danella explains openness and friendship with many is more fulfilling for them. This is a continuing fantasy, a scenario which may not be real in our world for many reasons?

100 Words

Who would pay to sponsor such small effort?

Mr Alfred Muggins' Small Melodrama In The Kitchen

Muggins came into the kitchen. Chaos!! He could see at least two tops off things (and that was just at first glance!) The milk was still out on the...


I says to thee, "one, two, three!" And I says again, "one, two, three!" I've seen the office go from 'reference' to 're'. I've used the staff toilet...