The lush summer grass muffled the sounds of her footfall, as she raced rhythmically, urgently towards the treeline. She hardly broke stride when her...

Come Fly with Me

Is it a bird or is it a plane?

The Fence (Youth Misbehaviour After The Election)

A Teenager destroys a Fence while showing off, not realising that an election has brought a new, more Left Wing government to power, but one which has brought more traditional punishments back to deal with Youth Misbehaviour and many other crimes.

A Christmas Tale With A Difference

The people of 'England' were facing a General Election, but what was going to happen this time? This was co-written by myself and my wife Wendy in 2006. We 'bounced' a few ideas off each other to write it together. As we are now facing another election, and at Christmas time, we both think it is the perfect time to post our joint work on my abctales account, with due credit to my wife Wendy Kirtley.

Leech of the World, Chapter 4.2: Rest...?

The Rest of the night went surprisingly joyful, Aqua being her usual self casually flirting with Azur, Mav annoying the very existence of his brother...

Leech of the World, Chapter 4.1: Rest

Atop the tallest cliff facing towards Sea that for some reasons has little grass on it, Azur’s House sat. The Elderly Humans that aided Azur become...

Ms. Scrooge

Sally Dexter stars as the first ever female Scrooge on a London stage. (Image from Pinterest)

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16c) : Modern Capitalism and Democracy

Janus questions whether all the modern economy is necessary or worthwhile, explores the different directions it has taken, and the enslavement of the worker. Set in the Martan Empire and Gallanol in the Modern Age.

Alien Opportunities Ch.2 : An Introduction To The Alien Household Part 2

Chris has been invited to do some serving tasks in the Alien Household of his alien employers. Supervised by the wife of the boss Braidt, he finds she likes his company and wants more from him than human employers would. He finds himself on a journey of self discovery he had not bargained for.
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'I am going to live on Mars’ she told me, schoolgirl shoe-scuffing at the planished patina of our marriage ‘I am to become a Cosmonaut describing a...