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The revenge of an umbrella

one of the first stories I posted here..... oh those were the days (2002)

The Collector 2.

2. I wore my Walkman in an instant and started nodding my head to the music as soon as I heard my boss tiptoeing towards the open door. He was about...

The Collector

1. They never closed the door when they had these late-at-night discussions at the office. Sometimes I would sit and listen, curious who this other...

The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14g) : Discussion Group (Part 1)

Calban is persuaded by Vera to attend the Neo Creadd discussion group for the first time. Can he overcome his shyness and his work oppressed social insecurities? Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.
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I have an imaginary daughter

I have an imaginary daughter whose age is as malleable as the particulates of frost which freckle the eyelashes of snowshoe hares ‘Don’t stay out too...

The Boy and the Waking Giant

Inspired by

The Duel Part Two

Conclusion to The Duel.

The Duel Part One

The loss today was too raw for Malady to bear. She hadn’t yet dressed for her Return, and the thought of all those sympathetic words made her want to...

Princil's Magic : Ch.9: Charlerion's Pleasure (Part 1)

The confident successful King begins to call himself Emperor. Meanwhile he exercises his pleasure in private with his two rival concubines.