Tower of Strength (IP) Part 3 of 4

The Tower has summoned Strength to the Old Place, between Barclay's Bank and Marks and Spencer's.

Tower of Strength (IP) Part 2 of 4

'Tentacle things...all bright and that thing with all the snakes on its head...' 'The Medusa,' said Mrs Brenton.

Tower of Strength (IP) Part 1 of 4

The Tower comes alive. Which is a shame if you've just started your Fat Rascal. Image: Author's own feeble attempt.

Meeting with Foo-Kahl

Ae-Jah (the young Pleiadian monk), can't resist his forbidden studies, yet a surpise visitor to his dormitory chamber leads to an unexpected game of "lost and found." Meanwhile his bond with his snake-familiar deepens. ...Could it all be related somehow?... (Ae-Jah narrative #4)

Chadpocalypse 2:1 - El Diablo's Coffee Bar

It's been a while since I've written Chadpocalypse, but with Downpour off to the editor, I've decided to dive back in. Here's the first part of...

Coming to Terms with the Inevitable - PART 2

(Continued from part 1) A low pitch double-ring filled the air, disrupting the mood with the force of a fire alarm. Though nowhere near as loud, for...

Coming to Terms with the Inevitable - PART 1

"Come on, come on let this be the one that'll save her," Dr. Xin Reen whispered anxiously to the darkness. On the holo-screen before him, the last few bits of the progress bar filled in. A scene he'd watched more times than he could count. Was that the 170th attempt or the 212th? A few weeks earlier, his brother Junsen the last of his colleagues, finally called it quits, and joined the rest of the nation in bemoaning the coming death of the Matriarch. She'd watched over the country for over two millennia. And though she never ruled it, her influence on its history was near that of a goddess. Yet, despite being viewed as such by many, she was but a High Elf, incredibly long-lived, but still mortal. And as is the fate of all mortals, she was nearing her end. Yet even in the face of the numerous failures, Xin could not compel himself to give up trying to preserve the woman, for his connection with her went beyond that of others. "She's my mother, I can't just let her go."

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.7 Battle For Morith (Part 2)

As the Army of Elladein ambushes the southern army of Deneldinhew, Jovian of Gorn finds himself threatened from his own side. Set in the early stages of Gallanol's civil war.


He always gave me flowers. But not in the usual way. Far be it from Nathan to do anything in a usual, ordinary, everyday manner. We’d been together...