Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.9 : Concessions (Part 2: Gerald)

The Officer in charge of the Dormitory debates light heartedly with Danella and brings a request from General Ravelleon to meet him again.

The Thing That Lives Under the Hill (Chapter 2)

Some more of the novel that I posted the other week. This is just the first part of Chapter 2, althought, to be honest, this is such a raw, early...

Promises Beyond The Veil Of Light ( PT 2 )

Picture by pixabay free images Part Two It was the beginning of the weekend in Veiled Forest as the creatures both large and small searched for...

Promises Beyond The Veil Of Light ( PT 1 )

Picture by pixabay free images. A Story About A Young White Witch. Written In Forty Eight Parts. Part One Birchester was much like any other county...

Such Tales as Fairies Tell: Showdown

“So, she’s your girlfriend now?” “Kind of.” “ Kind of?” “That’s the best way I can put it. We’re letting it run its course, go where it wants to go...

The Lizard Man, Narrative # 1

He stood over Katulu and suddenly felt the true worth of his vigil. He thought of the child's mother again. What a mystery this all was. He never chose this, never wanted children, for in a way he felt like he was never a child himself, and yet how could he reject such an unlikely gift from creation's song, especially when he knew that this child would one day carry some of his most precious memories...

Such Tales as Fairies Tell: Kirk

Jordy’s standing there. Feet rooted. He looks at a stranger, but he knows what he’s looking at. This man is big, he’s wide on the shoulders and his...
Gold cherry

Such Tales as Fairies Tell: Anita

Right there in front of him. Her hair isn’t swirling around her like eels, her eyes don’t glow, and she’s not draped from head to toe in silver and...

Round The Corner (Part Two)

Second Part of a sort of fairy story, for sort of grown ups. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons