The Magic Attic

It was the year of 1998 and was Louise was sitting down to a maths lesson. Break time had only just ended but already she had found herself looking...

Chapter 1: The Girl

They were standing underneath the mighty 400 year old Banyan tree- a tree three centuries older than the campus that had been built around it. Spring...

A Gift and a Curse

*Unfinished* Ria Morrigan is gifted with the ability to kill with a single touch. The only thing to deter the magic is to wash her hands, but even that only lasts an hour. Ria accidentally murders her family one night and must pick herself back up again.

Horizons Of The Mind

Horizons Of The Mind By Paul McCann . Sitting here likes porcalene waiting for the paint to dry and there’s a face looking at me in the corner of my...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.8: Winter In The Occupied City (Part 3: Winter Festival )

The Prancirian soldiers leave the Priestesses alone during their festival and the male prisoners will be allowed to return to their city. More about the politics between the Vanmarian nations as they attempt to carve up the Empire of the Goddess.
Gold cherry

The Whale Cafe

This is the cafe in the park where the whales come for breakfast, between the hours of 8 and 9.45am. It is waitresss service only and each whale has...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.8: Winter In The Occupied City (Part 1: Conversations of War and Love)

Danella reads more of the history of Prancir and the continent of Vanmar. She has lively arguments about its history with her friend, lover and customer Paul, and about the current occupation.