City Whispers

The streets whisper to me. Lead me to an alley that stinks of vomit, where a woman covered in blankets thrashes around on the tarmac. Another wound...

Faraway Places

She remembers the world. It seems as if it were a lifetime ago, and everything was so very different. There were traffic lights – there was traffic...

Calban Attends A Concert: A Night Out (Ch.17) Part 6 : Clarella's Search

Clarella the lawyer, the object of Calban's desire, explains something of her situation. Her previous boyfriend Demus was not understanding of her Neo Creadd sympathies and ambitions so she had finally let him go, increasing her Neo Creadd contacts, partly in the hope of finding someone more suitable. This is my continuation of my Martainian Empire and the continent of Gallanol novel in the Modern Age, where the dullness of modern work life is breeding the roots of personal freedom and social change.

The Golden Ticket.

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting someone special. Agnes has special needs. Her Mum is elderly, and recently Agnes’s elderly uncle died...

A Sea of Tears and Flame

The blood clouded into the grey water. Like dark tendrils around the coral, entwined snakes spiralled, creating a web of holes. Pitiful moanings...

Princil's Magic : Ch.12 : Guthelm's Weakness (Part 1)

King Charlerion of Pelancir tries to improve the effectiveness of his alliance with King Guthelm of Grumandria, but the tensions between their methods draw them apart. King Charlerion is not finding Guthelm a useful ally. Set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, which has been invaded by the barbarian nations.

An Inflated Ego

Needs puncturing first
Gold cherry

Garbage Disposal

Kids! Do not try this at home!

Red Dogs

When 19-year-old Mei returns home to find her parents brutally murdered and her younger sister kidnapped, she goes all out to right the wrongs. Can she defeat the fearsome bandit group called the Red Dogs?