Boatman's dream 20

An extraordinary meeting

Party Crashers (Part 2 of 2)

Belinda started crying. Jake began to wish he hadn't started this. She fascinated him, sure, but he hadn't really signed up for this, and he didn't...

Party Crashers (Part 1 of 2)

It was just after nine, but already frost was starting to form on the pavements; already his breath was misting in the air. Jake Martin pulled his...

Boatman's dream 19


Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Sunday 7 December

Sunday 7 December 11:00 AM I followed Wendy to her living room. "Hi, Len," Johnny and Nettie chorused. "Guess who Lenny saw outside?" "Harry Potter...


Dystopian speculative fiction, or sci-fi social satire? It's up to you.

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Saturday 6 December

Saturday 6 December Mum dropped me off at the twins' house around 11. She told me she would pick me up at 9 tonight, and let me get out of the car...
Gold cherry

The Imagined Value Club

I am a member of the Imagined Value Club and have been now for four years. I've read a few comments on this thread about it by posters who don't...