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May the angels wings

may angels' wings cover you tonight the road ahead ain't easy the darkness of the night when you cry and you pray for the sunlight the world keeps...

Changing with LaPlumer

I sat down at my desktop a week ago after watching a Youtube video of Glen Campbell and Roy Clark combining for a virtuoso dueling guitars version of...

Growing Up

6 years old. Summer. Innocence. It's all fun and games. Sunshine and rainbows. Not much to remember. A smile plastered across everyone's face...

I Call Myself Ice

Marion Morrison had a dog Marion named his dog Duke Marion Morrison went to Hollywood Hollywood named Morrison John Wayne Morrison didn't care for...


TRUE WITNESS written by: Johnbest Obialo (Desert Writer) Genre: Poem/poetry. ===== I stand on this land a fragile sojourner, hampering my eccentric...

European Friendship

1) Post-war peace and peaceful ties, treaties, trade co-operation, mustn’t quarrel, friendly gestures, no more wars, don’t want to risk it; but...

Waiting for Morpheus

Another 'Rimas Dissolutas' poem.
Gold cherry

He said I was Whippety (Rimus Dissolutas)

On Wednesdays I go to the park And whatever the genre of weather I enjoy a lie down on the grass And I blow kisses to my whippets Some people stop to...

A Singular Man

Rimas dissolutas.

Last Week I Lost My Job (Rimus Dissolutas)

Last week I lost my job My boss died and me? I was thrown away like litter I don’t wish to speak ill of the dead But the man’s character was poor I...