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Junk Mail

An irritating scheme or scam– the emails wind up regularly in my ‘Spam’ – another name, not mine appears, though my address is hijacked. I haven’t signed up …
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Poem of the week

Your Mother

She’s a stain on you your mother On us, a serpent brimming spite Casts her venom spit-hissed And there’s no hope No light relief, no antidote Each...

The Nest Egg

“A nest egg is essential for a secure retirement.”

Banksy Prank?

She said she’d pay one million pounds … and then … she didn't sign up for that!

Entangled Objects

She objects to the object of the exercise. The object of the exercise is to move the object objected to from the objectionable place to another space...

“good poetry objectifies feeling”

Comments welcomed as I’m not sure I’ve got this concept clear!
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If Money Was No Object

It is a pleasure to own a work of art whether it is the charming Mona Lisa whose smile touches art lovers' heart or a painting by Gentileschi of Pisa...

Inter-tidal life

This was written for my children long ago, to try to capture the underwater scene change. I posted it some time ago as simply ‘Seashore’, but thought it was worth reposting for the August topic of Poetry monthly.


Unplanned interruptions. I stand, here. A strange land. A wilderness. In unfamiliar skin. Concussed. I must, start again.

An Ideal Place

Revised. (Change of categories)..