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Changing with LaPlumer

I sat down at my desktop a week ago after watching a Youtube video of Glen Campbell and Roy Clark combining for a virtuoso dueling guitars version of...

Growing Up

6 years old. Summer. Innocence. It's all fun and games. Sunshine and rainbows. Not much to remember. A smile plastered across everyone's face...

I Call Myself Ice

Marion Morrison had a dog Marion named his dog Duke Marion Morrison went to Hollywood Hollywood named Morrison John Wayne Morrison didn't care for...


TRUE WITNESS written by: Johnbest Obialo (Desert Writer) Genre: Poem/poetry. ===== I stand on this land a fragile sojourner, hampering my eccentric...

European Friendship

1) Post-war peace and peaceful ties, treaties, trade co-operation, mustn’t quarrel, friendly gestures, no more wars, don’t want to risk it; but...

Waiting for Morpheus

Another 'Rimas Dissolutas' poem.
Gold cherry

He said I was Whippety (Rimus Dissolutas)

On Wednesdays I go to the park And whatever the genre of weather I enjoy a lie down on the grass And I blow kisses to my whippets Some people stop to...

A Singular Man

Rimas dissolutas.

Last Week I Lost My Job (Rimus Dissolutas)

Last week I lost my job My boss died and me? I was thrown away like litter I don’t wish to speak ill of the dead But the man’s character was poor I...

In Troubadouric Tradition?

It seems that Rimas Dissolutas [Poetry Monthly March] fits best to troubadouric verse – does anyone else find it fits other content well?