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Base Camp

I know this place This space, my landing After that familiar fall Towards the silence Of my enduring cell I’ve been here before Closed and still...

Will you commit yourself to …?

A ‘Leap of Faith’ they called the ride – an almost vertical water-slide: no foolish leap or gambling drop, partakers knew they’d safely stop, they...


(This story is a sequel to THE WITCHING HOUR posted January 2018.) Now they are dead, the man and the woman, the lovers, and the old widow is glad...
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A Leap of Faith

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AS* eye-contact progress

[age about 5 ]: I cannot catch his glance, his eye – I wonder why? … and the day the day-old father met his daughter‘s gaze in a hand-held head.

Winter's Last Bark

Southwesterly Winds blew through Stagger Street. We drove to the airport to say goodbyes. Cold temperature rendered teardrops to sleet. Blue sleet...


2nd month in a row I've done a poetry monthly. Image source pxhere.com licence is CC0


AN OLD FLAME (This poem is based on a short piece of prose posted January 2018.) Smart hotel, crowded room, Pendant lights glittering, Live music,...
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Visiting Mom

So much that should have been said, but no longer can be.


THE BOY IN THE MARKET (an edited version of an earlier post) A boy aged five or six, I thought at once of Tom, The same cheeky grin, Freckled face,...