Poetry Monthly


The Golden Ratio

Mathematical analysis of aesthetically pleasing shapes … golden ratio … beauty – why?


For July, the focus for Poetry Monthly is ‘Golden’. ****************************************************************** Sometimes you are all colours...

Golden Hour

Inspired by a Saturday night out.

Handbags and Crocodile Shoes

PX Image in the public domain.

In your shoes

The bag's bright pink, prawn cocktail in clear script. We don't have prawns now the sea is plastic soup. You wear shoes so your feet don't touch the...

I’d fill your shoes better than you do!

“If I were in your shoes, I’d be more kind to me (this ‘me’) I would be kind to everyone not ‘me-absorbed’ as you are now with you, I see. I would...

Mommy's Shoes

Mommy’s Shoes I was five, or four, Sneaking in to open the cupboard door. Taking out the elegant heels, Sneaking them on with ease. My feet filling...

Base Camp

I know this place This space, my landing After that familiar fall Towards the silence Of my enduring cell I’ve been here before Closed and still...

Will you commit yourself to …?

A ‘Leap of Faith’ they called the ride – an almost vertical water-slide: no foolish leap or gambling drop, partakers knew they’d safely stop, they...


(This story is a sequel to THE WITCHING HOUR posted January 2018.) Now they are dead, the man and the woman, the lovers, and the old widow is glad...