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Van Gogh and the Spaceman

I wanted to write something about the poisonous blue of Thatcherism. But went off completely somewhere else and consoled myself that she didn't own the colour.
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Into the blue

I saw you after you had emptied your spring bags one winter (creative commons image)

Pictures of Eric in Blue

For Dad's and Granddads everywhere. Our Dad was Eric

Swallowed up?

The ball of fire sinks into the blue …


There is always rain, On days like these. If you listen closely, You may hear its melody. A private symphony of tears. The inspiration behind such a...

Into the blue... (POETRY MONTHLY)

A response to the writing prompt on this site.
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Flotsam (Poetry Monthly)

Out of the blue, one Indian summer you finally came. The waving, windmilling Captain of your destiny we said. Stubby legs would beat a heave-ho hard...

Into The Blue

I thought I had posted this on here before, apparently not... Image source is wikimedia commons: attribution By Henry Bowers (1883–1912) Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17226333
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4 Group, RAF Bomber Command

Poetry Monthly - Out of the blue Not much of a tribute really, but...