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I tripped a time ago to Köln And swore that there I broke a bone. Fickle fantasy there fled To far off land and daisies bred In wondrous place, And...

Biss or Bissn't

Biss or bissn't said the Bard...

Letter to beyond

Short poem for Poetry Monthly (creative commons picture)

Dreamy …

A thoughtful tale, a pleasant book, the mind in daydream drifts … book shut, eyes close, into, and out of sleep, consciousness slips: distorted mixed...

Brief Moment To Dream

Welcome are dreams, their profound symbols submerging then soar like an ocean of waves, breath of life – rising to surface of subconscious,...

Van Gogh and the Spaceman

I wanted to write something about the poisonous blue of Thatcherism. But went off completely somewhere else and consoled myself that she didn't own the colour.
Gold cherry

Into the blue

I saw you after you had emptied your spring bags one winter (creative commons image)

Pictures of Eric in Blue

For Dad's and Granddads everywhere. Our Dad was Eric