Gold cherry

Day of Reckoning - revise

Earl slumped in a chair, holding his belly wound. “He was close to gettin’ me, too. I fear our day of reckonin’ is comin’ soon. So let’s git otta town before the clock strikes six.”

When A Buffalo Falls

They rode together through the wild country—a band of four men not always on the side of the law. Rick Samuel, an ex-First Lieutenant of the US Cavalry, though soft-spoken he was a giant of a man with the strength few men could match. Matt Morton, an all fighting man who when the chips were down was as cold and deadly as any other. Hunter MacHorn, the young orphan boy, bent on proving himself in the eyes of his friends - quick with a hand and gun. And Jim the Apache, lean and tall with the eyes of a wind-hawk. Together they fought and played like brothers. Those who crossed them were few. But those who did and lived to talk about them—would never again ....
Pick of the Month

Daddio and Beyond

DADDIO When I was a pre-school child I played with miniature plastic cowboys and Indians. My parents referred to them as “characters”. I liked ‘em...

The Bandito's Choice

Once there was a bandit in Mexico; a very wicked man who, whenever he attacked and robbed a village with his gang would order one of the village...

Freedom Beyond Fate

Freedom Beyond Fate Father, Alas I have come to confess The cross has brought my people to experience The most egregious offence We’re Once Proud...

Pedigree of Life

Born into it Die by it The simple habitual habitat Became the bane of my habitual predestined existence Go to School Get a degree Make something of...


No one knows for sure who the magician was; only that he called himself "The Great Howdini", that he rolled into town one day in a cockamamey wagon...