lesson 1 our neighbours are not our friends

Children don’t need to check their experience Lost - they just laugh or cry Silence is the found sound of the awful why? Every day the world ends...

The Lone Ranger and Tonto

I fight injustice in the West and help people who are in danger. When my brother was murdered, I became the Lone Ranger. I bring outlaws to justice...

The Town

script poetry - western - photo CC0

A Memory

A Memory - By Paul McCann . https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2xY-hCcSLrU . There’s dust on the street and a wind from the west , blows the dust at my...

Beyond Bronson Hill

On those wintry nights, Ms. Abigail Parker wasn't sure exactly when the day ended, and the evening began.

Ghosts in the Alley

Someone once told me that deciding to become a teacher was like deciding to open a bowling hall in your brain. The intoxicating toxic smell of beer,...
Pick of the Month

Daddio and Beyond

DADDIO When I was a pre-school child I played with miniature plastic cowboys and Indians. My parents referred to them as “characters”. I liked ‘em...

The Bandito's Choice

Once there was a bandit in Mexico; a very wicked man who, whenever he attacked and robbed a village with his gang would order one of the village...