Chuck's Dead

Chuck's dead. Long live the poet.
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Poem of the week

Surasawa Pond

By Surasawa pond on a billboard a holy man paints a lie: ‘On the third day of the third month the dragon of this pond will ascend to heaven.’ Two men...

The Salmon of Doubt

The ranting winds that bucket us With stinging salt lashes on skin And screaming frozen harpy-ridden fury Will soon be kitten-soft and sighing. Jaw-...

A salient quote for aspiring writers

Currently reading Simone de Beauvoir's Force of Circumstance and found the following: 'There are two ways to be a great writer: painting powerful,...


She's never spoken before. Not to me. Not properly. Just platitudes. How are you? Cold today isn't it? Have a good weekend! There's a shadow on his...
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Poem of the week

Compassion Fatigue

Hey you. Yeah you. I know your grandad died last night but conjugate this verb. Get into groups now. Group one: Data says you're the smart kids...


All the time You try to hold, They try to fly, away With the wings That you gave 'em When they used to cry. All the time You try to hold, They try to...

Lone Passenger

On a bus I start, I don’t know how far I have to go I don’t know what is my destiny is, And then I found I have to go so far Where no one trying to...