To Cringe Further

All of we writers leave behind literary symptoms of our blind spots. One of my recurring problems is with the word "remember" which I continually...

A Useful Quote

'Talking is the enemy of progress. Action is its one true friend.' A Man in the Pub (1972)


High tech firms are apparently running out of 'chips'. So ....let them eat phish. Marie Aunt Hairnet

A Quotation

"When a whole society has been turned into a hospital ward, it is a sad and meaningless life for a hypochondriac." Wild Oscar

Alfred Muggins Ponders The Royal Wives (Again)

Mr Muggins and his wife were in their (royal – he liked to think of it!) bed. It was not a four poster bed unfortunately, like Henry and his wives,...

From the Gate to Gennyland to Mersey

We were coming from Geneseo in upstate New York. The Campus was alive with music. Folk, rock, blues and jazz. Evrey style had its zealots. I liked em...

I Was So Close To Taking It Off.......................

It became my real comfort to me. I used them for 9 months, my Brother encouraged me not to get carried away with it, he said, “Don’t use it,” My...