Type Monkey Type

Yesterday's filler was much fuller than it had any sane mathematical right to be. Look at the god damned odds Pretty sure it was a one in a two...

Even in peacetime no one can dream

On that day the valley was flayed raw by sunlight It was shortly after a truce had been declared between Winter and Spring Children were in the...

Bronte's Inferno XXX (They're Not A L L Mad)

Aren't they, though? Still hunting for licence or rights for this image... Will remove if man he say no.

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 3

The elf female ate the porridge she was given with relish. Argibel noticed this and wondered whether perhaps Gruby had not been feeding her enough...

Premature Publication

As prolific as I am, I often sacrifice quality for excitement and expediency. Here's what I'm talking about. I have fifteen minutes to create this...

Not Fair!

So, I was in my favourite shop on Earth. TKMaxx I had just arrived at this particular one, and I noticed a man near the door, by the men’s perfume...

A Letter to Untethered Books Ltd.

I am not Walter De La Mare's great-grandson and I don't live in Arizona. Not suitable for the sensitive or people working in publishing. Image is PD


I have always used Dylon dyes. They are tried and tested for me, over the decades that I have used them. They have not let me down. Over the years...