Jaspernon The Prince : The Rise of the Cult of the Goddess: Ch.3 : Part 1 Patience Is Tested (Section 1)

The Prince apologises to the High Priestess for his behaviour and explains himself. The High Priestess, despite her principles, finds herself dreaming of him. Set 1,000 years before the events in 'Life and Times of a Priestess'.

black fryday

black friday burn your pancakes burn the cocks scramble the brains let’s eat more than we can see let’s see if you’ll get more than you deserve...

cosmic extreme lavender

amazingly hoof, grey electrode passenger cinnamon enrage, orphanage drifter , bloodsucker awakening rat source, setup apology frozen agency disobey,...

For Grandchildren Everywhere

Long ago and far away, in a land beneath the clouds, there lived a simple watermelon farmer named Waldo. He was a distant cousin of the famous “Jack...

an end to potatoes

One day there will be an end to potatoes probably or tax or probably not unless we are not counting reality spaceships

bad frog

there’d be a point in being a big meat eating plant or a vast nuclear reactor & sitting near a box of frogs ONE day, TWO day daily fail being an...

bad penguin

being a penguin probably wouldn’t be so bad but for the cold, and the egg on the feet

bye - good

i’ve lost the will for anything all this stuff is coming out average boring i guess this is what happens when you become an old goat not long then...

daddy got this for me

i’d have thought you’d be better, she said though, i’d have thought she’d be nicer, I thought and when i feel like a dead parrot i’d be happy to be a...


somedays i feel like nothing