Charlotte Finds A New Employment : Ch.4 : Getting To Know The Foreign Men - Section 1

The Western economies have become stagnant and poor. China and other parts of the world are now more prosperous. Charlotte and friends are introduced to adventures in their new work, which create unexpected reactions. This is Section 1 of 2 sections, which somehow didn't get posted up properly around 1/4/19 when Section 2 was posted - so it has been missing from this collection, and is now restored.

Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13 : New Friends In Dumis : Part 2 : Communication (Section 2)

Danella, the Priestess of Pirion, in the land of her people's conquerors, questions and provokes her new friends more closely on the subject of their desires and personal secrets. She finds out more about their real attitudes and feelings and tries to encourage them. This is set in an alternative world, not dissimilar to our own.

The Liberation of Stefan and Penka

We met in black and white. Four eyes peircing dirt and spiders‘ webs To escape their world behind the wood pile In the darkest corner of an ancient...

New Health Kick

I'm on a new health kick. I'm gonna kick back on my reading. I read while reclining on my couch, holding my head up with my right hand. I keep my...

The Condemnation of Darkness

Hello darkness my old friend You're here to drive me round the bend As sultry summers meet their end You pounce upon my fear and send Me screaming...

Everything Is Negotiable

Yesterday I was thinking about how expensive it can be to share my discovered secrets with a lawyer, a shrink or a dominatrix. I'm paying them to...

Disenchantment 42

***** Touching the River Styx had almost felt orgasmic, yet it was much more than some insignificant physical pleasure. The fear that Floyd had felt...