The Lost Cities

It was a time when humanity was at a peak of evolution. We have records of our cities before the fall of all nations. Here, these spare words have...

Teachers : The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14f)

The Neo Creadds go out onto the Vidnet and into lecture halls to get their messages across and stimulate debate about the grey society which has developed. Avoiding comedy they begin to enter politics. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.4 Forest Of Liedein (Part 2)

High King Deneldinhew's army is attacked during the night by the army of Elladein. The leaders and the High King's Companiona respond as well as they can, as all seek to gain honour. Gallanol's first civil war for hundreds of years has begun.

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 1 : Section 2)

A guard escorts Danella to the rooms of General Ravelleon, where she will dine with him. The guard enlightens her further about the mysterious conqueror. Set in the world of Pirion, the Empire of the Goddess, and the new greedy nations of Vanmar.

Cervus Polaris

… What is a mere mortal king of blood and bone to a deity of earth and sky? Cernunnos, Stag of the winter skies and the forest floor is no king...

Cold Clocked

The cold coclusion to The Clock Is Ticking

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 1 : Section 1)

Conquering General Ravelleon visits the dormitory and requests Danella's company to dine at his rooms. She must refrain from other 'work' during the day, and looks forward to this chance to get to know this General more closely.

Clock Is Ticking

I take full responsibility for my actions. I planned the whole thing out down to the day, to the hour, to the minute even to the second. I spent...

Reading A Book

Reading a book that's thrilling can feel like riding a bike with eyeballs for wheels or, even better, like riding a bird over lands made of letters...

Addicted...Ignoring a Warning From Wolf

In my first years of teaching, I was always suspected to be "some kind of nut" because of the length of my hair. Apparently, I didn't "look"like a...