Not Everybody's Going Home

Serena leaned over the fountain and gathered two candles, one for her and one for Brooke. She pulled out a lighter from her pocket. “Meet Lady Luck...

Somehow We Are All Equal On Holiday

Somehow we are all equal on holiday. We could be a lowly carer or the Mayor of London, a bank manager or a bus driver; We’re all Brits, together on...

First Impressions

First Impressions Greece, land of the early dusk, before our plane arrives in Corfu. Coming from Britain, clocks two hours forwards; It seems an...

The ‘roughpotatofallacy’ Fallacy (RPF3)

Nobody knew the meaning of the ‘roughpotatofallacy.’ Or indeed the ‘fallacy’ of the ‘roughpotato.’ There were those who spent long minutes, seconds...

Overlord Induction

Overlords, underlords, big fat timelords Overground, underground, fumbling tree Flaming trees, flaming F*book, twitter *pdates Carbon MONOXIDE, cat...

The song of the giant’s daughter.

Promise me, never to let the children forget the songs of Finn and the Fiánna.

Life with no bottom.

"So this is life then; it's not quite what I expected" said the one I had decided to call Flute on account of his melodic voice. "What exactly did...

roughpotatofallacy (RPF1)

1. Mr Rough-Potato-Fallacy “Woah there, Mr Rough-Potato-Fallacy!,” called the detective to the fleeing criminal. “That is not my name!,” said the...


Full of tears will be that day When from the ashes shall arise The guilty man to be judged; Therefore spare him, O God, Merciful Lord Jesus, Grant...

The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14g): Discussion Group (Part 2 -Section 2)

Shy Calban attends his first Neo Creadd discussion group and hears theories of how society can be changed for the better. Could the people regain the freedom of leisure time? Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age. Please read Section 1 first. This Section 2 of Part 2 is to finish.