The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14g) : Discussion Group (Part 1)

Calban is persuaded by Vera to attend the Neo Creadd discussion group for the first time. Can he overcome his shyness and his work oppressed social insecurities? Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.

Anyway, you've got to love the NHS

Anyway, went to the doctors complaining about anxiety, he said "you've got to be mad to put up with mental illness, I'll send you to some group...

Tricky Davy Davidson

Method in the madness

Anyway, irony is my God

Anyway, my point of view is that people with opinions are the most stupidly presumptuous people in the world, funny that isn't it?

Uncanny Tales – (02) Death in the Dulcets

It was a beautiful sunny summer afternoon in the equally beautiful Finchbottom Vale, though the occasion in the Dulcets was a sombre one after the funeral service for Clive Pavey at St Bede’s.


Anyway my ex girlfriend came round the other day with her new baby, and said, I like your hostas, which I had as house plants on the mantlepiece. I...

Dictated access

Picture the scene.. people, traffic, lives... whizzing past my eyes leaving behind light streams.. as they travel at light speed.. like a sped up...

Princil's Magic : Ch.9: Charlerion's Pleasure (Part 1)

The confident successful King begins to call himself Emperor. Meanwhile he exercises his pleasure in private with his two rival concubines.

Josie and Sam

Josie and Sam The room was silent but for the soft whirring of the fan, the tick-ticking of the clock, and the tap-tapping of the receptionist's long...