Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 2: Ravelleon -Section 3)

The General asks Danella about her past and the choices she has made. They debate the role of the Priestess in the Empire of the Goddess, and in the new regime of the conquerors. She anticipates a more physical outcome to the evening.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (211) Angel of the Night

When Angela met him in Beiderbecke’s club she was wearing her sexiest lingerie and spoke dirtily to him, suggestively and without ambiguity.

Downshire Diary – (38) The Girl in the Red Lingerie (Part 04)

“So it was actually my knickers you thought were gorgeous” she said Mark hesitated before answering, he could have just agreed with her and simply laughed the whole thing off, because if he told the truth then the genie would be out of the bottle and he wouldn’t be able to unsay it. “That’s not true” he replied deciding to bite the bullet

Choice Tales from the Vale – (210) The Final Revenge

Andrew Garnett and Paul McGavin were childhood friends and roamed the countryside of the Vale as they grew from boys to men. And there was no reason why their friendship wouldn’t survive in to adulthood had it not been for the fact that Andrew betrayed his friend by sleeping with Paul’s fiancé Gail the night before their wedding.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (209) The Seminar

Andy Stringer sat in the Beaumont Room at the Worsted Viper Hotel in Purplemere wearing his name badge bearing the name Andrew J Stringer.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (208) The Nightcap Code (Part 02)

As he walked back across the car park he was rerunning some of the sexual encounters they had shared and it was only the sound of a car horn that ended the Technicolor orgy in his head.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (208) The Nightcap Code (Part 01)

Clayton is a small village in the North East corner of the Finchbottom Vale, with a large nucleus of substantial dwellings and a greater number of more humble homes and of the those inhabitants who need to work for a living the largest employer in the area was the Clayton Manor Hotel.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (207) The Hawks Wood Maiden (Part 03)

Alison worked for the forestry and managed the local woodland but they didn’t have control of it all, there was still about 10 percent of the Pepperstock Woodlands in private ownership mainly on the southern fringes and Lily Green Farm had about 5 acres which had been badly neglected over the ten years of the farms decline.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (207) The Hawks Wood Maiden (Part 02)

“I’m sorry, I know that I know that we’ve met but I can’t place you” he said “Well that’s not very flattering” she said “Especially after I showed you my knickers in these very woods” “Alison Storey” he said “Ah so you do remember me”

Ryan Williams - Hero To Zero (Part III)

The referee blew the whistle and the match continued. 52nd minute 0-0 Kieran now had the ball out wide and took it down line. 'Whip it in' Ryan...