Choice Tales from the Vale – (247) Playing the Cellist

Erika Dobie loved music, it was her life, and she played cello for the Downshire Symphony Orchestra, but although music was her first love, it wasn’t her only love.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (245) Under the Sharpington Pier

Sarah Filsell was on holiday at Sharpington with her husband and two small children and they were staying at the Seaview Hotel on the sea front, which was where she met John Crowther. She was a 30 year old neglected housewife who was incredibly frustrated by the lack of attention from her husband and the quiet young man from the Hotel went out of his way to make her feel special, he smiled at her, he flattered her and furthermore he flirted with her.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (243) Cup Final Day

Although he now lived in Shallowfield Pete Bailey was born and bred in Abbottsford and the third Saturday in May was a red letter day for him as his beloved Abbottsford Town “the Knights” were playing Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (242) Performing CPR (Part 06)

He unwrapped the towels from around himself and Celeste opened her eyes and glanced across and did a kind of double take before she scrambled towards him.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (242) Performing CPR (Part 05)

He had never seen her dressed in a more unattractive way all the time he had known her. She was wearing a shapeless thigh length turtleneck sweater over thick black leggings, which were tucked into equally thick socks and ankle boots.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (242) Performing CPR (Part 04)

“How are you feeling now?” she asked “I’m warming up a bit I think” Nigel replied “Ok” she said and opened the cubicle door “let’s get you on your feet”

Choice Tales from the Vale – (242) Performing CPR (Part 03)

It had been more than an hour and there was no sign of her and he was just about to give up on her and start walking when he saw headlights through the falling snow.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (242) Performing CPR (Part 02)

So it was a cold Monday night in January and Nigel had been playing 6 aside football at the Finchbottom Leisure Centre with a group of friends.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (242) Performing CPR (Part 01)

Nigel Guy was new to the area having moved to Purplemere from London after a very acrimonious divorce. He was a relatively good looking man who was fast approaching his 40 th birthday, with a good physique and short sandy hair, greying at the temples and piercing blue eyes.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (241) The Purplemere Verger – In the Vicarage Garden (Part 02)

He squirted some more onto her, only this time instead of the middle of her back he deposited it on her shoulder blade so it would run down her side, “Oops” he said and then followed the drip with his fingers.