Uncanny Tales – (35) The Girl in The Black Dress

It was the midsummers Eve Ball and Luke Martin was enjoying an illicit cigar on the East Terrace of the great hall, and the reason he chose that particular place to smoke was because it was the furthest from the ballroom and therefore the furthest away from his wife’s disapproving eye but that wasn’t the only reason he always sought out that spot.

Uncanny Tales – (33) A Man to Be Trusted

“Take care of her?” said Winifred Hawkes-Holland as he opened the driver’s car door. “Will do boss” Harry replied giving his passenger a wry smile as he got behind the wheel. “I’m not a child,” Clare shouted petulantly out of the open window “and I don’t need babysitting”

Personal Communion From The Sides Of The Virus Ridden World

On the other side of the world Kimono communicates with friends and admirers in other parts of the world, while the virus ravages the world and makes it too dangerous to meet in person.

Uncanny Tales – (32) Funereal Finery

Funerals have had an unduly erotic effect upon me since the morning of my grandfather’s funeral in 1963 when I was 13 years old.

Uncanny Tales – (30) Party Favor

When I was 16, I went to a house party, at the home of a friend of a friend and that was when I saw her. She was way out of my league of course I knew that from the outset, she was five years older than me for a start and drop dead gorgeous into the bargain, but I thought there was no harm in looking.

Uncanny Tales – (31) Woman in Black

I saw her standing on the terrace, in the sun, looking out into the distance, so I walked up behind her and lightly stroked the back of her arm.

Uncanny Tales – (29) Just Being Neighbourly

My name is Leon Watson and when it all began, I lived in a detached house in Millmoor with my wife of 25 years Mary, well when I say we lived there it would be more accurately described as an existence.

Princil's Magic : Ch.13 : Reformed Wizard (Part 3 : Bricas)

Grigor the messenger finds the wizard Aribor in a bath house in Bricas, and enters negotiations for his service in removing the barbarian King Guthelm from power. Only when the prospect of meeting Remzain again is offered does the wizard reconsider. This is set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, beset by invaders from the barbarian continent.

Uncanny Love Tales – (032) A Woman of a Certain Age

It was just after the Sunday morning service had ended at St Jude’s when I spotted her, and I thought for a woman of her age she had a particularly nice figure.

Calban Attempts To Experience Life More Fully (Ch.18): Part 2

Calban journeys across the City to a semi dark area, in need of economic regeneration. Unable to find female companionship he has come here searching for other ways forward. This is part of my 'Marta City and Gallanol In The Modern Age' novel, set in a futuristic period, in a world quite similar to our own.