Choice Tales from the Vale – (119) The Green Baize Adventure (Part 03)

His hands were now on her arse kneading her pert cheeks and as they slid slowly yet purposely around her waist he sucked hard on her nipple making her wince and she withdrew her misshapen and swollen teat from his mouth and Gary thought he had hurt her but instead she thrust her other teat between his lips for similar treatment and he duly obliged her.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (119) The Green Baize Adventure (Part 02)

After a very frustrating day of near misses had to wait until it was fairly late on in the evening when Gary said “Come on sticky lips, get your best drawers on its Adventure time” “Oh goody” she said “where are we going?”

Choice Tales from the Vale – (119) The Green Baize Adventure (Part 01)

Gary Kitchen and Sara Sund were staying on a camp site in the Finchbottom Vale that was once a working railway station before it fell foul of Dr Beeching and his cuts, in a place called Sharpinghead.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (118) Something about a Cellist

For Thomas Barnstone, there is something about a cellist that really turns him on, a female cellist obviously, in a low cut evening dress of emerald green velvet, with the great polished instrument between her long black clad legs.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (117) Ward Sisters

Kathryn Reed had just turned thirty and she was a nurse, but reaching her milestone birthday she realised she was in a bit of a rut. She was single and had lived alone for four years since her last boyfriend Dave got his marching orders and although she enjoyed her job she thought she could be doing more.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (116) French Cuisine

Jason Nelson was not looking forward to another boring business dinner the latest in a long line of such wasted evenings and at 35 years of age he was really looking for something more. Something more than another fabulous restaurant for another expensive meal or as they say another “dining experience” at someone else’s expense.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (115) Warming Poppy (Part 03)

It wasn’t as if he had just given her sexy lingerie, it was a union suit as the Americans call them, real passion killers. But judging by the stiffness of her protruding nipples beneath his palms this indicated to him that she was clearly turned on and that in turn caused his own stiffness.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (115) Warming Poppy (Part 02)

“Wow” she said excitedly holding up her thermals “that’s just what I need, it’s really cold out there” “They’re not very sexy” Colin said “Not like your big blue knickers anyway” he added and Poppy blushed

Choice Tales from the Vale – (115) Warming Poppy (Part 01)

Colin Weeks was a farmer up at Woodside Farm between Sharping St Mary and Purplemere although to all intents and purposes it was no longer a farm because Colin weeks kept horses. After he and his sister inherited the farm from their father they rented out the majority of the surrounding land to neighbouring farms which gave them a reasonable income and allowed them to indulge their passion, which was horses.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (114) The Rewards of Office (Part 03)

It was after nine when Gary’s car returned to the Hotel and Blaire got up from her desk, she liked the way that sounded and went out to intercept him. “Ah Mr Playford, may I see you in my office?” she said “Of course you may” he replied