Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (90) Angel of the Night

When Angela met him in Beiderbecke’s, a moody Jazz Club in a seedy corner of Finchbottom, she was wearing her sexiest lingerie and behaved suggestively and without ambiguity.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (89) Afternoon Delight

It was in the late 1980’s when Neil Tipper, a Uniform Police Constable in Finchbottom, was on holiday with a group of fellow officers.

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 4: Aftermath: Section 1)

The Festival goers, led by Aribor the Sorceror, spill out of the Temple to find the other damage done to the Temple and to the City, and to its people, by the Black Sorcerors and their spells. Also a short explanation of the post of the Empress Of Shalirion.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (294) Mother’s Day

The village of Brocklington was on the River Brooke about six miles downstream from Sharping St Mary in the Finchbottom Vale which was nestled comfortably between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest to the south and the rolling Pepperstock Hills in the north, those who are lucky enough to live there think of it as the rose between two thorns.

composed a long time ago

I adjust my eyes to the darkness but there's nothing to see. You move to avoid me. Why bring me to this point then slip away? I don't lose interest...

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 3: The End Of Harmony: Section 2)

As the Festival turns to horror and lust, Aribor the sorceror seeks to help the Shalirionite victims of his fellow sorcerors. He seeks to find ways to save them from themselves and the Black Sorcerors. This is Section 2 of this Part.

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 3: The End Of Harmony: Section 1)

Aribor returns to the Festival the next evening, full of expectation. Events begin well, but love quickly turns to hate and selfishness, and a nightmare of rapacious greed develops. How can heaven so quickly turn into hell? The loving Shalirionites are all acting out of character. Section 2 is to follow soon.

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 2: Aldareg the Sorceror))

Leaving the Festival Aribor meets fellow sorceror Aldareg, who presses on him for ways of causing terror in the city. Aribor feels reluctance to perform his duties for his King and the sorcerors. Is he approaching a crisis of conscience? Set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, which has been invaded by the barbarians of Grumandria and Pelancir.

Downshire Diary – (87) In the Club

Brian Myers was a thrice married and thrice divorced retired gentleman of leisure, 55 years of age and everything still in full working order, and he divided his time equally between the Lily Green Hollows Golf Club and the Sharpington Head Yacht Club.

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 1: Section 2)

Valdark, the Great Barbarian Sorceror, has called Sorceror Aribor back to work. He has been sent on a mission with other Black Sorcerors to bring terror to Bricas in Shalirion. He has gone into the city in disguise to assess the best means of terror. He merges with crowds and finds himself involved in a festival of the Goddess, and learns much about the ways of Shalirion. His purpose is tested by temptation and new understanding. This is Section 2 of this Part.