Choice Tales from the Vale – (129) The Full Medical (Part 01)

Nigel Guy was new to the area having moved to Purplemere from London after a very acrimonious divorce. He was a relatively good looking man who was fast approaching his 40 th birthday, with a good physique and short sandy hair, greying at the temples and piercing blue eyes.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (128) Fumbling in the Dark

It was in a caravan in Sharpinghead one long hot summer that Paul and Mara lay safe in the darkness as modesty abates and their inhibitions melt away into the night.

The Mirrored Niche

Inspired by Philosophy in the Bedroom by the Marquis de Sade this one is not for the faint-hearted or prudish. A thin line between erotica and pornography???

Choice Tales from the Vale – (127) Playing Around (Part 03)

Antonia was stroking his shaft with her gloved hand which was strangely erotic and a tad too pleasurable at that juncture to continue too much longer so he slid his hands down to her waist and began yanking her skirt up one handful at a time until he was able to reach his hands inside it and get both of them on her gorgeous arse.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (127) Playing Around (Part 02)

In deference to the season she was dressed for the early autumn, in a white cotton shirt, beneath a pale blue argyle cardigan, a knee length pleated skirt, very flattering, in the same grey fabric as her cap and long argyle socks, Her ensemble was then finished off with black brogue Golf shoes and a pale blue glove.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (127) Playing Around (Part 01)

Twenty eight year old Paul Galasso had himself an older woman, a forty year old, recently divorced posh piece by the name of Antonia Tarling-Toley, who was not only ready willing and able she also had a huge house that backed onto the The Forest Ridge Golf Club in the village of Forest Dean situated equidistant between Shallowfield and Childean.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (126) The Summer Fête Adventure (Part 03)

It was when they were on the way to check for a back way in to the Manor that Gary spotted the catering van parked about thirty yards from the house. And as they passed by it he unceremoniously bundled her through the side door in amongst the empty wine glass boxes and then Gary climbed in after her and closed the door behind him.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (126) The Summer Fête Adventure (Part 02)

In the week before the Fête Sara had been on her monthly and after the unwelcome visitor had departed she was as horny as all hell.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (126) The Summer Fête Adventure (Part 01)

Gary Kitchen and Sara Sund were staying on a camp site in the Finchbottom Vale that was once a working railway station before it fell foul of Dr Beeching and his cuts, in a place called Sharpinghead. The two of them were staying in a converted signal box which was comfortable enough but because of the limited floor space it had bunk beds which didn’t go down well at all with Sara, she wanted a double bed and plenty of “bedding”

Choice Tales from the Vale – (124) The Prudish Miss Kirby (Part 03)

He gasped when he saw she was completely naked but for stockings and suspenders. When she saw his reaction she said “I told you I was all ready for you” She stepped forward and bent down to kiss him and reached down and began tugging on his shaft again.