Why Is Alice Always Late For Work?

He woke a few minutes before the alarm, but he didn’t open his eyes. He was lost in his thoughts of the night before and how feverishly they’d made...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.5: Cultural Exchange (Part 3: Section 1)

A sense of normality and security returns to the Priestesses after the excesses and dangers of conquest. They are now able to influence and educate the conquerors in the ways of the Goddess. Still the Pirionite men remain in labour camps, and the exploitation and competitive values of the conquerors remain incomprehensible but fascinating to Danella.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (106) The Christmas Gift

Claire Jarvis went to the University of Downshire where she studied English at Abbottsford and it was for her, like many girls of her age, a life defining time. She was the only child of well to do parents who divorced when she was seven and as a result she had been thoroughly spoilt and was given everything her heart desired except the one thing she craved the most in all the world, their love and as a result she withdrew into her own world.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (125) Sunburst Surprise

Danny Taylor had been doing a few bits of shopping and delivering Christmas cards around the village.

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.5: Cultural Exchange (Part 2: Paul)

Danella feels genuinely close to the officer Paul, who has lent her books, and uses both Prancirian fashion and the charms of the Goddess to reward him.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (244) Family Christmas Tradition (Part 03)

Once they reached her bedroom door he had to wedge her against the door jamb while he opened the door, unfortunately as the door swung open she fell into the room. Dave instinctively reached out and grabbed her in an effort to prevent her from hurting herself unfortunately he overreached and fell to the floor before she did and landed on his back just in time for Clare to land on top of him.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (244) Family Christmas Tradition (Part 02)

When they got back to the house he couldn’t get the car all the way up the slope of the driveway so he had to leave it where he came to a stop. It was only ten yards from the car to the front door but the snow was calf deep so by the time they reached the sanctuary of her house the snow had got into their footwear and Clare’s thick woolly tights were wet through. “Make yourself at home” she said and ran upstairs

Choice Tales from the Vale – (244) Family Christmas Tradition (Part 01)

David Shoreman thought he had drawn the short straw when he had to drive from the family home in Abbottsford to pick up his 2 nd cousin Clare Pilkington from Dulcet St Mary on December 23rd. But it was family tradition for the clan to gather together at Christmas and even though Cousin Clare was a pain in the arse she had to be got and it was his turn.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (76) A Poor Little Rich Girl’s Christmas

Sarah Atkinson was 21 years old and an only child who lived with her parents in a huge 10 bedroom house in the village of Shallowfield on the edge of the Dancingdean Forest, and she had led a very privileged life and she was spoilt and conceited and had grown accustomed to always getting what she wanted.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (60) Molly’s Secret Santa (Part 04)

When she was settled into her room she went on a tour of the facilities to see if she could find something “interesting” to do. As it was a cold winter day she decided to stay inside and began with refreshments. Which was when she got the first surprise of the weekend, when she saw, already sitting in the cafeteria wrapped in a pristine white towelling robe, Doctor Polly Jones.