Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.11 : Dumis (Part 1 - Section 2)

Priestess Danella is impressed with the magnificent achievements of the Prancirians in their capital city Dumis, in architecture and culture. General Ravelleon finds the Priestess more adventurous in sexual matters than his wife. This is Section 2 of this Part.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (281) Cash and Carry Day

Sally was literally the girl next door and when her mother died, Adrian made himself available as a shoulder to cry on which, she was grateful for,

Choice Tales from the Vale – (279) Lustful Lingerie

Ken Simms parked his car at the Abbottsford Phoenix Shopping Centre and walked into the mall, he was a little preoccupied and exceptionally horny as he had been reminiscing about a recent conquest, Nikki Chapman.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (289) New Year’s Daisy

The New Year was just around the corner for the inhabitants of Highfinch, which nestled on the edge of the Pepperstock Hills where the Lily Green Hollows Golf Club separated the village from the Hamlet of Lily Green, which made up the parish of St Martins Church and between Lily Green and the sleepy hamlet of Kingfisherbridge was where Peter Addison lived with his wife Pippa.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (287) New Year’s Eve

I was 18 years old and it was the first New Year’s Eve to hold any deep significance for me, it was the first time that I was old enough to be invited to the Country Club Fancy Dress Ball and it was also the night of my sexual awakening.

Imagine THAT

What the fuck is THAT over by the shanty? THAT's what happens when science, fear and greed run amok. After I saw THAT, I ran into the bushes in front...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 08)

“Was that what you had in mind” he asked “That was exactly what I had in mind” she replied with a sigh

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 07)

When Yvonne, Lesley and Aidan got back to the Hotel she kissed her Niece and her fiancé goodnight and went to reception and made a phone call to Paul’s room and in earshot of everyone invited him to her room and then feeling ten feet tall she went up to her suite with her head held high and when she was inside she got herself ready.

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 06)

She would have liked to take Paul with her to dinner but she hadn’t had the courage to tell anyone about him yet, especially not her niece, though she wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed, even though he was half her age.