Mornington-By-Mere – (83) Love the One You’re With

Mornington-By-Mere is a small country village lying in the Finchbottom Vale nestled between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest and the rolling Pepperstock Hills.

Mitzi's Slice of Life

Today was gonna be a lucky day for somebody, most likely Fritz. Mitzi slept in and was in no rush so she took her sweet time doing her makeup. She...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (306) Winter Warming

Pepperstock Hills National Park stretched from the bare, and often barren crags of Oxley Ridge in the North to the dense wooded southern slopes on the fringe of the Finchbottom Vale and from Quarry Hill, and the Pits in the West to Pepperstock Bay in the East.

Princil's Magic : Ch.9 : Charlerion's Pleasure (Part 2)

Remzain, the barbarian King's concubine, is employed in new ways by her enthusiastic new master. She welcomes her new freedom and is able to enjoy her life once again. Set in a world where magic coexists with war and invasion.

Alien Opportunities Ch.3 : Alien Practices Part 2

Chris returns to the Alien Household hoping to confirm his friendship and position there, and finds himself talking to a daughter of his boss, who engages him in deep and pleasant conversation, in which he reveals much of his true self.

Alien Opportunities Ch.3 : Alien Practices Part 1

Chris recoils from his shared experiences with the alien female. He begins to question the motives of the aliens, but somehow he cannot bury the feelings which have been released. He returns to the office the next day with some new insights.

Alien Opportunities Ch.2 : An Introduction To The Alien Household Part 3

Chris has been invited by Braidt, the alien wife of his alien boss, to assist in her relaxation. He is drawn by his own needs and curiosity, but also repulsed or beset by guilt. He fears the reaction of his boss. By assisting the alien he explores more of his human nature.

Strings of Desire (A working title)

Gary Thomas woke to a fuzzy head. He opened his eyes, trying to focus, when he heard the faint sound of someone playing a guitar. His head felt woozy...

An Itch As Big As A Banger

George Fern woke up one morning with a terrible itch. George had been losing weight which was good but retaining water which was not so good. George...

Alien Opportunities Ch.2 : An Introduction To The Alien Household Part 2

Chris has been invited to do some serving tasks in the Alien Household of his alien employers. Supervised by the wife of the boss Braidt, he finds she likes his company and wants more from him than human employers would. He finds himself on a journey of self discovery he had not bargained for.