Choice Tales from the Vale – (191) Dance the Dance

Joanne was a willowy vixen, willing and welcoming as she writhes and gyrates on the pole at the Hot Lips Club in Purplemere. Erotically cavorting like a slutty gracile courtesan suppliantly performing for the clientele of dirty old men and drunken letches.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (190) The Maverick Solicitor’s Dilemma

Hollins, Cooper and Baker were the firm of Purplemere Solicitors handling Paul Lipscombe’s divorce and it was during a meeting with Lindsay Baker that they first made a “connection”.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (189) Informal Meeting

Nick Gretton had been looking forward to meeting Sarah Swann again. They had met once before at the Runcible Spoon restaurant in Purplemere when she expertly beat him off under the table during the business dinner they were attending, but seeing her the second time was different and if anything it was even better because he knew what she was capable of, but he had absolutely no idea what, if anything she would do at the meeting, before after or even during.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (188) The Medicinal Miss Kirby (Part 02)

The Cancer may have been responsible for taking his wife Debbie but Tom’s problem was curable. His unmarried sister Linda was staying with him and looking after him but the cure Virginia had in mind was not something his sister should administer.

Ten Long

"James?" "Yes, love". "Would you like to try something?" "What kind of "something"?" We're in bed, just woken up. You're lying on your back, your...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (188) The Medicinal Miss Kirby

Virginia Kirby was a ward sister at the Winston Churchill Hospital and she was a rather plain middle-aged woman just the wrong side of 50. Virginia was five foot six inches tall and very trim, and stood an inch or so taller in her stout shoes, and her sisters uniform fitted her perfectly, tapered at the waist where the broad belt sat.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (187) The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was at the Worsted Viper Hotel in Purplemere and Sarah Hamlyn was the chief bridesmaid and while the party was in full swing downstairs she was upstairs in her room with Mike Deavin. They were standing at the foot of the bed in a heated embrace with passionate hot mouths kissing and darting tongues and Mike was unzipping the back of her Lilac dress.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (186) Cathy’s Tale – Squaring the Circle

Cathy Maddock’s was an attractive twenty nine year old widow who lived with her six year old twins, Lily and Iris, and an 18 year old step daughter Gillian. Cathy’s husband John was much older than she was when they married but he was the love of her life and she was absolutely devastated when he died.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (184) Sensual Kissing

He kissed every inch of her sweet perfume skin beginning at the nape of her neck, then her collar bone and throat before descending to each perfect breast and their proud pink peaks.