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What is love to someone who doesn't want it? Can love bridge the distance between a soul willing to give And a soul that doesn't wish to take it? Why...


WANTED Female Four nights Red only Must give in. It’s quick money and god knows I need it, I told myself, circling the ad. Besides, it’s harmless… so...

Something's Broken In Me

Mom insisted, dad agreed, and so there I was. Something happened. Something I should remember. Until then I was stuck. “Ingrid,” Morrissette called,...

Sometimes...we can't go home.

“I wish,” she sighed. "You know, he took off when they were eight. I think they resented me for that, like I was supposed to have some superpower...

Not Everybody's Going Home

Serena leaned over the fountain and gathered two candles, one for her and one for Brooke. She pulled out a lighter from her pocket. “Meet Lady Luck...