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House of Apollo “NO!” he gasped. “Another nightmare?” asked Holland, looking at him from his bed. “Collin,” Holland hissed. Arden pretended to be...

Last in Love

She was your gold and I was your silver I guess second place is still a place But not close enough to fool yeh' You said you'd lose her if you ever...

Say Goodbye December

Say Goodbye December, it's when we met A Christmas card of sadness, signed by regret I know it's foolish too, to say to you But I missed me, when I...

Nothing About Nothing

Everyone has a story; its their birth right, their first act, their bane of existence and it only begins with nothing.... It's Nothing About Nothing...

The Weight of The World

The weight of the world is on your shoulders, Because someone whispered that you were chosen. Nonetheless you feel that their wrong because in the...