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There's A Stranger In My Own Home and It Scares Me

There's a stranger in my home and it scares me, Because when we meet I do not see A name, a face or identity. In a house full of mirrors what I see...

I Wish I Had

Dear John, If I had known I would’ve said goodbye Now that I do it’s late you’ve died And your life’s the only knife to kill you Dear John, What was...

Corpse Candle (Part III)

“You told him I was back?” Bridge raced to the body mirror in her closet, switching her plaid shirt for a yellow midriff tank top and her pants for a...

Corpse Candle (Part II)

“Don’t be. What I need is closure and maybe I’ll be myself again.” Empty. “And the sooner I know what happened to Gunner the better I’ll be.” Flay...

Corpse Candle (Part I)

Chapter One Where there's a flame I see a corpse. Whereas I create a flame, say by lighting a candle, the flame draws a colour and depending on the...