Moth and Crow

Story for younger children (3-7 years).

forever young

ode to summer fun

3 Blue Jays

feather in with the wind sweep away rain drops then land on a bird feeder showcasing a party of black seeds and a sprinkle of grain. These eager fowl...

A Raccoon Named Norman

Norman was a raccoon. He lived in a tree in the woods behind the big yellow house near the river. Norman lived high up in the tree. It was a good...

I Can

sit in the sun and play games with my little girl and pretend the world is full of butterflies who join us in our fun. I am happy she has no cares...

Ferdinand B. Frog

Ferdinand is a bullfrog. When he speaks in his deep voice he says, “RUM-TUM-CHUG-A-RUM; RUM-TUM-CHUG-A-RUM.” It sounds like Ferdinand is playing on a...

Friends Of The Forest

Friends Of The Forest - by Paul McCann . Perched high up on the bare branch of a tall oak tree was Twitch the wise old owl . There was no shelter...