Learning Counting 3, 4, 5 …

1, 2, 3 Breakfast, lunch and tea Mummy, Daddy, me: 1, 2, 3 … Now we’ve got 1 more 3 and 1 makes 4 …

Dog Days!*

It's Packham's birthday, so it seems a bit unfair he should be spending it doing hard sums!

The Zoo is Closed

A children's story about what might have happened in the zoos during lockdown.

In Search of the 'Snoz-Wanger'!

My grandson had to create an imaginary creature for his remote English school work. In this exercise he had to describe the creature and explain its habitat and habits. This made me wonder what his two dogs, Packham and India, might make of it...

Don't Take The Tablets!

My grandson, Flynn, was concerned that his two dogs, Packham and India, hadn't properly understood about the virus either in 'A Panda Called Mick' or 'The Walrus and the Aunteater' so he asked if this time I could make sure that they did. I must admit, I couldn't see much opportunity for humour in that context, but it turns out I was wrong ;-)

The woman who cleans her house in the nude (and other secrets from Snodsbury Lane)

Do you want to know what happens in Snodsbury Lane? So many folks, so lots to explain. Habits and hobbies and working at home, Eating and sleeping...

The Walrus and the Aunteater

My grandson wanted a sequel to 'A Panda Called Mick ', so this is it. Being of an orderly mind, he wanted Packham to understand what was really going on this time, which is something of a tall order for a Chocolate Labrador but we've given it our best shot ;-)

A Panda Called Mick

From time to time I write stories for my grandson in which I imagine the conversations that might take place between his two Labradors, Packham and India. I thought they might be a bit perplexed by all that is going on at the moment, so I thought it would be interesting to hear what they make of it all...


He crept along the street as quietly as possible especially if he saw someone coming, he did not want to attract attention to himself.He passed...

Grandpa beige and his purple princess

Posy’s grandpa is a grumpy old guy. He’s been that way for a couple of years now. He never seems interested in any of his children, or their children...