"The Trouble with Magical Beings" (A Fantasy) Chapter 7

“Okay, does anything below look familiar to you Shale?” Naia asked the little robot. Shane looked down but all he could see were tree tops. “No, how...

"The Trouble with Magical Beings" (A Fantasy) Chapter 6

Daniel woke up with a start, he thought he’d heard something outside the cave but he wasn’t sure what it was. He looked over and saw that Naia was...

"The Trouble with Magical Beings" (A Fantasy) Chapter 5

Jenny’s pony led them to the mouth of the cave and they barely had time to dismount and walk the horses fully into the cave before they heard the...

"The Trouble with Magical Beings" (A Fantasy) Chapter 4

Daniel read the rules over and over until he knew all twenty by heart. Jenny only knew two, not to lie and not to be selfish, that was all she could...

"The Trouble with Magical Beings " (A fairytale) Chapter 1

Sparkles of light flew through the night high enough to blend in with the street light’s glow and remain unnoticed by the strolling couples below...

Tiny Water Footprints

‘Why is there water on the kitchen floor?’ We look through the dining room door and see tiny footprints wet, in a row crossing the the vinyl, glint...

The Yellow Shoehorn

What a little rascal got up to.


On prematurely awaking from a car-nap, Little boy lost …, Nearly three – “You can’t see me!”, How long is high?, A 5-year old’s bedroom

Enjoyment, not jealousy

"We’ve got a new baby in our house … – my baby sister …"

Go Daddy, Go

GO DADDY, GO Colin shouted “DADDY!” as his father drove slowly into their driveway. His Daddy was tired and Colin helped him up the front stairs...