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Conceived in an alley born in a cave raised on seaweed. Spent my early years on a roofrack. Left School at 10 caught by truant officer back at school by 11. I'm a twin of two others and I can play several instruments in my head and none with my hands. My first job was part time I painted the odd numbers on dice. I made a career out of avoiding a career.  My body is a temple often prodded by archeologists.


My stories

Ghost of Time

She said she was cold tonight could we put the heating on The rent was due a week today The damp was peeling paint off the wall We were unemployed...


We were laughing about the state of the car That we called rusty The seats were so dusty And something stank We were trying to guess how far We’d get...

Force Nine Gale

A silver haired woman furiously sweeps away the dust on her porch, the sheets on the washing line wave like a sail, the dust blows back into her face...

Sunday in this Church

She said grace To save face He said a prayer And put another layer On the lies The Preacher knew the score He thought about a Sermon Called the devil...

Layby Night

Truck stops for the night There’s a bed in the cab 14 hours driving In weather wet and drab Rain slides down the windscreen Life slips beneath the...