Condensed Blancmange

Lucea was grateful to take a bite, her free hand darting for the tiny pastry triangle flaking off with the cut of her perfect teeth to tumble...

Modern Tête

Orange, celery, parsley blancmange in pastry cups; brown thin baskets that contrasted primly with their delicious modern fillings creating luscious...

Trump Jump

According to legend, the Van Halen rocker "Jump" was inspired by one of those tragedies when a person was standing on a ledge and threatening to...

The Library! (Thursday)

On Thursday, a book makes itself known to me in a dream. It introduces itself as THE TREASURY OF HERETOFORE UNKNOWABLE THINGS, FOR IMMEDIATE...

New Ways Forward and Publication (Ch.13f : Part 2)

Janus plans to make contact with colleagues from earlier life and create a movement of discussion and action. Meanwhile more of his writing, outlining his views and ideas for society are published onto the Vidnet. Set in an alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.
Gold cherry
Story of the week


Written some years ago by my father Abraham Schaufeld

dual diagnosis

Some one who is diagnosed with substance misuse issues and with a clinical mental health issue So they have two major illness occurring at the same...

Lonely Resistance (Ch.13f : Part 1)

The decline of reading and the expansion of work. Janus searches for conversation and companionship, and the way forward. Set in an alternate futuristic world - Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.


The cleaner grabs the cellophane on the third attempt and deposits it from her grabber to her wheeled dustcart. And just in time, the announcement...


Cabbages and cola weighing us down Some drivers avoid the puddles that splash I should be running She holds my hand when crossing the street