Rumbled Block Paving

The cat lies dreaming 'mongst the moss on a driveway leeching petrichor tendrils to tingle a rust-pimple on the aged exhaust pipe of the exhausted...



Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13: New Friends In Dumis : Part 1 (Section 1)

Priestess Danella has been taken to live in the Prancirian capital of Dumis by General Ravelleon, as his mistress. Bored by the General's long absence, she has become close to the General's friend Mireau, who now takes her out to enjoy the sights and events of the Grand City. Now Mireau introduces her to new friends. She explores the people and culture of this strange Vanmarian nation further.

Second Wave

Grandson has made a clever Tic Tok video with music, knocking Boris for restricting the households from meeting indoors, for putting restrictions on...

Ch.19 :Campaigns : Part 1 (Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age)

A huge tunnel rail system has been announced for the offshore islands of the Martan Empire, linking with the mainland. A new company called Martatunnel is to be floated and investors are needed. The Neo Creadd group are not too impressed by this unnecessary economic expansion, viewing it as a waste of human effort and potential. This is set in a futuristic period, in a world quite similar to our own.

Will Trump disappear in a puff of smoke if he loses?

Will Trump disappear in a puff of smoke if (or when?) he loses? The show must go on! Like the wizard of Oz! Engineered in the halls of hell, A demon...

Animal Farm

A Biden supporting unicorn on two legs, Holding a sign which says, ‘More Real Than Trump’s Healthcare Plan’ An old friend writes:- Animal Farm! Lock...

Jaspernon The Prince: The Rise of the Cult of the Goddess: Ch.3 : Part 3 Patience, the Concubine, and the King (Section 2)

High Priestess Patience now feels able to get to know the King, her sponsor, better. Her influence over him and his Court deepens. This story was set 1,000 years before the events in 'Life and Times of a Priestess', before the Empire of the Goddess came into existance.

The Proud Man Of The Left

Everything was cut and dried, quite straightforward. He knew what was right, and what was wrong, And what was Racist! Some of his friends were of...

The War (Against The Virus) Is Not Over!

We were told we were fighting a war, against the virus, from the relative safety of our homes. Only the doctors and nurses, and care staff in the...