Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.11 : Dumis (Part 1 - Section 2)

Priestess Danella is impressed with the magnificent achievements of the Prancirians in their capital city Dumis, in architecture and culture. General Ravelleon finds the Priestess more adventurous in sexual matters than his wife. This is Section 2 of this Part.

Christmas Spell

All the hopes of the year Looked forward to this time Gathering at the end, To finish the year in style. Never enough time to be ourselves, Shops all...


Neither Sauron nor Saruman can touch us here. Syria is a ruin, Populations displaced and killed. Yemen is dying, Its people tortured and ignored...


Spa pool and hall, lovely landscape. Newfound home away from home, overlooking the Cheshire Plain, and Manchester in the distance. Like Rivendell, it...

Bon Feu

Twelve seconds to go, mother! The midnight whistle on the express train shrieks. Nine seconds to go, brother! The fuse is lit and the sparks sizzle...

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.6 The Party (Part 2: Aftermath)

The High King's Companions have attempted to ruin Jovian's reputation at the Party, the night before. He must now face the High King in person. Will he be believed? Set in the early stages of Gallanol's civil war.

Funeral For A Friend

Friends lost, one by one. We have all got to go sometime. Not like this, taken before our time. Not taken, chosen. A desperate way to go. Time ran...


I heard somewhere that Robespierre didn’t believe in the death penalty when he became a politician. To George Washington all people were created...

Dream sequence

The same sequence. Jem and I watch the lights move across the valley like festival lanterns, floating, drifting in the dark. Then a hum, becoming...

A Stream Under Maybay Moon

Right now, at this very instant, I am writing in the stream of consciousness. Writing in the stream is a telepathic method of telling you what I've...