Historical Fiction

Two Old Men and A Baby Belling Cooker

Oh, come on in my mate Marnie. Would you like a nice jam sarnie? Then we can get down to some full blown blarney. Like that time we met Reg Varney...

The Cellist /Adolphina

THE CELLIST @paulbarrellbooks Am I destined to be alone in my beloved ‘City of Light’? I do not speak these words; they are mere thoughts circling in...

Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13 : New Friends In Dumis : Part 2 : Communication (Section 1)

Danella, the Priestess of Pirion, recieves invitations from rich businessman Valery. She regards him as a new friend. She explains to her new friend Jeanette her delicate relationships with General Ravelleon and Mireau. This is a continuing fantasy, the adventures of a Priestess of Pirion among the socialites of Prancir, which is occupying parts of her homeland.


Coming home from war: Will things be as before? will Nellie be waiting? will the country be grateful for what we have done – has freedom been won...

On Downey Street

Nobody knew who in hell he was or how he got in but judging from the mess he left on the sidewalk it became kinda obvious of how he got out; an open...