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Jaspernon The Prince : The Rise of the Cult of the Goddess : Ch.3 : Part 1 Patience Is Tested (Section 2)

The Prince renews his attempts to be close to the High Priestess and questions the way her Cult has been operating. Set 1,000 years before the events in 'Life and Times of a Priestess'.

Dreaming Of Camelot

Dear diary... When I was a teenager I had a dream to reside in Camelot with maidens and those men with swords who fought a lot, or even undertaking...


5 June 1944 – the night before D-day The massive shed at the Royal Albert Dock was a chaos of war materials. Bert looked across the open sided shed...

Pontius (Ch.15) : Part 3 Flycars

Pontius, the Supreme Director of MIOST, has left his HQ to enjoy well deserved relaxation. He surveys the huge complex of MIOST from above, and considers his privilege to be driving his Flycar, long after they were banned for ordinary citizens. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol in the Modern Age.

The Patrolman & Other Stories - #3 White Lights, Bright Sirens (Part II)

The look on her face was of confusion. The look on her face when she saw the gun in his hand was of surprise. The look on her face when he spun it round in the air at Tom Maher was of terror.

The Patrolman & Other Stories - #3 White Lights, Bright Sirens (Part I)

The killer, known within his professional circle as Mr. Slate, moved briskly westward along 7 th Street.

Opening Day! DOWNTOWN ABBEY 1953

Rose was so full of joy she could almost burst open with happiness. She put on a jazz record and danced with the dog to relax. Saturday was the grand...