Historical Fiction

Alien Opportunities Ch.2 : An Introduction To The Alien Household Part 1

Chris is enjoying work in the alien run business. He is invited to do some serving tasks in the Alien Household, supervised by the wife of the boss Braidt. He finds he is getting on well with Braidt, and she begins to make unusual requests, which human employers would have never made.

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16b) : Management Science

Management Science became an art, prized by all who entered the business race. Students were taught about it in colleges, universities and all places of higher and further education, even though many of them would not later enter positions which would ever give them much management control or influence. More of the Decline of Civilisation in the Martan Empire and Gallanol in the the Modern Age.

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16a)

Quotations from the book 'The Decline of Civilisation' by Janus Apinus. He writes of the development and then the decline of the consumer market economy in the Martan Empire and Gallanol, of the competition and efficiency which grew, stifling consumption and making the actual lives of the people miserable in the process. He mentions the development of new technologies, including Vidnet and the foodshute delivery systems to the blocks of apartments. A warning for our own world perhaps as our own economies 'develop'?

Pontius (Ch.15) : Part 4 Jocarna

Pontius, the Supreme Director of MIOST has some time to relax. He decides not to fly home in his flycar, but to call upon one of his mistresses in the suburbs of Marta City. His power and fortune has brought him certain benefits to make up for his nagging and less than warm wife. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol in the Modern Age.


sixty thousand stars form the shape of a mouth, it speaks and there are days that turn to weeks; a cosmic carpet of them, unrolling spherically into...


The deafening sound of planes overhead, last moment to shake hands before facing fears we never imaging could possibly happen, on these beaches,...

Alien Opportunities Ch.1 : New Opportunities Part 3

Chris begins work in the alien run wholesale business. He is given the task of selecting unpublished books of value so that the aliens can publish them. Unexpectedly he finds this work could well be pleasurable and interesting.

Vietnam: The Latest Game

Vietnam was my generations War. Not that I was a part of it. I was in a different army on the other side of the world, but I learned of it met soldiers going there saw the lions led by donkeys or was it lambs to the slaughter? Now it's past like so many others.

Some Day

I will straddle the ocean and race across its tidal bore overcoming the flow of current creasing my bow-- a canoe on Northumberland Strait heading to...