Historical Fiction

The Patrolman (2) - Chapter I: The Patrolman (Part III)

Second draft of first completed novel - The Patrolman. "He had the distinct impression that this had all happened before and that it would all happen again."

Mahoney's Office

I was shocked if not surprised at the death of Mahoney. I learned about it last week. The last time I saw him, he didn't look good although he was always too closely resembling (in his own words) either a "young Peter Lorre or an old Orson Welles". One thing he had was a hand that was perfect for holding a glass of beer no matter what size. We used to drink together when we were young and have the most confounding of conversations which always made sense to us but were threatening/infuriating/hilarious to others. I dug his massive vocabulary and he dug mine. We didn't get a chance to use them as much as we would have liked, so when we got together, we jazzed it up. We often talked of baked otters and black out shades and redundant ethnic quips. I've been trying for the last couple of days to write something about Mahoney when I came to inspiration point and tried to imagine the kind of conversation/ observation/dissertationwe would have shared on the available topic had we had another chance to kick it around and chop it up. I'm gonna name this "piece" Mahoney's Office after him and bid my bud adieu.

Personal Communion From The Sides Of The Virus Ridden World

On the other side of the world Kimono communicates with friends and admirers in other parts of the world, while the virus ravages the world and makes it too dangerous to meet in person.

The Maze

The devilish labyrinth that Daedalus devised.

The Eleventh Hour

New outbreaks occur, In Leicester and Oldham. Manchester and Glasgow return towards lockdown, Now Leeds is at risk, and Birmingham again! Is there...

I wanna Be Adored - Chapter 14 - Autumn 1991 - Kill Your Television

“She turned upon him, took him by the hair. Spun him 'roundabout, she pushed him out, Laughing as he feel about Sat down for a drink in her father's...

Princil's Magic : Ch.13 : Reformed Wizard (Part 3 : Bricas)

Grigor the messenger finds the wizard Aribor in a bath house in Bricas, and enters negotiations for his service in removing the barbarian King Guthelm from power. Only when the prospect of meeting Remzain again is offered does the wizard reconsider. This is set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, beset by invaders from the barbarian continent.

The Abbott Hotel (Chapter 3)

Revolution. That word feels like venom in my mouth but it was stuck on the tip of my tongue all night as I dreamed of my life and my death with...

Calban Attempts To Experience Life More Fully (Ch.18): Part 2

Calban journeys across the City to a semi dark area, in need of economic regeneration. Unable to find female companionship he has come here searching for other ways forward. This is part of my 'Marta City and Gallanol In The Modern Age' novel, set in a futuristic period, in a world quite similar to our own.

The Patrolman (2) - Chapter I: The Patrolman (Part II)

Second draft of completed first novel - The Patrolman. "The confrontation seemed to last just a few seconds."