Historical Fiction

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 1

The burly man lying face down in the sand may have well been dead.

Ain't Virgil's Theory (Ghostwritten)

Virgil Kane ain't my name but it's close enough. Ya see, Kane wasn't the only one hungry and barely alive after Richmond fell in the winter of '65. I...

Tales of Gallanol : Ch.6 The Party (Part 1)

A Party is held to reconcile the victors from the south with the people of Elladein, in the Palace at Caerella. Jovian finds the High King's Companions attempting to ruin his reputation.

The Revolution In Sparta

Long ago there was a country called Sparta where every citizen was required to join the army. The reason why every citizen was required to join the...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.8: Winter In The Occupied City (Part 3: Winter Festival )

The Prancirian soldiers leave the Priestesses alone during their festival and the male prisoners will be allowed to return to their city. More about the politics between the Vanmarian nations as they attempt to carve up the Empire of the Goddess.

Silver Daughter

Talk had it she was from the island. There weren’t supposed to be folk living there, apart from the lighthouse men. She was a foundling. Dr Innes had...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.8: Winter In The Occupied City (Part 1: Conversations of War and Love)

Danella reads more of the history of Prancir and the continent of Vanmar. She has lively arguments about its history with her friend, lover and customer Paul, and about the current occupation.

The Temptation

Flipping a New Testament story into a very different perspective