Historical Fiction

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.11 : Dumis (Part 1 - Section 2)

Priestess Danella is impressed with the magnificent achievements of the Prancirians in their capital city Dumis, in architecture and culture. General Ravelleon finds the Priestess more adventurous in sexual matters than his wife. This is Section 2 of this Part.


Neither Sauron nor Saruman can touch us here. Syria is a ruin, Populations displaced and killed. Yemen is dying, Its people tortured and ignored...

ravensbruck 5

The prisoners filed into the bunker. Dorothea Binz waited for the paperwork and watched the guards, the dogs panting at their side, pulling the...

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It was still dark outside when they came for them. The whole close heard them running up the stairs. Bertha had already prepared a small bag, with...

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Max was in the toilet on the first landing when he heard the polite chap on the door. It irked him, but he tried to hurry, straining and finally...

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.6 The Party (Part 2: Aftermath)

The High King's Companions have attempted to ruin Jovian's reputation at the Party, the night before. He must now face the High King in person. Will he be believed? Set in the early stages of Gallanol's civil war.

An Excerpt from The Road of a Thousand Tigers _ Tel Aviv

Holt swam. He swam out into the sea and took in a deep breath. He dived into the deep blue, feeling his tired body find its second wind. When his...


I heard somewhere that Robespierre didn’t believe in the death penalty when he became a politician. To George Washington all people were created...


Almost home, Bertha Liedmater in her dark hat and wool scarf and wrapped in her warm coat against the driving rain, lets go her son, Max’s hand, and...

Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph

Swinging and blinding The clumsy unwinding One in a struggle, one in a laugh Diabolically captured, Mechanically fractured Are Corbett and Courtney...