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Princil's Magic : Ch.12 : Guthelm's Weakness (Part 3)

When King Charlerion realizes Remzain's previous connection with the Sorceror Aribor he seeks her assistance to persuade the renegade Sorceror to help in his removal of the cruel barbarian King Guthelm. Set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, which has been invaded by the barbarian nations.

The Apple of Discord

Rotten to the core.
Gold cherry
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This year's walk...(08)

UKA is closing. Nostalgia about - something to do with memory...and Spring walks. Was a poem I fell asleep in a chair writing... tooo long on and on ..a few polaroid verses here, more prosey .Still to long! but, for the record, Hail! Spring! (08) Comment: "It's a bit boring...." Comment: "I told you I fell asleep writing it!"

The Morland Expedition: Part 4 - Restorations and Labours

(NB: Cover image is my own creation from Creative Commons media.) Sequel to The Huxley Letters, detailing the further travels of airship pilot Lady Clara and mill worker turned heroic nobleman Sir Christopher "Kit" Morland. As Montague prepares to move his family to the Raj, Clara and Kit welcome their first child. However, just as she enters motherhood, Clara receives the opportunity to go on her greatest adventure yet.

Testing the Hands of Faith by Adeola, Beverly, and Jenny

They took us. On February 10, 1933, I lost everything. Hiding behind our bombarded front door, we shook in fear as Nazi soldiers raided our home and...

Princil's Magic : Ch.12 : Guthelm's Weakness (Part 2)

King Charlerion reveals something of his past, and of his fears regarding King Guthelm of Grumandria, to his concubine Remzain. She flippantly makes some suggestions to him concerning the barbarian Guthelm. Set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, which has been invaded by the barbarian nations.

The Patrolman (2) - Prologue

Second draft of completed first novel - The Patrolman. "North Spring ought to be the safest area in L.A."

Meanwhile In America

Meanwhile In America A Cacophony of Hate A Policeman kills a Black Man in front of the world’s cameras, And they seem slow to bring him to justice...

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun But where are the people? No one’s around! In the garden? Up the stairs? Even the cat’s gone out. Our Labrador is in the shade,...

Calban Attends A Concert: A Night Out (Ch.17) Part 6 : Clarella's Search

Clarella the lawyer, the object of Calban's desire, explains something of her situation. Her previous boyfriend Demus was not understanding of her Neo Creadd sympathies and ambitions so she had finally let him go, increasing her Neo Creadd contacts, partly in the hope of finding someone more suitable. This is my continuation of my Martainian Empire and the continent of Gallanol novel in the Modern Age, where the dullness of modern work life is breeding the roots of personal freedom and social change.