Historical Fiction

The Second World War: PART 7 - Roger Farrier - Paris (1944)

When the café on the corner first opened its doors in the August of 1923, Pierre Goddard and his father thought their clientele would consist mostly of businessmen. Twenty-one years later, his father long gone from polio, with shoulder-length grey hair in a bun, the physical manifestation of a man in a mid-life crisis, and a World War in full swing, it had become frequented by Nazis.

Cleansing The Temple

It's a crackling sound. Old parchment; it's like old parchment. Appropriate for the tomb of the Holy Father, don't you think? But wait. I'm getting...

London 2017

London 2017 Funny high rise buildings, mushrooming up in certain parts of London. The razor sharp Shard is being obscured by competition, racing to...

The Second World War: PART 6 - Andrew Macdonald - Sagan (1944)

It is just as well that the human body retains little to no memory of exquisite pain - it is only the mind that does.

The girl with the Maroon lipstick (excerpt from Eagles Hunt Wolves) PART 2

Gageby doubled back and boarded, through the course of the morning, two trams heading in different directions. The jaunty feather in his trilby was...

The girl with the Maroon lipstick (excerpt from Eagles Hunt Wolves)

March 1946 -Zürich Anyone walking along the riverside of the Limmat would have noticed her; a pretty girl of about twenty, whose maroon-looking...

No Good Deed 95

The last of this for a while, whilst I search for something to provide the impetus to finish it. Image remains in the reader's mind's eye and so remains the copyright of each person who reads this part of Moffat's saga...

The Sadness of Gravity

"Darling, do you know the worst part about being fired out of a cannon?" Rossa Richter takes a sip of her pre-prandial sherry and places a frail hand...

The Second World War: PART 5 - Adelise Gèroux - Paris (1945)

When Adelise Gèroux finished packing her life into a single brown suitcase she walked out onto her third-floor balcony to take in the evening air.