Historical Fiction

Hobgoblin, Nor Foul Fiend!

In which the Sergeant looks to his men and the 'Parson' looks above.

She'll Fear Not What Men Say! - Episode 16

In which Aefelthrith has a troubled night and everyone has a troubled day!

Bike Ride To Paris

. Bike Ride To Paris By Paul McCann , Along the streets and over the mountains they pedal on between gauntlets of applauding spectators in the Tour...

New Orleans 2005

New Orleans 2005 By Paul McCann' On a month they call September in the year 2005 . The people of New Orleans did all they could to stay alive . On...

Pictures On A Wall In Israel

Pictures On A Wall In Israel By Paul McCann . My friend was an Arab before the wall went up . He’s still an Arab but we don’t see each other at all...

Black Weekend February 2009

Black Weekend In February 2009 By Paul McCann . On a black weekend in February , nobody could have stopped what came to be . All across Victoria bush...

Shall Life Inherit! - Episode 15

In which the Parson stops the Watch and Dolly hands it to Aefelthrith

Virus by Wendy Kirtley

Virus Dark skies above us, The virus is there, We’ve been told to stay home, If we dare to go out there. We must stay away from people we love,...