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Murmuration - Chapter Two (Part 1)

Chapter Two - 1994 Alien flicked up the collar of his coat in a futile attempt to fight against the rain. Brighton rain never falls straight down...

Tulips from Amsterdam

Botanical works of art.


This is an old one dug out of an old hard drive, don't think I ever posted it here. Anyway, Gibborim sort of means warriors, heroes, the mighty... The word was used to refer to King David (yes, that one)'s bodyguard. Anyway, enjoy this... or not. Image is PD from Wikipedia.

Mr Alfred Muggins' Small Melodrama In The Kitchen

Muggins came into the kitchen. Chaos!! He could see at least two tops off things (and that was just at first glance!) The milk was still out on the...

Murmuration - Chapter One (Part Three) - 1994

(Back to Chapter One - Part Two) Murmuration - Chapter One - Part Three He stopped and looked around. It took the world a little time to realise, it...

Murmuration - Chapter One (Part Two) - 1994

(Back To Chapter One - Part One) Chapter One - Part Two Even his muscle memory tensed up as his body remembered the panic of walking into assembly or...