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I am a young budding writer, still in education, and would appreciate every whisp of feedback that you can give me. Be it scathing or positive, I don't care, I'd rather be faced with the truth than a lie. If what I write isn't to your taste, I'll understand, I just want to know how you perceive my writing as a working progress.

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J. A. Stapleton.

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My stories

The Second World War: PART 11 - Roger Farrier (1944) #2

For the most part, the sky was without clouds and made a most fitting setting for the end.

The Second World War: PART 10 - Otto Krause - Nuremberg (1946) #2

It was blisteringly cold on the morning of October sixteenth in the south-eastern state of Bavaria.

The Second World War: PART 8 - Andrew MacDonald - Sagan/ Fussen (1944) #2

There are two parts to this, I have written them both and can't decide which is better: to show BEFORE or AFTER the Great Escape. Which is more engaging to read?

The Second World War: PART 7 - Roger Farrier - Paris (1944) #2

Roger Farrier crossed the landing, unlocked the door marked 16A and stepped inside, twisting the lock behind him in the same movement.


4 of my comments have received 4 Great Feedback votes

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The rhyme works really well

Posted on Wed, 29 Jul 2015

The rhyme works really well and love the image that is conjured up through the imagery. Really lovely.

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