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J. A. Stapleton is an English short story writer and screenwriter.  His epistolary short story titled LOYALTY: or, A Boy Born of Two Fathers (published originally on this site) was published in November 2017.  A film review on Darkest Hour was featured in REBEL magazine soon after.  He has recently been recognised and featured in the Albert Sloman Library for his contributions to writing as a University of Essex student.  


He is currently developing his first full-length novel - To Live and Die. 

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The Patrolman & Other Stories - #1 1937

It was one of those signs that were very popular at the start of the century, Thomson saw them plenty as a kid growing up in Iowa.

Never Say Die (James Bond 007) 2 / L'Uomo Che Visse Due Volte (1 of 4)

It was a stifling day in late July (according to the radio in the staff room, one of the hottest since records began) and M, the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service, found himself cooped up in his office.


5 of my comments have received 5 Great Feedback votes

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This is an good piece.  It

Posted on Mon, 28 May 2018

This is an good piece.  It feels more like Science Fiction to me - what if violence stopped - and that novum is interestingly looked at with the unknown narrator and the second person pronoun.  I would list this as Science Fiction, but if you...

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Posted in World peace

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The rhyme works really well

Posted on Wed, 29 Jul 2015

The rhyme works really well and love the image that is conjured up through the imagery. Really lovely.

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Posted in After a Long Night Alone