Dream Writing

As a part of my recent work, I have been scribing dreams for a module.  Taking the dreams of some of my peers.  I try to stick only with the dream content, as opposed to the latent, depending on my interviews, some of my interviewees have given the latent and affected the writing from there.  Permission has been given from the subjects I have interviewed, they have all read and approved of the transcriptions. 


HERMITAXIA Rhianna waited in line, and noticed a guy, around her age, sitting on a sofa across the bar from her. Out of all the white men in all the...

The Hungry Caterpillar

It was certainly uncommon to most museums. Never have the items, precious, been up for sale, starting at a round one-hundred pounds and upwards from...

The Wonky Heart Pebble

It is worth saying that this short lives up to the name of a short story. It is more a flash fiction than anything else I could label it. We were tasked with writing the manifest content of our peer's selected item and letting the others come up with the latent, or interpretation and meaning. Hope you found it as weird as I did as a writer studying dreams for a short while.

La Bomba

A piece of very strange writing. Hope you enjoy!

Lenin on Loons

Three times I blink. I’m in my old high school, sitting on a cream couch in the Assembly Hall that bisects block B and block C. Somebody blares Marc...