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Merlin (haibun)

A carved wooden statue of Merlin stands in Carmarthen town centre. He's a mythical Celtic shaman who constantly popped up in Britiish folklore...

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This is a sample excerpt of a simple description. A review would be loved, thank you! General Gyte sits on the pier. Before him the infinite sea. If...

Just Sayin'

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Elegy For A Follicle

Not just a hair. But the last picket of the former hairline. Left behind when the third eye was blind. I kept it trimmed. On weekly sweep. A bother,...

The Bad Parts

Lonely, hollow, empty, meek, Define the people you seek, Creep on in during quiet hours, Put them under with your power. Days, weeks, pass without...

Finding a Reason

“It’s not that I don’t love you anymore, I’m serious, that’s not it. I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just… I’m not the same. I don’t feel anything...


CW, death, mental health, a little dark.

Easter 2022 by Alfred N. Muggins

The whole world prays as Putin’s stooges, young inexperienced soldiers, pilots, sailors and generals reign down death upon civilians turned into...