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A Perfect Lazy Day

*/ A Perfect Lazy Day by Andrew Bohn A lazy day can be spent in a multitude of ways, with a multitude of different people. Whether it be spent at...

.4 coffee shop

Sitting alone in the coffee shop. On my table is my computer, bottle of water, book and of course a cup of coffee. It's a weekday, so i guess it's...

The Library! (Thursday)

On Thursday, a book makes itself known to me in a dream. It introduces itself as THE TREASURY OF HERETOFORE UNKNOWABLE THINGS, FOR IMMEDIATE...

Reverse Polish Parser.

double eval_parser(char* newyk, int *error) { double answer=0; switc=newyk[x]; if ((switc=='%') && (x==0)) // In the beginning we push the %...


It was as if all the time she was with someone else, and for her he rarely existed, and it dawned on her one day while she earnestly sat in front of...

Thoughts in the Middle Watch

The middle-watch 0000-0400 hours. A lonely time when things play on a man's mind.

I am Human.

I am human. I come from all soils and make soil.


Her again. That delicious, delirious woman who has run so many times through the entrance to my mind, dressed, always, in her mudstained bloodstained...


In a country lane Where the noise of a highway Is thought too fanciful A wagon carries bales of hay As the farmer heads home At the end of the day