Archimedes Buoyancy Principle

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Archimedes Buoyancy Principle

A Challenge

According to the Buoyancy Principle a floating object displaces its weight in a fluid. 

That is for example for a ship on the sea the weight of the ship equals the weight of the displaced under-water part. There is a bit more general formulation for objects completely submerged.

Archimedes realised that if the bath was to the brim and a toy boat was put on the water's surface then the water displaced by the toy is the same as that spilt over the edge. And then according to the story he ran naked down the street shouting I have it! Eureka!! Eureka!! I had to include this of course.

This problem is deceptively easy one should try it yourself, in any case the books would probably just confuse you. I don't intend giving a solution unless explicitly asked. If you read up about  Archimedes he was a genius without equal.

It is not a complicated thing that confuses simple man, it is a simple thing that confuses complicated man.