Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is inspired by onemorething's forum post on a poetry competition: the Artlyst Art to Poetry Award for ekphrastic poetry, and by a wonderful example which she's written.

Here's her post wth all the links:

and here's her poem:’s-frieze-beethoven

You can, of course, translate the genre into prose too. Good luck!

Inspiration point


This gorgeous summer's day I should be off with my sisters, yet! in this moment I decline. I feel this kingdom my home where I've tasted success,...

The Fox Hunt

This painting is by Wilmslow Homer (1893), fox frightening crows, crows frightening fox. I especially like that it's a coastal scene and the red berries, and the dark glower of crows.

Service With A Smile

Image from Wikimedia - Nasch92 , the copyright holder of this work, hereby publishes it under the following license: CreativeCommons Attribution4.0 International