Inspiration point (IP)

Things can only get better - failing that they could get worse - eek!  What we need is a radical make-over. So our inspiration point this week is: Transformation.  Fairy-dust at the ready...

Inspiration point

Tinys To Teen Terrors

I tried to capture the culure shock I felt when leaving a small Primary School to the massive Seconday School many children still experience at a delicate age of eleven

Mystery in the Chrysalis

How does the caterpillar change, and all its innards rearrange? Emerging from its egg with lumps, inactive miniscule disc-bumps to one day form leg-...

Blossom So Divine

So called beauty flares and is no more. Beauty that shines like a beacon from within can light up any life. Clipart royalty free

Wow In Deed

Aaron was our righfielder. Aaron was a dead ringer for Daniel Day Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans. Tall, lanky, long dark hair, all around...