Inspiration point (IP)

Last week's IP was a brilliant success - it was lovely to hear people reading their own stuff.  It certainly proved two things:  it really does make a difference to hear the authors reading their own work, and people are very much better at it than they think they are!   

There's a sort of development of the theme this week.  I do hope the people who have started to record their work will continue doing so, and that those who haven't tried it yet will give it a go.  Our IP is:  The words just came out of my mouth.  But of course, you can record any of your work - it doesn't have to be for the IP! 

Here's a link to some help if you need it:

If you have any problems or questions do drop us an email or leave a comment. 

Inspiration point



On prematurely awaking from a car-nap, Little boy lost …, Nearly three – “You can’t see me!”, How long is high?, A 5-year old’s bedroom

Lincoln's Crumpled Paper IP For my tenth birthday my grandfather presented me with an old wooden cigar box containing...
Gold cherry

"It was the Daisy...." It was the daisy that held my attention and I’m not sure why…it was buttercup yellow and the...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Katy, A Ghost Story (IP)

Wrote this one ages ago, and thought I'd have a go at the IP with it Picture Credit: