Inspiration point (IP)

This week's inspiration point?  A christmas wish.  You never know, it may come true. smiley

Inspiration point


My Christmas wish when I was a kid...
Gold cherry


Another plane takes off. Jeffrey’s ready to go. He looks the part. With his suitcase standing next to him, in a tweedy jacket, with a scarf around...

Butterfly ( I Say Essay)

Every night I fall asleep while thinking about writiing. Eventually, a fraction of these thoughts will turn into words that stay. They will turn into...

The impossible journey! —

How many chimneys in this town for Santa to go up and down? and when a chimney he can’t see, does he have a magic all-locks key? … warping time? …


At first, I was a "when are we gonna get there" type kid, like every kid on early journeys. The monotony of every journey was interrupted by stops at...