Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is to make a ghost out of an everyday object. Prose or poetry, you could take the characteristics of an object or let it spark a full narrative for a haunting.

Inspiration point

Spring has sprung (at last)

Daylight lengthening, sunlight strengthening, weakening winter’s grip, but temperatures dip … shout spring has sprung!

Ghost of a Spoon

Your soft hands. Your firm grip. Your parting lips. Your wet, eager mouth. Your tongue across my back. Never did we speak. How I long to feed you...


Now I have decided that fear is similar to real life, to deep love. Now it's time to wipe the dust from my antiquated eyes. To blow the cobwebs from...

Something in the pipes (IP)

"I'm sorry, Miss", said the plumber to Jennifer, replacing the cover of the water tank of her upstairs toilet, "But it seems to be working fine". "...