Inspiration point (IP)

In light of the big news today, this week’s IP is “mourning”, just that. Mourning, like death, is a universal experience, we should all look both in eye and write about them. Sometimes it helps – if not ourselves – others.



Inspiration point


Setting Sons

I have seen the spectral darkness, quiescent corridors where emotions quietly dissipate. I have been in the unlit, silent void, a vale of tears where...

Suddenly, not there …

Whether rich or poor, kind or cruel all face those moments – someone is missing, gone, incommunicado – can’t phone, can’t see, can’t touch a final...
Gold cherry

Missing Him

Miss him? Of course, I miss him. If missing him is this hollowed out, gnawing thing in my belly, If it’s this twisting and extracting of entrails,...

cock robin

Who killed Cock Robin? We, said the workmen, with chainsaws from our van, we killed Cock Robin. Who saw him die? No one - he could still fly, find...