Inspiration point (IP)

This week's IP may be still a dream - but it's: 'after the rain.'  Give it a go if you can remember what that's like.

Inspiration point


Remoteness Day and Night

High above Rhossili beach* – dramatic, wide expanse of sand … far from the nearest city glow … the dazzle of the jewelled night.

From Above

The heavens open. The heavena close. In my shoe there is an ocean. In my heart there is a sea.

Winter's Last Bark

Southwesterly Winds blew through Stagger Street. We drove to the airport to say goodbyes. Cold temperature rendered teardrops to sleet. Blue sleet...

Immersed In Dreams

Sound of storm carries restless dreams as zestful spirits run and play gathering in empty streets. Rollicking in wet grass verges. Down pour rampant...