Inspiration point (IP)

NASA has found seven new planets, at least a couple of which might provide a bolt hole if needed at some point in the future.  Our IP this week is New World - whatever that means to you.  Out there among the stars, right in your own back yard, a dream in your  head, or way back in history.  It's your very own creation.

Inspiration point


you don't

you've left me behind. you've shut the door. you don't live here anymore. and I don't know what I'm meant to do. i've never lived in a world without...

Waiting With Sparky

When I’m nostalgic, it’s mostly over times when I was waiting and preparing for something just before it went well. Just before something was...
Gold cherry


I rolled the sooty glass pipe up and down my thigh, eyes closed, head resting against the toilet stall door behind me. It usually didn't take this...

Waiting For Beauty To Arrive

Beauty's not waiting to go under anesthetic being a slave to needle or knife, making drastic changes to your body sometimes leads to strife, learn to...

‘Every eye shall see him’*

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series ] We’re waiting for his coming, we do not know the hour – it may seem he’s delaying, but soon he’ll come with power – he’s patiently time given us to pray, anticipate the Landlord is returning: repent, be ready, wait.