Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point very kindly suggested by Ewan:

Reconciliation. Make it political, apolitical, personal, fictional, (auto)biographical, prose, poetry,

ranting, measured, hopeful or despairing. Whatever you want, I promise you we won’t fall out over it. 

Good luck!

Inspiration point

Not A Grouch After All

This is my 600th essay. I didn't want to rush into this number so I took my time and then it arrived........


The stage set: a fancy restaurant. Flowers and wine, candlelight And you costumed in borrowed suit And tie.I ordered duck. The waiter hovered until...

The Hands of Change

Based on a poem I wrote several years ago. There might be more . . .

The Next Stage

I love it when I visit someone who knows how to play the piano. Eventually, when they feel like it, they'll go over to the keyboard and start to play...


The stage was set for a trigger … but …