Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is inspired by something celticman wrote using a female POV. I'd like you to have a temporary sex change and see where it takes you (cue Frankie Howard raised eyebrow expression). Good luck!

Inspiration point

The Jacket

About 1983, my mother bought me a jacket – bargain of the sale! – here it is now (– hole in the pocket – who’s to know? doesn’t show! dilatory and...

The Latter Rain.

The Staff was going to be off for three weeks, she’d asked us to water the small vegetable box on wooden stands, the four large potted plants and the...

Such Tales as Fairies Tell: Showdown

“So, she’s your girlfriend now?” “Kind of.” “ Kind of?” “That’s the best way I can put it. We’re letting it run its course, go where it wants to go...

Such Tales as Fairies Tell: Kirk

Jordy’s standing there. Feet rooted. He looks at a stranger, but he knows what he’s looking at. This man is big, he’s wide on the shoulders and his...
Gold cherry

Such Tales as Fairies Tell: Anita

Right there in front of him. Her hair isn’t swirling around her like eels, her eyes don’t glow, and she’s not draped from head to toe in silver and...