Inspiration point (IP)

I've been reading about pareidolia - the condition where people see faces in everything, from door handles to cushions.  We all do it to some extent.  So this week's Inspiration Point is:  'I thought I saw... '  Doesn't have to be a face, it could be anything.  Looking forward to seeing the results!   

Inspiration point

Bubble Trouble

An ekphrastic poem inspired by John E. Millais painting "Bubbles"

La Luna - Sphere of Light

La Luna – Sphere of Light Never turning orb of hush Silent, acne scarred Void of colours bright Lunar seas of Grey, Grey dust Speeding sunlight...

Eating Out

An ekphrastic poem inspired by Edward Hopper's painting "Nighthawks"

Why didn’t I really like it? A copy of this was given by an aunt when I was quite young. She was loving and kindly but...

Mary Christmas

I got my best Christmas present 100 years ago today when my mother Mary was born. Her parents had come across the ocean from County Cork, Ireland to...