Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point: poetry or prose incorporating all five senses - touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. Good luck, and don't forget to post the results here!

Inspiration point



The musical inspiration for this one was My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys . Perhaps with also a little bit of The Games that Daddies Play. She sat...

A Family Portrait

The musical inspiration for this one is Stand By Your Man. Make of it what you will. “All right, everybody, move in a little bit closer.” We oblige...

I don't even drink tea lol

I don't drink tea But I would with you It's who you make me want to be Plus, it's just something to do So let's get high and share a mug And possibly...

Art Of Music

Dear diary... When asked the question; 'what is your favorite piece of music?' I would always say Carole King's Tapestry. There's an intimacy about...