Inspiration point (IP)

These days it can often be quite hard to avoid bad news - so I''m giving you the title of one of my favourite songs for this week's Inspiration Point : reasons to be cheerful. Good luck!



Inspiration point


”Hi, Jane, haven’t seen you for a couple of years – I thought you’d have a kid by now, you used to be so keen.” Silence. No quick response. I moved...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Bangers at Galway Hooker

I was leaving my doctor's office and feeling pretty good. My blood test numbers were safely in bounds. The only concern was about my heart, some test...


The truth is that he has already made me millions. And I feel bad, because I don’t have any way to repay him. # This all began with such innocence. A...

4 Way Stop

I'd like to be the guy standing at a four way stop sign. I point to the driver who is the next one to go through the intersection. Let's face, every...