Inspiration point (IP)

I'm getting excited about the up-coming total eclipse of a blue (super) moon at the end of this month, so the inspiration point this week is: once in a blue moon.

Inspiration point

More in Common

I wrote this story with this weeks' inspiration point - CHILDHOOD - in mind. Last week was Anti-Bullying Week and that's relevant too ***** Kerry...

Getting Ready (and other fun pieces)

Woven together in the depth of the womb, expelled in due time to a sheltering home … Aghast if a child left to flounder unfed, don’t leave them to blunder in the world, unled.

The way back

Will all be discovered? sleep disturbed; his plans have recovered – one folly has served to warn him of lures with bite in the bait, now agony...

The Color of Light. by MarciaMarcia

The Color of Light. ( Poetry Monthly) I heard today that she had given in to fears and insecurity allowing cover to envelop her light and beckon...