Inspiration point (IP)

New Year, new decade, quite a lot of new things one way and another.  The theme for this week is:  the stage is set.  I'll look forward to seeing the results!  

Inspiration point


What Would Time Know?

He walks up to her door. Or at least he thinks he does, because really all the doors look alike, all the units lined up amidst blooming gardens and...

Peace on earth

The doorbell rings. I freeze. Immediately my blood is raging through my veins like a frantic fever, instantly my thoughts are tormenting me like a...
Gold cherry


She takes her wings out. Sometimes, when she’s alone. She holds them out in front of her the way you might a long dress, shaking them a couple of...

Young at heart

I look in the mirror and all I can see Is a frail old woman staring back at me ‘Mom, is that you?’ I ask her bemused But then I realize I was...