Inspiration point (IP)

Things can only get better - failing that they could get worse - eek!  What we need is a radical make-over. So our inspiration point this week is: Transformation.  Fairy-dust at the ready...

Inspiration point

El Condor Pasa

Inspired by the beatiful pan pipe music I so love and by a version of the tune taken without lyrics. permission for photo applied for

Paint The Sky With Stars

I was just thinking about you dad it's been fifteen years to this day when I lingered beside your bed watched you take your last breath, though the...

Sun (IP)

Sometimes it seems like the sun ain't gonna shine anymore. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons

Awake and In Love

On Memorial Day in America we remember our vetrans who lost their life in battle. Also, if we are lucky, we make a memory that we can relate on...

Sensual World

Love will never melancholy pale, sweet though not sugar coated as music floats about your room chasing candlelight then dispersing, heavy drapes at...