Inspiration point (IP)

Looking outside, it's beautiful - warm, sunny, blue skies - and yet things seem to be falling apart (again) - so I think this week's Inspiration Point is going to be 'contrasts'. Take it anywhere you want to. Good luck! 

Inspiration point

A New Normal @ 100 years!

“I couldn’t cope if you weren’t coming in, so I know you love me”. … Comes Covid … Will she understand, she can’t hear … a letter ‘big print’ – she loves to read with her one partly working eye if it’s ‘big print’ … accepted as us still visiting, loving. … a new ‘episode’ received every two or three days …

Warm Greeting!

A handshake … a hug … keep apart! … warm smile — wear a mask! … Locked eyes (only) muffled words … lonesomeness spreads.

Self Help.

Have been trying to look after myself these last four months. If the Doctors were easily available, during the four months I would have gone, for my...

The Wasp Woman, The King and the Dwarf.

When truth is stranger than fiction, it becomes difficult to know where to start so let's begin with the cryptic. Once upon a time....... Down the...