Inspiration point (IP)

This week's inspiration point?  A christmas wish.  You never know, it may come true. smiley

Inspiration point


Trodden Steps

How many trodden steps? Pain contained, muted In this our survival trance We were treading the abyss The sparks of our youth Extinguished in the mud...

Pandora's Diary

A parody of the well known character created by Sue Townsend,


No matter how hard I tried, I COULDN’T SCREAM! The witch had grasped me from behind, one hand on my stomach, the other hand not around my throat but on my shoulder; it was sheer indescribable terror that had paralysed my vocal chords and robbed me of my voice. And how I needed that voice!

I Couldn't Scream (IP)

I couldn't scream, no body to run, no chance to get away. For years and years I stay the same, long forgotten and rotting away. Forced to endure the...

Only A Dream

I couldn’t scream, nor could I breath, in this petrifying dream. There was only darkness, an eternal nothingness and unholiness. I could see nothing...