Inspiration point (IP)

It has barely stopped raining for the past few weeks here, which hasn't been great, but it does mean everything is exceptionally green and this has given me the Inspiration Point for the coming week: choose a colour and see where it takes you. Good luck!

Inspiration point


A Memory of Chirping

I heard the birds chirping in my backyard today and once again remembered the famous parable regularly told by Father Cornelius in Boston. Over the...

Smothering Love

Hush! Little baby, please don’t cry! Mama your wishes will never deny! My love for you will always show – you never will hear me tell you, ‘No!’. I’...

Open Gardens

‘I didn’t sleep Jackie.’ ‘Maybe you should stay at home this morning. I can get everything we need from Sainsbury's and the garden is looking...

Remembering My First Future Rodeo

Lynn is getting dressed as I type. Next thing I know, Lynn is telling me to stop typing and get off the computer. We're gonna take a ride to Concord...