Inspiration point (IP)

Last week's IP was a brilliant success - it was lovely to hear people reading their own stuff.  It certainly proved two things:  it really does make a difference to hear the authors reading their own work, and people are very much better at it than they think they are!   

There's a sort of development of the theme this week.  I do hope the people who have started to record their work will continue doing so, and that those who haven't tried it yet will give it a go.  Our IP is:  The words just came out of my mouth.  But of course, you can record any of your work - it doesn't have to be for the IP! 

Here's a link to some help if you need it:

If you have any problems or questions do drop us an email or leave a comment. 

Inspiration point

A Vulture On Speed Trap Corner

My name is Jem Masters. Here’s some things you should know about me before you decide upon my reliability as a narrator or as a hero or as witness or...

Keep Out! Schooling’s ‘Out’!

School’s out, terrorists about: buildings alight igniting fright, no education, child exploitation – teach them shooting, bloodshed, looting … ‘Even when there are no guns …
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Joy Of Writing

When imagination hungers many a tale evolves, expanding on some personal journey, if not lost in the twinkling of an eye. Occasionally ideas are...

At Long Last

I was inspired by Onemorething and the piece he/she wrote. I always loved to walk the empty corridors after we had dismissed the children.