Inspiration point (IP)

After a wonderful seaside holiday with the family I've had to wave my daughter and granddaughter off as they return to the USA - who knows when I'll see them again?  So I've plumped for 'wish you were here', as the inspiration point - do what you will with it.

Inspiration point

Where is he? Where is she?

First long journey on his own – we’d meet mid-way at Birmingham. Dad at home, the telephone rings: ‘Will you accept this call?’ A voice begins, ‘I’ve...
Gold cherry

A Letter to Anybody Out There

To Whom it May Concern, To Anyone who finds these words, It’s been six days since we’ve been able to get a signal on the radio. We used to tune into...

Dear Dad … 2)

[not about 50 years of technological changes this time, but about Mum’s life after his death …]

A Letter to a Neighbour

Dear Gloria, You don’t know me very well, perhaps you don’t know me really at all, and why would you, being so young, and having nothing more in...

What remains

I collected them all: my tragic moments, my fatal dramas. As if I wanted to examine what the worst thing is that ever can happen to a person. One day...