Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I'm giving you 'throwing the dice'. Use it anyway you choose, and see where it takes you. Good luck!


Inspiration point


Seeing the end from the …

Composing … Exciting beginning – but where is it going?t Is the goal in view, the end, the conclusion? Can you follow it through, keep the attention...

A Position Of Choice

A beginning or an ending? I started counting syllables and matching rhyme schemes. This is today's result.

Unheard Gossip

‘Penelope, Penelope are you home?’ I called up the stairs to my daughter. I had just done a massive weekly grocery shop, as we had had nothing in the...

When the Time Comes

“Wait? What? Did you just tell me you were pregnant?” “Yes, Mum. Yes, I’m pregnant.” Kerry tried to wrap her head around it, but the news was just...

The Rose

I thought I would try my hand at some flash fiction. Picture from pixabay. Dan looked down at the crushed, dew kissed, red rose on the footpath. He...