Inspiration point (IP)

New Year, new decade, quite a lot of new things one way and another.  The theme for this week is:  the stage is set.  I'll look forward to seeing the results!  

Inspiration point

Joy 365 days and ever

Joy to the world – not just a day of happiness each year, not just a short-lived time of play, an answer to all fear, an answer to all fear, an...
Gold cherry


“He’s coming back!” she screamed. “We have to get to Grandma!” We could see Grandma, eclipsed in the mix of night and urban shadows, but the shape of...

Plygain [plug-I-n] songs

[Welsh plygain (historically very early Christmas morning carol singing meetings) carols are simple but rich in content, doctrine, and with intensity of rhyme and consonant pattern … ] Wisdom came to the world that morn, Christ Jesus born, Word precious …

Small Crowd at Tiny Tim's

There's not enough room in this Christmas house For me, my wife and her autonomy. We've got eight bedrooms, four cats and a mouse She holds a degree...