Inspiration point (IP)

It's odd, but the view I have from my window now reminds me very much of one I had years ago as a child, in a very different place. Are there window views that you recall, and what kind of feelings, good or bad, do they evoke? Looking forward to hearing about them.

Inspiration point


A Memory of Chirping

I heard the birds chirping in my backyard today and once again remembered the famous parable regularly told by Father Cornelius in Boston. Over the...

Smothering Love

Hush! Little baby, please don’t cry! Mama your wishes will never deny! My love for you will always show – you never will hear me tell you, ‘No!’. I’...

Open Gardens

‘I didn’t sleep Jackie.’ ‘Maybe you should stay at home this morning. I can get everything we need from Sainsbury's and the garden is looking...