Inspiration point (IP)

This week's inspiration point?  A christmas wish.  You never know, it may come true. smiley

Inspiration point

Queen Anne's Lace

Gauzy veil of a wild crop in winter, Faint and dry as the lightest crunch of snow Stepping out in faith, land of the hinter Spiralling cobweb elegant...

Christmas in Kessingland (a sestina)

A first attempt at a sestina for this week's Inspiration Point with a (slight) reference to winter.

Remembering isn't enough ... (Part Two)

I have for the last few days been staying in Coverack, a small Cornish fishing village on the Lizard Peninsula. It’s not that far from my home town...

Convenient(?) Forgettery!

‘Remember when …’ “Don’t bring that up again , Mum!” ‘I’m not about once more to …