Inspiration point (IP)

A guest Inspiration Point for you today - very kindly offered by Parson Thru. Poetry or prose on the theme of 'In the shade'. Good luck and don't forget to post the results here!

Inspiration point

Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Histories of a small town in Ontario

We were a town before there was a country, homesteads clustering, Grown from blood and dirt and starvation. Ships came over from Ireland. Don’t ask,...


No one will ever listen To every word you have to say Yet still you try your hardest To communicate each day No one will ever care 'Bout the...
Gold cherry


winter fingered earth safed. Now joined as prayer clasped hands they come up from darkness forgotten hopes open for the sun. Fragile, green growing...


(of presents, and human and computer memory vaults)

Living with …

We get armour-plated armadillos, miniature; at night-time slugs find squeeze-through aperture – stretching, slithering with slimy, shiny trails – ugh...