Inspiration point (IP)

Looking outside, it's beautiful - warm, sunny, blue skies - and yet things seem to be falling apart (again) - so I think this week's Inspiration Point is going to be 'contrasts'. Take it anywhere you want to. Good luck! 

Inspiration point

Fill Fuller

If ever an entire day was headed directly to the filler file, that day was yesterday. The day before, Lynn and I had a covid inspired "i can't stand...

Riding Tandem

Dear was 9 th August 2020. Peeping behind the bedroom curtains at 7.30am on Sunday morning before anyone else was awake, the first sight...

A Stranger On Our Shores

24) Jessica has second thoughts. (Flash fiction - 500 words)

Bunuel’s Safe Spaces With No Exits (Ft. Steven Wilson’s Harmony Korine)

In placid lone islands, six feet socially distanced, with no exits we reside, feeling the way the eyes of tornadoes must feel, there’s no sound to...