Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I'm giving you one word: food. I look forward to seeing what you manage to cook up with that smiley

Inspiration point

An Easter Morning Hour

In the shadow of the Iron Curtain and amidst the chilling uncertainties of the Cold War, our childhoods unfolded against a backdrop of fear and...

Young Advice from Lou

The great Lou Gossett passed away this week. I never knew Lou but I knew a man who did to whom Lou passed on some wonderful advice that I joyfully...

Spitting image

The moment he steps onto the small stage. This is always a mixture of his deepest disgust. And his greatest desire. Those first seconds where...


‘It was my uncle who invented it, Uncle Clive, he’s always been a very..unusual man, very clever. He designed the font that they use on tax forms...

Ralph Monkton Lives!

Okay, a bit of cheek, as in not being quite a nonce word, but I may be forgiven for inventing a nonce character, who has at times since come in handy. This is a (mostly) a true story, the facts have only been changed to enhance poetic licence.