Inspiration point (IP)

I've been reading about pareidolia - the condition where people see faces in everything, from door handles to cushions.  We all do it to some extent.  So this week's Inspiration Point is:  'I thought I saw... '  Doesn't have to be a face, it could be anything.  Looking forward to seeing the results!   

Inspiration point


Dear Creator

Dear Creator Dear Creator, Sorry for the awful mess And sorry ‘bout your status Foolish man’s grand design Has left you far behind His juggernaut of...

Dear Dad 4*

Dear Dad 4* I’m wondering what you would have thought of the present world difficulties. We were born just after the second world war finished, and...

A Geordie Hero on Distant Shore

A Geordie Hero on Distant Shore Gan canny Colly lad Bony’s boys await Horatio a dying hero Up to you to seal their fate As Hardy hugged his Lord Game...