Inspiration point (IP)

The world is so dark right now, all I can say is thank goodness for sweet trivia and Bake Off.  Let's cheer ourselves up with a little sugar.  That's the inspiration point - sugar and spice and all things nice!

Inspiration point


Bad ideas? I've had more than my share. Some of them became actions which have turned into attitudes, fears and biases. Here's my recollection of a...


The harvesters have gathered crops … all His followers gather in … That Book names all who did receive his gift of life, on him believe … All safely gathered there begin that blest eternity with him.

We Three Kings Of Orient Are................. Part Two.

I went outside to put the empty tins of cat food in the recycle bin, I saw Luke sitting outside his home on the step with his cigarette and a drink...

We Three Kings Of Orient Are.................

My name is Luke, I went out to the front of my home to have a cigarette and a coffee on the door step in the warm sun and noticed straight away,...