Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is inspired by onemorething's forum post on a poetry competition: the Artlyst Art to Poetry Award for ekphrastic poetry, and by a wonderful example which she's written.

Here's her post wth all the links:

and here's her poem:’s-frieze-beethoven

You can, of course, translate the genre into prose too. Good luck!

Inspiration point

heart broken

Even though I try and try Down these rotten tears I cry Will I ever get a break? Or my life do I take? Cigarettes and alcohol Numb the tears as they...

Flower Guy

Twenty years ago I persevered through one of my favorite rituals, the annual Valentine’s Day masculinity panic. As of 2:50 PM on that fabled...

Two Halves of Heart

Two halves of a heart; Yin to the Yang. My plenty to your fire-blighted desert. The shadow, and the light it takes to cast it. Your blue to my orange...

Romance Lust or Love?

Not all candllight dinnners lead this way, but how many of my gender hope for the last verse? Okay I got cynical...

If Not For Love

Delicate and fragile our dreams have become Yet! You've always been there even during wildest storm, as sound of gales remind me of crashing waves...