Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I want you to write something which includes three of the following:

the last thing you ate

the last thing you drank

the last person you spoke to

the last book you read

the last film (or TV) you watched

the last piece of music you listened to

Good luck!

Inspiration point


Shades of Blue

I thought every kiss was precious I used to count them Until I lost count at over a thousand times each of them meaningful if meaning is love and...

Fifty Shades of Shade

Hardly a colour at all and it's everywhere! (Image from Wiki commons)


Skies, I love to look at them. I know it's miles away from me. I always tend to like things that are way out of my reach. It gives me the feeling...

Northern Hypocrisy

Some say that it is hypocrisy for a transplanted Northerner to complain about heat in the South. "ya knew it was hot before ya come down here and you...