Inspiration point (IP)

This week I'd like you to take the title of a song or film and make it into something else - poetry or prose. Good luck!

Inspiration point

'Before The Cake' and The Snarky Reader

I revisited my poem 'Before The Cake', and added comments after every line. ( in italics ).

Déjà Lu (Formerly Déjà Vu)

12 years and little has changed... The last two stanzas, which I've never been happy with, changed. Image By R-41 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, source Wikipedia Commons

The Unsent Letter

I've been going through old untitled documents on my cloud and found this unsent letter to my next door neighbour whose noisy handy man (her little pet) polluted the air space with a very loud radio each weekend, drowning out the birds and other soothing sounds.

Ambitious Tale Of Fledgling Zeal 2019

Not only did I find a glaring typo in my original poem, but it made me wince. This poem was long overdue a facelift. Still in teaching, I have met students who really do beat themselves up over one missing mark. All power to the pursuit of perfection...