Inspiration point (IP)

I don't know if anyone's seen Brad Pitt on the cover of GQ, if not here's a link (scroll down when you get there).

Anyway, this week's inspiration point is just the image, not the click bait story accompanying it on the linked page. Take it where you like, the wrong outfit, people not telling powerful people the truth, the Emperor's New Clothes, whatever you like.

Inspiration point


Meet Ze Monsta

As you all know there is no copyright on titles. In any case, this is the title of a terrific track by PJ Harvey on To Bring You My Love. IP - thanks for giving me an excuse to play some Polly. Image is author's own fault.

Truth of the Diamond

Baseball has been our national past time for the past 120 years. Some folks believe that time has passed. I disagree for many reasons. Major league...

Belief Yeah, we're all entitled to our feelings which suggests that we're all entitled to...

Leaving The Nest

This is a poem inspired by Kilb50's story: The Castle, about a young girl named Elowen. Such hankering memories when leaving home, embarking on...