Inspiration point (IP)

A bit of a writing exercise this week.  Prose or poetry (or both!) to include mention of three different months of the year and two songs. Please remember only brief quotes from songs, because of copyright.  Can't wait to see the results!  

Inspiration point

All Hallow’s Day

All Hallow’s Day. (Inspiration point) Two thousand years of song in tale on Celtic moors where moons aglow and babble brooks in country shire rush.....

The Tailor and the Angel Of Death

Originally included in the anthology "Land of Stories, Flintshire Myths, Legends & Folktales" published by BAR NONE books in 2006 - Free Clipart Picture - Image Source :

Practically Magic

Inspiration point. Image is free from

Rhyme Of A Young White Witch

Picture by pixabay free Young girl remembers way back when her mother died when she was ten... then forced into some foster home with sadness she...