Inspiration point (IP)

If you hadn't heard - next Thursday is going to be quite a day!  I wonder what the following Friday 13th will bring us - EEK!  So that's our inspiration point - Waking up on Friday 13th...(doesn't have to be political at all).

Inspiration point

Bands, Beers and Old Boyfriends

Bands, beers and old boyfriends don’t mix. It’s good beer though, malty and brown And it’s only the heat of alcohol going down, That makes me feel...


People just keep dying. And dying. And dying again. This is not the zombie apocalypse, but you can see it from here. No, I don’t know how it’ll end...

A Kiss for Luck

I had twenty cents in my pocket. That was it. I felt naked without the bank account; but at the same time a little bit free. Funny, the way you play...

Shifting from First to Third

It's always fun to switch a story from first person to third which also requires a change of tense. Sometimes we got to get out of automatic.