Inspiration point (IP)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so maybe that influenced me, or maybe it's other things, but in any case this week's Inspiration Point is:  the eyes have it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Inspiration point



My grandmother was eighty-four when she gave me the box. It was musty and dog-eared, and held together with masking tape. And in it: a collection of...


I love about her that she’s perfect. A tight little ball of rightness, no taller than my thigh. But already: she has this magic in her. Put her in...
Gold cherry
Pick of the Month


All I want for Christmas is words. Just a scatter of words. Just a handful. I find my eyes drawn back towards the phone on the wall in the hallway –...

My gift

These lines, my gift to you / Only words and you have your own

The Gift

The gift was promised, needed, awaited by some; wanted, longed for, improbable solution appropriate, powerful to solve, effective to emancipate,...