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If you've ever taught children writing you will know the rule - just don't end it by saying: and it was all a dream.  However, now is a great time for dreaming and great things can come from dreams.  Let's try not to let them be nightmares, but set your mind free to wander where it will and day dream on paper or screen.  Let's fill the site with sweet and strange escape...

Inspiration point

Service With A Smile

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September 15th 2008

Big Fish Eat Little Fish Peter Bruegal 1556, representing the Lehman Brother's crash in 2008 (see attched link below)

Dennis in Herefordshire

[Sunday, Monday] Dennis passing, rainfall less – though …


My eyes were open but it was so dark I couldn’t see. The only glimmer of light was that which was came from under the thick steel door that kept me...