Inspiration point (IP)

A guest Inspiration Point for you today - very kindly offered by Parson Thru. Poetry or prose on the theme of 'In the shade'. Good luck and don't forget to post the results here!

Inspiration point

Lavender xXx

It’s been many years since your passing, and You have not been forgotten, as You lived far away, I didn’t see You often, You were there for all of my...

Dreaming Spires

Image source: Pixabay - No attribution required.

Dream Catcher

Do not tease or mock my words as I lay them at your feet, for if sleeping visions do not intrigue please step aside, let them pass. They occupy my...


I begin to type and as usual he appears, prancing on and off the keypad, waving his little hands in the air, his voice shrill and difficult to ignore...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

My Dreams are Safe (IP)

My dreams are safe Insured in all the Tinted buds of spring I’m reassured, I hear In every skylark’s trill The aria of my dreams The watercolour...