Inspiration point (IP)

I've been reading about pareidolia - the condition where people see faces in everything, from door handles to cushions.  We all do it to some extent.  So this week's Inspiration Point is:  'I thought I saw... '  Doesn't have to be a face, it could be anything.  Looking forward to seeing the results!   

Inspiration point

Gold cherry

Broken Windows

The grass was scary, on account of how it might have rats sequestered there amongst the blades and ready to leap out and attack. And the word ‘blades...

Play School Windows

Nostalgic recollections fun house named Play School, teaching Sophie entertainment could be educational, glancing with Big Ted and little Ted through...

New Year's Day 2021.

Recently I’ve been thinking to myself, things that I will start doing next year, on January 1st 2021A.D. and this morning I thought, why do I and...