Inspiration point (IP)

It's a one word Inspiration Point this week: secrets. Don't worry about sharing them - we promise we won't tell anyone!  wink Good luck!

Inspiration point

In Mid-Summer My Dream Came True - Almost

In 68 I saw a young Judy Dench in A Midsummer Night's 2016 I trod the hallowed boards at Stratford as Snug The Joiner..but I never forgot the power and the majesty of her performance long ago in the very same play

An unsought win

I wrote about this incident some time ago, but thought to have another go for this week’s IP.

thunder of the storm

Hey mom. I know things have been rough lately. And some days I see it’s got you too. Your voice would crack, your smile would wither, and you fuss...

Look at the stars

One day you'll wake up and see that the night sky was full of stars all along; and that it was just a bad time and the wrong place to look up.