Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I want you to write something which includes three of the following:

the last thing you ate

the last thing you drank

the last person you spoke to

the last book you read

the last film (or TV) you watched

the last piece of music you listened to

Good luck!

Inspiration point

Witness box

First he froze As panic rose Sweat upon his face Splinters flying His pregnant wife crying As officers flooded the place ‘What do you want?’ He...

The Box Left Behind

My 600th submission is a Flash Fiction of approximately 500 words for this week's Inspiration Point.

Playing with a box …

The children found a box on the ground, sealed, and bound with tape. ‘What could be inside it? What could be concealed?’ They wondered, imagined...
Gold cherry

Dear Adam & Eve

Imagine how shocked Adam & Eve would be at today...

Dear Dad … 3)

(For the third of these letters, I had been working on trying to explain some of the moral pressures and changes of 50 years on, but not an easy topic, but, prompted by the current IP, I thought I should persevere.)