Inspiration point (IP)

Last week's IP was a brilliant success - it was lovely to hear people reading their own stuff.  It certainly proved two things:  it really does make a difference to hear the authors reading their own work, and people are very much better at it than they think they are!   

There's a sort of development of the theme this week.  I do hope the people who have started to record their work will continue doing so, and that those who haven't tried it yet will give it a go.  Our IP is:  The words just came out of my mouth.  But of course, you can record any of your work - it doesn't have to be for the IP! 

Here's a link to some help if you need it:

If you have any problems or questions do drop us an email or leave a comment. 

Inspiration point

Hero or Zero?

I tried to get inside my own head...what IS a hero really?
Gold cherry

Ali, Frazier, Chuvalo and Evelyn

Since we're on the topic of idols, this is a combination of three snippets that I wrote about my idol, Muhammad Ali. Yes, once again, you've seen the trailers but this is more of the movie and a glimpse at my upcoming book.

"Do you have CRP....(can't remember stuff)?"

The kitchen was familiar but... why had I come in here? I had no clue I shook my head And worried as I walked out of the room why couldn't I remember...

Saul explains

I was supposed to be here in Damascus to persecute those of the Way, imprisoning … But when on the road, full of anger … so I’m being hunted myself, and I leave this town in a basket now lowered …