Inspiration point (IP)

We all have those special objects that we wouldn't part with.  Or perhaps the object has been lost but their significance remains. What may be junk to others is redolent with meaning to us.  That's the inspiration point - an object of significance.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Inspiration point

Keeping things nice

Not personal! “Sugar and spice and all things nice”. – that’s the life for me! nothing unpleasant, all my own choice, no heeding of any authority …...

Contrasts at Target

We drive a Cadillac and I'm getting cataracts. The decision about cataract surgery is when not if. I decided to get one more pair of glasses and put...

Worlds Apart

When I hear about people having to flee their country because of poverty, wars or cruelty, it makes me feel so sad, but lucky to live here in England...

Captured for Freedom!

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] I’m bound to my Lord, so now I am free! – I’m free of the hold, the old misery of gripping temptations, sin’s harsh slavery: a servant of Jesus has real liberty! …

Kids’ Contrasts

The giraffe is tall, the fly is small, the sun gives light – so it’s dark at night. The snail is slow – but watch the cars go – fast! – keep away!...