Inspiration point (IP)

It looks like Hilary Mantel has got another must read on her hands - I can't wait to read it.  I'm taking a leaf out of her book this week - so our inspiration point is to take a character or plot from history and make it your own - can't wait to read what you come up with either!

Inspiration point


Ten Years Divorced (Part 2 of 2)

2010 And so, the papers come through. And I still can’t believe you really meant it, when you said that. And I just go through my life, through my...
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Ten Years Married (Part 1 of 2)

2000 Hoping I’m beautiful. Standing there in the white dress, with the blossoms in my hair. The sun twinkling off the pond, and the wind blowing. My...
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Image is from Wikipedia, not wikimedia commons, but I think it's ok as I don't think a shape is owned by anyone.