Inspiration point (IP)

We have so many Autumn lovers on ABCTales I thought this week I'd give you all the chance to tell us about it - and if, like me, you aren't a fan, then tell us about that instead.Good luck!

Inspiration point

At Long Last

I was inspired by Onemorething and the piece he/she wrote. I always loved to walk the empty corridors after we had dismissed the children.

Rediscovering Living

The first day of the school holidays when teachers and parents swap frowns and smiles. I have been on both sides and I say " let them both rest" My lot now and parents in September....


This is another word from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, but written for the Inspiration Point.

Southern Central Air (cool baby cool)

Tom met Ellen in 1950. Tom was a 19 year old sailor boy from up Albany way. Ellen was a Southern gal from Memphis which is where they met. Tom was...