Inspiration point (IP)

It's all around us, so this week's Inspiration Point is: Anticipation. It needn't be about the obvious - although it's fine if it is! Looking forward to reading the results. 

Inspiration point

Wisdom I

In life, we become accustomed to many things. This accustomisation to, and reinforcement of, actions, activities, events, routines is better...

“Dad! Mum!” (IP)

His Dad could fix most anything with bits of string … his Mum could fix cuts with a kiss …

The Note

Dear Mom, We had a rocky past, this is true. We got in so many fights and you saw the monster I became. You saw through the lies and realized I was...

Summer hit 2013

For who loves the summer. In this universe we call a campsite. Peace on earth. The sun is like an iron. The swimming pool is boiling. Birds are...


My Dad had always been a fixer. It had come from his Dad, who had been quite handy with most things. But Nan said Grandad had changed quite a lot...