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micro-treatise on constructive adaptations turned to 'diseases' and 'mutations'

Greetings AMA. A 'virus' or 'disease' typically starts out as a constructive adaptation or 'mutation' (ooohh... scary!;) akin to the sickle cell...

Dance of the Flowers

Somewhere in a secret garden, walled off from the madding world a flock of angels make heavenly sounds, sunny guitar and rainy harp that set the...

Medusa Poem

Madame of the Mythical Deep; Kindly, fellow sufferer Help me shake off sleep. Let us slow dance beneath this pulsing moon; Please sing me a song: a...

Monster of the Blues

Cyborg Day Animal Night Surging Excitement Perpetual Fright. Unrequited love : and the secrets of the doves sweeten a sour brew... with poems and...

Monster Cafe

In the scholarly corner, the cosmic horned fox sends forth a mournful sax wail while at the main tables, the businessmen wrestle like demons, or men...


5 of my comments have received 5 Great Feedback votes

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an interesting piece here; a well earned Yellow Cherry

Posted on Thu, 06 Jan 2022

Well; This is a decidedly working-class take. I might appreciate a little more balance; But I still appreciate and approve of this literary micro-satire. The intelligence and decency of the taxi cab driver(from London to Louisiana) is greatly...

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Posted in Ol' Rickety (Part 1)

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Neat poem

Posted on Sat, 24 Jul 2021

a well-earned yellow cherry. I love the optimism and clarity.

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Posted in In IKEA, he dreams about the woman he loves

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Neat poem

Posted on Sun, 25 Jul 2021

I like the exploration of the moon as a regenerative force. I find the moon and the night so, like Louis Armstrong phrases it; It is 'the dark sacred night.'

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Posted in Force Of Life

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Posted on Wed, 31 Aug 2016

What a beautiful(and profound) poem Lily.  Thanks for composing

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Posted in The Grief of Gaziantep.

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Posted on Fri, 24 Apr 2015

sublime, strange, and beautiful

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Posted in My Other Life is