Apple (haiku)


American Sky Bird

Up in the air, Reznor's voice is so much clearer: "Oh, my beautiful liar, oh my precious whore, my disease my infection, I am so impure." But I feel very pure, flying in this bird of the future. Between seas

!!!Oregon Or Bust!!!

Whoever, Wherever, Whatever you are, (if you've love and good will in your heart,) i say to You: we've lived too long in Cyborgia where architects design the wheat,


[I]dedicated to the great Robin Cody[/I] often mistaken for its more normal brother, even at first by its gnarled and scathed beholders, it is the most glorious and hard-fought of flowers, springing from the very winter of rock bottom,

A Fervent Ode to Human Possibility

among the wise it seems agreed that 'mid the anarchy of over-modern humanity, there are many promising seeds which may survive the silicon storm and (with any luck) push their heads above the merchantile muck.

a humble ode to PEACE

may colorful quilts be woven with careful, even attention. may children stare in awe of life-size dinosaurs. may airplanes practice their speedy magic in the sky. may brave, adept men re-roof old houses.

A Midsummer Morning's Dream

I was speeding away from the cops (unjustly accused of groping a bratty girl in a tex-mex cantina) without an instant to throw on my glasses I made it a ways on the highway dodging semis and metal rails

A Yankee Soiree

I don't mind being labeled "insane," for this brain has seen much learning and spent many highway nights questing after the profane and the sacred My education was a dream, an American party whose door

American confessions of a washed up libertine

I was once a racist, bookish kid riding in an old yellow school-bus through the mountainous desert country where I grew up And what should I say? Although quite heterosexual, I've now and then had gay fantasies

an early but timely Thanksgiving!

"dedicated to The Coopers of shady pine rd, K Falls, Oregon, in thanks for their kind hospitality!!" October 06 finds me foolish and poor, but not out of doors nor really of soul, so really with a bit to be thankful for:

an Ode to Doctor Ali

I came to him in pain and with shame (he reminded me of birth, famine, and rain) he is or was a neurologist by trade (with a frank, quick-witted way of seeing) an inspection of my poet's half-carcass he made

An Ode To My Inner Maniac

It was you who in the growing years listened not to the chants of "cool" conformity or the following cries of "loser" and "nerd," but followed faithfully the library songs full of gallant heroes,

Ode to Phetchaburi Province, Thailand

(affectionately dedicated to Tom Booth) It was an akward time for me I'm sorry I didn't treat you more honestly; my spirit was sick and weary but you took me in your fertile arms

An Ode to Rightful Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Shall Mexico, too, fall prey to these diamond-hearted monsters? Shall kids live their days on only a corn tortilla, a can of beans, and a Coca-cola? Shall the natives of the south be forever sunk

An Ode To This And That

Here's to highly peppered scrambled eggs with hot coffee on a snowy morning, to those rare, sacred days when the muses sing and one's pen takes wing, to the great continent of Africa where I've never been,


though the serpents hiss and the Gods hurl bits of hell I'll eat this apple

Saint Rasputin haiku macro-set

on a Tundra by spiral domes rainbow-adorned, a titan was born through the frosted loins of Mother Siberia pushed a monk too "fast"

a poem for professors

The learned, "liberal" lectern? the traditional, regal pew? the eager, unwashed many? the snide and cultured few? "Which one do you listen to?," the...

Spanish Blue tea haiku set

under long fair locks, shingles-lesions tear my brow, sweetness needed now in the social kitchen, the "monster" Baesop leads the group tea-creation...

opium haiku set

we are transience, all transience: dirtied change... and shots of white-noise hid with gel-deranged mange, plethora of flora- averus virus the ego-...

a poem for funeral-goers

the Ming vases they're broken and the roses they’re sable now With gel-deranged mange, silk-nooses, and boa-constrictor souls we drag our fading...

in the beauty of the beast

In this street-light-flame-lit wildness, the sky burns bright-blue between blood-chilling maelstroms and gasoline rainbows that lead to pots of...

Maniac's Montage

2 Sheriffs see red head-lights burning bright ahead to stop Flight 52 (haiku) Flight-ladies served him absinthes, a 'London Times,' and gushing...

Crescent-Moon Haiku Set

In Kiev, the chess game was stolen by rebel pieces, shaking off the fear in Freedom Land it was a foot-note, except to the eyes of the wise who'd...

Void Street haiku set

Night now, sleep a dream, our Edens scorched, furrowed brows... torches in darkness Silicon psyches, suboxone souls, walking grayves... we are...

Day-moon haiku set

Born of damp dark Earth, suckled in fear, tutored in drills of sophistry men but no better, we live in great neon hives, dreaming of gold leaf, under...

'soft asylum' haiku set

yesterday's highways flash before my gray-blue eyes like lost 'purple hills' now the bath-robe hangs on the French doors by sundry gray cashmere...

Saturday Saturnalia haiku set

Roses grace the table puffed, lovely, moist and fabled... outside a lone dove coos to the house monk who teaches the dazed artists about the golden...

Saturn blues haiku set

the T.V. sparks with Kerouac's mad 'Beatnik' jazz lighting the house dark then enter the ads hawking mad poisonous memes hypnotizing the kids...

'Beautiful Confusion' haiku set

Ra's last red-hot rays fall upon the wild garden this strange summer's end the honey-dew is halved in the chess-board kitchen... under dim blue light...

Yellow moon haiku set

After summer's red roses it's the grass that frost-shines bright even into the night Tourists walk the lit shop-front sidewalks seeking out sushi or...

Blue moon haiku set

In this wayward year of our weird evolution... fear blotted the sun mobs of black 'zombies' overran the silent light blue wall chanting 'I can't...

Phoenix Sunrise Haiku Set

Shaking off static and Luna's roses, I welcome the new maid... nervous I load the new pipe with the new medicine from the dealer of fire dreams Then...