Gold cherry

in Nepal (June 1971)

resting in a hill-station guest-house, after a bout of dysentery the street dealer's tab; “California sunshine, clean, nice..." is starting to hit I'...

Uncanny Love Tales – (17) An Avuncular (Part 02)

The first afternoon most of the group activities had already started so they just walked around the grounds in an uncomfortable silence, Cathy just wanted to go to her room, but Russell knew she would just break down again.

Uncanny Love Tales – (17) An Avuncular (Part 01)

It was at the biannual St Peters Church getaway when it all began. St Peters was an evangelical church, sometimes described as charismatic, and the getaway was organized for the members of the congregation to examine and develop their faith.

Uncanny Tales – (18) Lustful Intent In The Glens

It was a warm summer’s night in 1974 and Marilyn and I were in a tent together when all at once the flaps flew open, that would’ve been the tent flaps obviously and not hers.

Rock Pools Haiku

actually -a scene from a balcony, with a sea eagle, in the Philippines...which may be a more interesting story to write...Hm...haiku is quicker!

El Duende

More from the archives. Not a repost, as far as I can tell. Duende is the hardest word to explain I ever came across in Spanish. This one is for all the friends I made amongst students and barflies. Image source photographer Albertus 82: licence CC-BY-NC 2.0

While People Argued...................................

Well what a year it has been!!! This year already feels like many years rolled into one, for in reality is only the 6th month. First it was the New...