Wisdom Of Her Spirit

How softly moved this woman's resilience, not even that intense flaming sphere extinguished her desire for knowledge – drifting from one station to...

New Ways Forward and Publication (Ch.13f : Part 2)

Janus plans to make contact with colleagues from earlier life and create a movement of discussion and action. Meanwhile more of his writing, outlining his views and ideas for society are published onto the Vidnet. Set in an alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound We are setting out tomorrow, headed North to the “Big B.”(Buffalo, N.Y.) It is hot here already in SW Florida, with temperatures...

The woman outside the window

The woman outside the window lifts the bag to her lips

The Ocean

Here I am sitting on the beach in Reddington, FL watching the waves roll in while my children build sand castles and search for sea shells. Even...

Caiman's bazaar

A strong wind buffeted the Maroon 1994 Rover as it wound its way towards the small seaside town of Donregal where Hugh Adlington and his wife Miriam...


Acoustic: Is the constant In Southwarkians' tongues Agnostic: its religion Southwark: South of the work; Once! Today; On the edge of the mighty river...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (112) The Seaside Adventure (Part 01)

Gary Kitchen and Sara Sund were staying on a camp site in the Finchbottom Vale that was once a working railway station before it fell foul of Dr Beeching and his cuts, in a place called Sharpinghead. The two of them were staying in a converted signal box which was comfortable enough but because of the limited floor space it had bunk beds which didn’t go down well at all with Sara, she wanted a double bed and plenty of “bedding”

Gambar Disappears ( Gambar 13)

Resurrection depends upon disappearance. This is common knowledge if not exactly wisdom.. Dark knew this. Gambar knew Eleeza. Gambar wanted to return...