Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 3

The elf female ate the porridge she was given with relish. Argibel noticed this and wondered whether perhaps Gruby had not been feeding her enough...

Traveling Sola

Knee-length cargo pants and t-shirts clung casually to her supple limbs and torso as if she accidentally had rolled inside them while sleeping. As...

The Mind of A Car.

It is January, and for me that means one thing. I book off the last two weeks from work, so that I can go and see what is fab in the TKMaxx shops, up...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 2

Mannioch, the King of the Orcs in the mountains at that time, was trying to force the Elves to stay in their fortresses at that time. He did not want...

The Great Game . Kabul 1839 and 1979.

This is a trues story, the facts have only been altered to protect my memory. And from my brief sojourn in Afghanistan I came away with both a love of the country and its people, and a deep seated belief that it would be folly for any other nation to become involved with its affairs.

Extraordinary Experience On The Bus

Dear diary...Monday 16 th January 2023. Just had to record this entry. I started off my bus ride into town as I normally do. Everything was as it...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 1

He felt the cold breeze of the early morning stirring through the caverns, despite it being summer. ‘Oh curses, I need another pee,’ he swore under...