Loving Christmas Linda – The First Embrace

Outside in the winter night, snow spattered, unseen, against the other side of the steamy glass, glass which reflected back images like mirrors against the dark beyond.

Snow Cannons

Snow Cannons The sun was shining brightly. It reflected brilliantly off the snowy white blanket that smothered the streets and houses of Buffalo and...

I took a bus

More adventures with metre/er

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (38) Christmas at the Seaview Hotel (Part 01)

Six months had passed since Francine Delise and Iain Akhurst made love in his room at the Seaview Hotel in Sharpington and two days short of six months since she said she wasn’t sure that they could be together.

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.5: Cultural Exchange (Part 3: Section 1)

A sense of normality and security returns to the Priestesses after the excesses and dangers of conquest. They are now able to influence and educate the conquerors in the ways of the Goddess. Still the Pirionite men remain in labour camps, and the exploitation and competitive values of the conquerors remain incomprehensible but fascinating to Danella.

The Sea Coughs

The Sea Coughs up sand and salt-- at times leftover debris from ships ahoy long times ago. An ocean roils and twists on destiny’s day -- many lost...


March, we headed off to a resort on the Riviera mummy had been told about by a Spanish oil baron that New Year. The very idea of a Spanish oil baron...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (23) Another Highfinch Curate (Part 01)

Since leaving the Army in January, Brian Lawton had been coasting along without any real purpose or goal that was until mid-October when he made one of his infrequent phone calls to touch base with his sister Jenna who was the de facto Vicar of St Martins in Highfinch while the Reverend Mortimer was recovering from a heart attack.

Contemplating motorways

Thanks, muse. It's nice to have you back. The poems? Don't know. They are what they are.

The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14c) : The Meeting Of Two Groups

Janus makes contact with a similar group of social discussion and action who also appear to want to reform society. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol.