Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 39 – The Third Angel

Friday evening passed with the three of them enjoying simple pleasures and congenial company, but it proved to be the lull before the storm as later on Friday night Katie took a turn for the worse so the weekend was rather less tranquil than any of them would have hoped for and was spent in constant anxiety.

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 37 – Winters Last Hurrah

In the early hours of Mothering Sunday morning Jack was gently shaken awake. “You have to go darling,” Kayleigh said and kissed his neck “What? Ok” he said She had reluctantly woken him early in the morning so he could sneak back to his house before the household were up and about. So it was on a dark Sunday morning in March after a lingering goodbye kiss in the kitchen that he slipped out the back door.

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 36 – The Second Angel

Saturday began in much the same way as any other day of the preceding weeks. Nurse, bath time, breakfast and visitors, same old same old, With one notable difference namely a constant stream of text messages from Sarah updating him on the progress of Katie’s sister Marion.

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 35 – Finding the Watsons

Monday passed without incident and was an uneventful day and on Tuesday George Dallas was the nurse of the day and was in a very chipper mood and while he attended to Katie Jack searched in the lounge for the Vicars address book, which only took him a few minutes to locate, and it took another five to find the information he was looking for and he was just leaving the lounge as George was coming down the stairs so he offered him a coffee and after checking his watch he accepted and while they sat in the kitchen he found out the reason for his chirpiness.

The crowd

My mam and dad did everything as part of a crowd. A self-reinforcing group – bigger the better in terms of security and recognition – being one of...

London 2017

London 2017 Funny high rise buildings, mushrooming up in certain parts of London. The razor sharp Shard is being obscured by competition, racing to...

Any old Friday

the thirteenth

Living with the curse

Why can't we be like daisies?

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (18) Playing Dress Up Again (Part 05)

Yvonne was in reception in conversation with the receptionist when she spotted Aidan walking in and she collared him before he went and got changed. “Aidan” she said “Don’t get changed I have a special job for you this evening” She took him into her office and explained that she wanted him to show her niece around the establishment. “Show her everything and don’t spare her blushes”

A Wild Ride To Florida

A Wild Ride to Florida We rolled into Estero, Fl. This morning after a three-day, 24-hour driving time ride, from Western New York. We had seen much...