Choice Tales from the Vale – (126) The Summer Fête Adventure (Part 02)

In the week before the Fête Sara had been on her monthly and after the unwelcome visitor had departed she was as horny as all hell.


The district of Edinburgh where I lived for three months and where I conceived my elder daughter.

don't look down

don’t look down— poor people who work for little— and expect little more— don’t look down— refuge bees like you and—and—and shrinking away to god...

Downshire Diary – (32) Mother’s Day Duty (Part 03)

The collision between the Harwood’s and Roger Greven and his nephew Phil Grice resulted in Clare falling into a planter and Roger lying flat on his back with Anna on top of him nose to nose. Phil Grice was the only one left standing and unsure who he should help first.

To those who lost their footing

I’m spending more and more time telling myself I no longer care.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (32) It Happened at the Seaview Hotel (Part 04)

inner came and went as did desert and all the time their glasses were refreshed, but it wasn’t until they were having liqueurs that he plucked up the courage to say what was on his mind. “I’ve really missed you” She seemed both surprised and pleased by the revelation and Iain wondered if she heard him correctly or if it was just the effect of the wine on her processing ability “I’m sorry” she replied


Sipping on cyclops eye drops and peering through greenish haze whilst contemplating moth-eaten butterflies of yore. 17/04/17

Satiety centre.

I am no one. Never nobody What I fear is not here It’s my heart, they say That’s a start When I look I see the apparition Someone that looks Like me...