New Health Kick

I'm on a new health kick. I'm gonna kick back on my reading. I read while reclining on my couch, holding my head up with my right hand. I keep my...

point of no return

Billionaires lobbying to avoid tax increase, while number of middle income taxpayers decreases Government can't pay education, social care, and...

The Marked Man

still at large from Isis, Daesh, Mossad, Boko Harum, Al-Shabaab, Holy child-predators, quasi-tolerant populists, self-righteous, disrespectful Christians, miltant Evangelists, et al.!

A Secret Barricuda

I've grown used to blood, scales and X rays giving away my secrets but was surprised this time when it was my pulse. Last week I fainted. We had been...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

The Senile Neurologist

a comical farewell to an old friend after his own fashion - I guarantee, he'd have laughed at this!

Neighbourhood Watch: The Shape of Things to Come

I've written about weird neighbours before, so some of you may remember the pair who've created a model mountain of dog poo in their backyard. Well,...

The Condemnation of Darkness

Hello darkness my old friend You're here to drive me round the bend As sultry summers meet their end You pounce upon my fear and send Me screaming...