Moonspeak “Moonies” is the only name that I have been able to come up with to describe the employment of synchronized thoughts, actions and words of...

Higher Authorities

Higher Authorities We want our children to be free! Free to choose what they want to be Free to be able to develop their own career Free to take off...

Panic with Pen and Paper

I'm writing this on paper with an orange RIT Alumni Association pen. I like these pens. They have a friendly flow which tends to make my handwriting...

Women are too strident in their advocacy.

Women Are Too Strident In Their Advocacy I have seen this canard foisted often in the public arena. Women are deemed “strident” if their advocacy of...

Lucidity in Disguise

Suddenly someone is there at the turnstile, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Lucid dreams are a whole different subway system. In a lucid dream, the...

Visions of an Exhausted Mind

(Image from Wikimedia Commons - in public domain) A poem written for the VoiceIn Journal on the topic of dreams.

Plus Size

(Image: "Body Image" by Charlotte Astrid. Found on Flickr via Creative Commons, and used in accordance with Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)) An exploration of modern perceptions of beauty - size of body compared with size of heart.


No one had the guts to tell the children that their life could be a misery. (Creative commons image)

Inferno Revisited: VIII.iii - Profiting from Faith

(Image from Wikimedia Commons - in public domain) One in a series of verses inspired by Dante's Inferno / The Divine Comedy , exploring modern-day issues in relation to the circles of Hell. The Eighth Circle has many sections, the third of which houses those who commit simony - buying and selling of holy offices. I found it hard to think of an exact modern parallel: the nearest thing I could think of were telemarketers and infomercial hosts who use and manipulate the faith and desperation of their "customers" to get them to buy fake products and false cures. Thus, this verse is set up as a satirical parody of such sales pitches. I have attempted to craft these in accordance with the terza rima scheme and iambic pentameter.


FILTERS From an early age of my twenties, in the political arena, I have had to grapple with the notion that many people think differently than I do...