I am Old (Passing)

I hate the way every verb is now irregular in English "Text,text,text" as if it were put,put,put, or let,let,let. Ingenious we are, to omit the final t and have tex',tex',tex', as if it were some Anglo-Saxon contribution to the language when Alfred the Great invented the mobile phone. Image source is Pixabay and is free for non-commercial use

Hey Asshole, Don't Call Me an Anteater

Hey, I'm an aardvark for God's sake. Don't start calling me an anteater just because I eat ants. I eat termites too. If you called me a termiteater...

Reading and Breeding

After a few billion years, we finally learned how to read. This "paragraph" for example is nothing more than a collection of data with each letter...

Are you a good driver?

Are you a good driver? Do you like to speed? Or curse and shout At a roundabout When there is no need? Are you a good driver? Your licence is it...

Frank the Tank

A poem about an unpleasant person. We all know one.


I love planes But am afraid of flying I love swimming But am afraid of drowning I love sleep But am afraid to go to bed I love love But am afraid of...

Conversations With a Blockhead

Conversations With A Blockhead It was a rainy morning in early September, the last throes of summer on Labor Day weekend. We had been to the gym...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Store and Save

Well then, the government will be sending out a "What to Do in the Event of No Deal" leaflet. I expect it will be as useful as the old "Duck and Cover" campaign, eh? Image out of copyright source wiki commons.

St Boris's Day

Just effing read it. (I snarled) Image is in the public domain. Source wikipedia commons.