Developmental Hell (Open the Window)

Every night just before I fall asleep, my inner director starts pitching ideas to my inner producer. Some of these ideas have been pitched for months...

Willie Mays and Glory Days

If baseball is our first love, then Willie Mays was my first crush. 7 years old was I and playing baseball every day in my backyard with the barbed...

Meeting The Bishop

For many of us, we don't know where we're going until we get there. Take this word journey right here. The first sentence is the first step which...

Caper On

It's not night-time, it's not midsummer, but this dream is a nightmare. Licence CCA-2.0 source wikipedia.org. creator Matt Brown

Mr Alfred Muggins' Small Melodrama In The Kitchen

Muggins came into the kitchen. Chaos!! He could see at least two tops off things (and that was just at first glance!) The milk was still out on the...

Johnson and Jalen

If you saw Jalen Mcdaniels walking down the street, you'd definitlely notice him. You'd be looking up towards the sky. Jalen is a 22 year old Black...

Acid dripping onto my soul

Acid dripping onto my soul In the normal course of a day, in the retiree’s world of Southwest Florida, you interact with men and women from many mid-...