London 2017

London 2017 Funny high rise buildings, mushrooming up in certain parts of London. The razor sharp Shard is being obscured by competition, racing to...

Sabbatical Penetration

Desperate for inspiration in these troubled times, I decided to review the 10 commandments. When I got to "remember to keep holy the Lord's Day", the...

Lone Wolf Dismayed

In reaction to the massacre in Las Vegas. We only talk about the shooter's race and gender (white male) in reference to reporting and accountability ("if he were a brown guy, he'd be called a terrorist!") But what if being a white male doesn't just let you get away with shit. What if it's actually causing the shit in the first place?

Thumbs Up on Sunday

Okay, I got this. It took awhile but I got it. Last Sunday I left the teevee off while the national anthem was playing. I went into the kitchen and...

Jingoistic Men

Jingoistic Men Oh they are so smug Because they have enough money In the bank They call the strong women “sluts” They pretend to be the savior of...

Understanding the Game of Golf

I don't understand golf. The entire point of golf is to play as little golf as possible.˜ To make as few shots as possible.˜ The more shots you take...

Right And Wrong

A Rant For National Poetry Day Fixated on words of careless madness stirring up frenzy vague and unhealthy, emotionless, headstrong voices leading,...

The Poetry Rap

Will offend. Picture is by Robert Beji. Source is flicker . Used in accordance with CC 2.0

The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14b) : Luvian

Janus makes progress in his formation of a movement of social discussion and action, involving old friends and contacts. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.