How Would You Describe Yourself?

How would I describe myself? That's not an easy task, I've been told that I'm like many things From many harsh remarks; I'm like most pieces of...


Way back in another lifetime, when I was teaching kids how to write, my class used to do the New York Times crossword puzzle together every other...

Democratic Presidential debates

Big Brother is watching and tweeting The first of the Democratic Presidential debates are near. With a crowd of two dozen or more prospective...
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The Plastic Mariner

Slightly updated poem I may or may not have posted here before Apologies for using some of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's words.

Pork or Baloney?

“Pork Chop” is a two hundred-pound, pot-bellied pig who resides in a suburban home in Amherst, N.Y. All was well in the household until the lard-...

The Right of Dissent in America

“The Right of Dissent in America” During the late 1960’s, our nation nearly came apart at the seams. Dissent and protest sprung up everywhere. Not...

A Free press in a free land

Washinton Post Columnist Margaret Sullivan’s piece, on the imminent departure of White House press rep. Sarah Sanders, caused me to remember many...
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Pad Life: End of Days

An absolute monarchy. That's what we need. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons

If Looks Could Kill

Words are usually beyond me to discribe the impatience and downright rudeness of people in supermarket queues and their evil glances...
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Shouting at the Television

What it says on the tin. Relieved now, aren't you? Image source is wikipedia.org used in accordance with fair use attribution , https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17602459