Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

The Thing That Lives Under the Hill (Chapter 2)

Some more of the novel that I posted the other week. This is just the first part of Chapter 2, althought, to be honest, this is such a raw, early...

Downshire Diary – (46) A Bridge too Far (Part 04)

“Because I really enjoyed it, because it was so special, because it was the most electrifying kiss I’ve ever had” Emma paused then continued “And because I had dreamed of that moment for a full year”

Promises Beyond The Veil Of Light ( PT 2 )

Picture by pixabay free images Part Two It was the beginning of the weekend in Veiled Forest as the creatures both large and small searched for...

Promises Beyond The Veil Of Light ( PT 1 )

Picture by pixabay free images. A Story About A Young White Witch. Written In Forty Eight Parts. Part One Birchester was much like any other county...

Continues to Stand Proud

Pilgrims continued to venture forth from all walks of life. In common they always shared one thing. On arrival they would approach the stone and...

Words to the Wise

“The best advice I was ever given was by my mother, when I was a girl,” Julie said. “She told me that all I needed for a happy life was contained...

A Place Called Reality

A Place Called Reality By Paul McCann In stock market school he was confident and cool, in the money boom . The futures they were going and his...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (47) Rosie Memories (Part 04)

He was amazed that Rosie Byrne had kissed him! Apart from the occasional smile he hadn’t realized that she had even noticed him, but it transpired that she looked at him in the same lustful way that he looked at her.

Lima (before or after the jungle)

A bit from Peru, where the action takes place


Anyway, I'm fed up with adverts hijacking my music memories and utilising a descent song, that is then theirs.I discovered it, I enjoyed it, it's...