Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

The Swiss Finishing School

3) “Who is Lottie?”, asks Jessica. (Flash fiction/500 words)

Milo Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven “I spoke with Alain.” John was in the kitchen, hovering, as Marie worked. “Don’t get in my way please,” she said, sliding past him to...

Milo Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten Milo was up early and thought there would be no one else about yet, but he was wrong. His mother was sitting alone at the table on the...

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16e) : Democracy of Managers

Democracy of Managers : Ch.16e 26/3/00 The modern world had become inseparable from free democracy. Every citizen exercised a vote for public...

Stosorak-1 (Albion)

Post-Brexit Britain. Image Creative Commons.

Milo Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine On the inside of the book cover was written "George." Estevo stared at the name, he felt betrayed. He never expected his mother would...

Milo Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight Next Sunday would be Milo’s birthday and Estevo wanted to get him something. A party was planned and he was invited. He felt almost...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (81) Assisted at the Claremont Hotel (Part 03)

On her first day as assistant manager Sarah Poole had substituted her uniform of dark blue skirt and jacket and was wearing a turquoise green suit, a crisp white blouse and black opaque tights, but the most noticeable thing she was wearing was an accessory, namely a smile.

Milo Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven “I talked to Morris,” John told Marie. The sun had disappeared behind the house, a fire of red and orange filling the sky before fading...