Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up


iAmazonian never let it be said drew don't do shops 'cos it's what i do best my passion my hobby it's what i live for but i ain't going out there to...

I Believe

believe me I believe in the word unfinished works plans passers-by I believe if you hold your hand to heart and do not scratch the eyeballs to the...

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.6 The Party (Part 2: Aftermath)

The High King's Companions have attempted to ruin Jovian's reputation at the Party, the night before. He must now face the High King in person. Will he be believed? Set in the early stages of Gallanol's civil war.

Souls intertwine

Two hearts beat in time echoing in my mind, both breath deep and hold, then exhale in sync. Eyes fixed, and do not blink, lips lock toghether, soft...

A Light Supper

Hi-tech minimalist bachelor pads come at a cost. Hi-tech minimalist bachelor manor houses come at an enormous cost. But that’s ok. Milton Foy could...

Innocent tourist (I.P.)

If injustice has a face, what would it look like? Would it amicably salutes you if you passed it on the high street? Would you remember the face...

Funeral For A Friend

Friends lost, one by one. We have all got to go sometime. Not like this, taken before our time. Not taken, chosen. A desperate way to go. Time ran...


I heard somewhere that Robespierre didn’t believe in the death penalty when he became a politician. To George Washington all people were created...

A Toast to the Season

A Toast to the Season To the Holly and the Ivy and the Lights upon the Tree To the Starlight and the Moon Glow and the soft Snow on the street To the...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (91) Christmas Plans

“I fancy something to eat” she said and the movement of her head caused the golden earrings to glint in the Christmas candlelight.