Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up


'Owl's Rhetorical Question'


'Winner Takes It All'
Gold cherry


I look out my window. I sit in the window seat and gaze down over the pavement. Five storeys up and it’s hard to see if there is moss growing in any...

"Willow's Tail" 7

Martha stepped out into her herb garden and let the quiet of the day settle around her and since Perfidia had taken Mr. Appleton to his rehab this...

Flash Fiction Friday - Stay With Me

A piece written for a Flash Fiction Friday prompt on Tumblr, with the theme of "Stay With Me", and inspired by my collection "Grimm Truths". Even fairytales have their fair share of heartbreak, betrayal and abandonment. (Image from Wikimedia Commons - in public domain)

Flash Fiction Friday - Different Shades of Indigo

A piece written for a Flash Fiction Friday prompt on Tumblr, with the theme of "Undiscovered Colours" - using characters from my project "One in a Minion". A discuss about Indigo's codename lead him and Idris to wonder if the red outfit he hurriedly recieved on his first day is his perfect colour. (Photo by MD Salman on Unsplash - https://unsplash.com/photos/tWOz2_EK5EQ )

Archie McDougall 5/7/1958-12/5/2021. RIP.

My brother, Bod, phoned to tell me Archie was dead. It was quick. I rolled out the platitudes. He was his pal, much more than mine. Archie only came...

Rocket Man

I didn't always want to be a spaceman.

A Falling World:Chapter 10 The Return

When Marcus and Luther walked through the doors they were mostly sober but still thankful they didn’t have to stumble to find the light switch. “I’m...