Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

Old Tapes

The tapes are ragged. I listen to them morning and night. They are my shacharit, my evensong "I will be there" You sing, the hiss of time Mocking us...

That One Big Role

Jamie settled into his seat on tube train, as always he'd chosen the middle one of the bench seat, plugged his MP3 player's headphones into his ears...

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas By Paul McCann There’s a fog that’s over London and a mist is in my eyes , for its coming close to Christmas and I’ve no one...

The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14g) : Discussion Group (Part 1)

Calban is persuaded by Vera to attend the Neo Creadd discussion group for the first time. Can he overcome his shyness and his work oppressed social insecurities? Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.

Choose One Cake Only

We were having a family picnic, that Saturday afternoon, but mum always wanted to stay close to home, so we were having it in our garden. She had...

Solar Panels.

Four years ago, just before Christmas our boiler broke down, it was a very stressful time. My cousin asked me to come over as she had some items to...
Gold cherry

The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades was nothing like the Queen of Diamonds. She was her opposite in every way; she was base metals and ash-infused dirt, she was the...

Lima (before or after the jungle)

These are snippets or snapshots from a much larger piece
Gold cherry

The Devils's Surgeon Part 4

Can the apothecary prove his abilities and save the life of the baker's son?