Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.4 Forest Of Liedein (Part 2)

High King Deneldinhew's army is attacked during the night by the army of Elladein. The leaders and the High King's Companiona respond as well as they can, as all seek to gain honour. Gallanol's first civil war for hundreds of years has begun.


The timing wasn’t right You always said. Night ships skirting Souls’ coasts In our twenties in the John Baird Beckham got sent off for kicking the...

Dream On: of anxieties and aspirations

(With thanks to Jane (airyfairy)) **** Yesterday I attended a meeting in Sheffield which is a seven hour train trip away from my home town. I...

The Way Things Have Always Been

Two related pieces here - the first I wrote in the middle of last year the second more recently. The Way Things Have Always Been (JULY 2017)...

Ye Faithful Servant

Ye Faithful Servant Here she comes again! She swings that door open, nearly taking it off its hinge. She slams the plate on the revolving tray and...

When You Came My Way

When You Came My Way by Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJFF-csVTRU . Just like the falling rain, you came again and again Just like...

The Second World War: PART 3 - Otto Krause - Berlin (1944) #2

On the afternoon of March twenty-sixth, the Hotel Adlon at number seventy-seven on the Unter den Linden, with its somewhat beige exterior and flat copper roof, became the scene of an abhorrent crime.

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.4 Forest Of Liedein (Part 1)

The High King's military expedition disembarks, invading Elladein through the Forest, and opening Gallanol's civil war. Jovian's ambition has been damaged already.

A Holiday For Hyman - Part 3

Part 3 - A Holiday For Hyman by Paul McCann Hyman walked down through town and on the way he met Dapper in a clothes shop looking at some clothes and...

To You of True Heart

Let not nature's true hue leave your skin, throw your life into a trash bin. Do not say that life is cruel, nature's true colors to make you through...