Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

A Load of Garbage

Youngsters pass by with a girlish titter. They could still do with a baby sitter. Squeals and shouts and lots of litter. Endless time with which to...
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Story of the week

Legend of the Pah - 8

Cece Hughes Cece Hughes was what you might refer to as well preserved. At a distance she could have passed for somebody half her age, even close up...

The Storyteller And The Gypsy King

. The Storyteller And The Gypsy King by Paul McCann Sean McKay was a gifted story teller and it was said people who heard him fell into a trance with...
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"Willow's Tail" 28

“Hello Martha.” Dillon’s smile widened as he approached her and Martha’s heart slammed in her chest. He was their nemesis? “I can’t believe it’s you...

Half, or Less, of an Invitation

My first thought: I shouldn’t be here. My second thought: I don’t belong. My third thought: but what else can I do? And still, when I see her, my...

The Forbidden Kiss

Here is some flash fiction. Picture from pixabay. It was a kiss that would have been forbidden long ago. Penelope caught Sinead by surprise as their...

Blue Wisteria (Part One)

Dr. Woodstock looked out of the window of his office. It was then he saw her; such a graceful flight of fancy in a light blue summer frock, moving on...

Ugly Puggly 21

Ugly Puggly was slicing his way through roof tiles with a long knife, with a sickle hook halfway down the blade. ‘Hi, watch whit yer daeing,’ Grey-...
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Goodnight, Elvis

Auntie Martha didn’t want me in her place from the get-go.