Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

Climate finance (yes, this gets to be fictionalized)

Mario placed his $300,000 into the Parnasus Core Equity fund and let out a sigh of relief. It is finished. He has clicked the button. He had placed...
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two paths (may be distressing)

lithe russet, fox flickers through trees' lichened blue haze black, in black of branches raven calls, excited somewhere high buzzards too know woods...

Gross Fugue

The Light May Be Fading...But

Mother Of The Ocean

Mother Of The Ocean By Paul McCann Mother of the ocean how near and how far you are out there somewhere in an open place where the horizon touches...
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Story of the week

The Dream Tax

Dora held her phone a foot or so away from her eyes and squinted while she waited for the text to become less blurry. ‘Oh,’ she exclaimed, ‘I’ve just...
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end of the pier

singing Jerusalem in a mouldy church with a handful of strangers

Old Prejudice.

I tripped over Old Prejudice when I came over the bridge at the canal. ‘Whit yeh daeing there?’ I cried. ‘Yeh gie me a fright.’ He looked up at me. ‘...

Right Here In Contemplation

When reason takes a back seat, my room symbolizes transporting of imprinted essence, no need for any movement; pen travels, fingers guiding the way;...

Christmas Present (or Nearly)

Nostalgia is probably the way a healthy mind rewrites the often difficult past with a positive tilt. The prism of affection allows us to excuse...