Certificate 12

Ages 12 and up

The Morland Expedition: Part 3 - Cherry Blossoms and Flowery Hats

NB: Cover image is my own creation from Creative Commons media. Sequel to The Huxley Letters , detailing the honeymoon travels of airship pilot Lady Clara and mill worker turned heroic nobleman Sir Christopher "Kit" Morland. The New Year starts with the Morlands exploring the East, whilst Montague's past returns to haunt him.


Pissing in the bottle, Hissing at the snake. Got beaten to a pulp, Can't even look up to the bulb. Making a bake, And eating a fairy cake. Pissing in...

Calban Attends A concert : A Night Out (Ch.17) Part 5

The woman of Calban's dreams, Clarella the lawyer, seems to be available suddenly, but the moment is soon lost and he is left in confusion. This is set in Marta City, in the continent of Gallanol, where long hours of work and an overdeveloped economy have made life very dull indeed. The Neo Creadds hope to encourage change in society and an improvement in the quality of life.

The Moomin Tree

I don’t tink God has his eyes on us here in Dundalk so it’s okay for me to sit on dis tree right now. I don’t tink he cares one bit about dis tree...


I don’t know why I left you. Sometimes I lie awake at night and I think about it. I mean, we were good together after all; we had fun, we connected,...

Forgive - sonnet

Forgive I forgive all of you that have hurt me. Some were blind to the agonising harm, Some of your self-loathing thoughts were set free, on to me. I...

Hidden Is The Light - sonnet

Hidden is the light Starlight is hard to find in the night sky, When its covered by clouds, thick and mighty. Life’s hollow. I’m longing knowledge of...

My Younger Soul - Sonnet

My younger soul My younger soul. Excitable and bright, liable to sorrow from a flash flood, was surrounded by dark that dimmed my light. Sharp words...


Silent streets give you dreams. Picture from Needpix, in the public domain.

Busking On Blisters - Chapter 1 - Part 1

Busking On Blisters By Paul McCann Chapter 1 Dark Nights, Dawns And Fast Twilights. Part 1 Australia in the seventies was exciting and fashionable ...