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The Breath of the Ocean in the Warmth of the Sun

I feel so alive when I'm surrounded by nature. Today, I am, hypothetically, heading to the ocean where it is always calming and meditative for me. I...

This Fine Spring Day

Strains of John Mayer's Gravity Fills the air Wafting from the portable speaker By my beach chair I'm parked on my lawn Catching rays of Vitamin D On...

To my Best Friend...(Frankie)

It’s the eyes that capture my heart Chocolate brown and soulful Beaming unconditional love And sending sunshine into my day No matter what the...

Pure Sounds

Her hands poised over the keyboard Her posture properly straight Her eyes focused on the notes Awaiting maestros cue The violin was crying...

Threads of Christmas...past to present

Precious ornaments Fragile with memories Sparkling with Tinsel boughs And twinkling lights On display But once a year Old friends Passed down From...


43 of my comments have received 49 Great Feedback votes

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Wow! Keansburg, NJ- Your

Posted on Fri, 27 Sep 2019

Wow! Keansburg, NJ- Your story brought me there too and since I've also been there, it was extra special fun for me to visit it again in your words. If I remember correctly, from the boardwalk you could see the Manhattan skyline and the...

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Posted in Life and Death Under the Hudson

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‘Doily old’ struck a chord

Posted on Mon, 02 Sep 2019

‘Doily old’ struck a chord for me; I can remember houses of older relatives I'd visited when I was a child that had these on sofa arms and entry tables.

I really enjoyed reading your story, partly because New York was my playground too so...

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Posted in A Rambling Remembrance

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Thank you. When I received

Posted on Fri, 03 May 2019

Thank you. When I received 1944 as the random year, it was all I could think of, the batlle where a realtive of mine died on Christmas Eve. I thought it so sad that he had died on that day, not that death on any other day would have been less sad...

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Posted in 1944 (12miles south of Spa Belgium)

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Don't apologize, They were

Posted on Sun, 21 Apr 2019

They were arrogant little jerks and I believe you have every right to be shouty - as a matter of fact -shout it from a mountain top - it reaches more ears that way-

Your story drew me in and, being a woman, infuriated me at the lack of...

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Posted in Throwing Stones

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Thank you, the cherries are

Posted on Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Thank you, the cherries are lovely. Let's hope for more chances to write on these lovely pages here on ABCtales....

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Posted in No Place like it Anywhere!

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A calm, a serenity...exactly

Posted on Tue, 17 Mar 2020

A calm, a serenity...exactly what the world needs now. Your poem reads like meditation and does calm the soul with its tempo and imagery ...thanks for the quiet moment - much appreciated today and now another breaking news report is coming on the...

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Posted in To wait

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I'm glad you chose Craven

Posted on Wed, 18 Mar 2020

I'm glad you chose Craven over the 'thing most on our minds'. Craven is much more healing...thanks for the medicine of laughter...much enjoyed the read!...

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Posted in Vengeance is My Middle Name - A Craven Danger Mystery

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Lovely story, great character

Posted on Wed, 04 Mar 2020

Lovely story, great character's and I loved their personalities and the setting was perfect too. The movement of the plot had me reading with apprehension, worried that poor Norman wasn't going to get to eat or worse that hound might make him...

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Posted in A Raccoon Named Norman

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Thank you Drew, this is the

Posted on Thu, 20 Feb 2020

Thank you Drew, this is the sad part of loving a pet. They just don't have the longevity we do, but I don't regret the days we've had. He's the best dog ever, and for me and my family, it's been a pleasure sharing our days with him. 

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Posted in To my Best Friend...(Frankie)

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Great dialogue, 1947 came to

Posted on Sun, 29 Dec 2019

Great dialogue, 1947 came to life. Actually, the main character reminded me of Jack Benny and the way he would treat Mary and his radio cast of characters, he was scrooge like, miserly and always spotlighting himself, seeing no flaws at all, much...

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Posted in A Belated Craven Christmas Carol