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Threads of Christmas...past to present

Precious ornaments Fragile with memories Sparkling with Tinsel boughs And twinkling lights On display But once a year Old friends Passed down From...

Rockefeller Center Babysitting Service

Sisters are great but there are times in certain adolescent years that older sisters can view younger ones as bothersome, and I suppose I was. Being...

You are Here --> ?

A ripple in a puddle Just a drop into a well All the minutes We are given Flow like water Through a mill Paddle backwards Going nowhere Moving...

Horn and Hardart Automat - (A day spent with my dad)

The New York City streets were crowded and, from my six year old vantage point, with giants, but I had the biggest giant with me holding my hand, so...

"The Trouble with Magical Beings" (A Fantasy) Chapter 10

The Stallion led them through a maze of bushes that were so high they couldn’t see right or left and they hoped they were going the right way. They...


39 of my comments have received 45 Great Feedback votes

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Wow! Keansburg, NJ- Your

Posted on Fri, 27 Sep 2019

Wow! Keansburg, NJ- Your story brought me there too and since I've also been there, it was extra special fun for me to visit it again in your words. If I remember correctly, from the boardwalk you could see the Manhattan skyline and the...

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Posted in Life and Death Under the Hudson

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‘Doily old’ struck a chord

Posted on Mon, 02 Sep 2019

‘Doily old’ struck a chord for me; I can remember houses of older relatives I'd visited when I was a child that had these on sofa arms and entry tables.

I really enjoyed reading your story, partly because New York was my playground too so...

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Posted in A Rambling Remembrance

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Thank you. When I received

Posted on Fri, 03 May 2019

Thank you. When I received 1944 as the random year, it was all I could think of, the batlle where a realtive of mine died on Christmas Eve. I thought it so sad that he had died on that day, not that death on any other day would have been less sad...

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Posted in 1944 (12miles south of Spa Belgium)

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Don't apologize, They were

Posted on Sun, 21 Apr 2019

They were arrogant little jerks and I believe you have every right to be shouty - as a matter of fact -shout it from a mountain top - it reaches more ears that way-

Your story drew me in and, being a woman, infuriated me at the lack of...

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Posted in Throwing Stones

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Thank you, the cherries are

Posted on Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Thank you, the cherries are lovely. Let's hope for more chances to write on these lovely pages here on ABCtales....

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Posted in No Place like it Anywhere!

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Great dialogue, 1947 came to

Posted on Sun, 29 Dec 2019

Great dialogue, 1947 came to life. Actually, the main character reminded me of Jack Benny and the way he would treat Mary and his radio cast of characters, he was scrooge like, miserly and always spotlighting himself, seeing no flaws at all, much...

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Posted in A Belated Craven Christmas Carol

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Losing our parents is the

Posted on Fri, 18 Oct 2019

Losing our parents is the hardest part of life. I know there will always be an empty space where they should be - I lost both of my parents in 2005, two months apart, and I still feel that loss today and I suspect I always will. This is a very...

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Posted in 72

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Sorry Hudson but I am a

Posted on Thu, 17 Oct 2019

Sorry Hudson but I am a Yankee Fan however, it happens that our youngest son is a Met Fan - we still don't know how it happened... everyone around him : Grandparents, cousins, other siblings are all yankee our youngest must have looked...

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Posted in A Queen's Story

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You really need to chapter

Posted on Mon, 14 Oct 2019

You really need to chapter these and make a book – I know so many who’d feel connected to these stories, as I do - for once again, you are writing part of my diary...just like Keansbury, NJ- I too have been to the Elmwood Theatre, and it holds a...

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Posted in Graduation Day

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I could feel the forest

Posted on Sun, 13 Oct 2019

I could feel the forest around me and it was a peaceful walk along with you. I too love deers though there are none where I live now and I wish we did not hunt these and other animals as we do, though I understand in times of old it was necessary...

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Posted in Nature's Ambiance