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Sidewalks, Bicycles, Ice Cream, Barbecues...and Friends

My childhood home still stands and though it is no longer mine, I have visited my old neighborhood many timed over the years. It is bittersweet to...

Broken wings still fly

Keys jangle in her hand as she stands indecisive before the front door, nothing there, nothing worth the effort of turning the key, she backs away...

Rain in a Forest

Wind in The trees Air Feathering Over skin Sky lightning Ozone sharp Taunting Rain Burst clouds Fat drops Slither Down Drop from Leaves Rivulets...

"A cup with a viewpoint"

Liquid energy dark and hypnotic Brewed from the finest beans Touches the lips with instant gratification Caffeine pumping through the bloodstream...

"Time and Stardust"

Time, we measure it, watch it, demand it go faster, command it to slow down and pray to stop it. It is the background to thoughts, actions and...


115 of my comments have received 124 Great Feedback votes

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Wow! Keansburg, NJ- Your

Posted on Fri, 27 Sep 2019

Wow! Keansburg, NJ- Your story brought me there too and since I've also been there, it was extra special fun for me to visit it again in your words. If I remember correctly, from the boardwalk you could see the Manhattan skyline and the...

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Posted in Life and Death Under the Hudson

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The sounds at night are

Posted on Wed, 08 Jul 2020

The sounds at night are amplified by mostly silent streets here and you've captured perfectly all of those sounds. The distant train whistle, the rainwater plinking in puddles and dropping from drenched leaves...the lone dog barking- I could walk...

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Posted in Caesura

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The language is harsh,

Posted on Tue, 07 Jul 2020

The language is harsh, unpolished but I think so is the character you've created, a true curmudgeon. In this context, the rough tone and attitude works- it is defiantly defensive as his life has not been all he'd have liked.  I enjoyed the read...

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Posted in Not too Much to Ask

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I love these Craven Danger

Posted on Thu, 09 Apr 2020

I love these Craven Danger stories. I've posted a link on my facebook page to give my friends and family a little humour in their day too. I truly hope you publish these stories in a book. they are all gems - and the world sure could use some...

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Posted in The Coffee Pot on the Corner - A Craven Danger Mystery

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‘Doily old’ struck a chord

Posted on Mon, 02 Sep 2019

‘Doily old’ struck a chord for me; I can remember houses of older relatives I'd visited when I was a child that had these on sofa arms and entry tables.

I really enjoyed reading your story, partly because New York was my playground too so...

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Posted in A Rambling Remembrance

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Thank you. When I received

Posted on Fri, 03 May 2019

Thank you. When I received 1944 as the random year, it was all I could think of, the batlle where a realtive of mine died on Christmas Eve. I thought it so sad that he had died on that day, not that death on any other day would have been less sad...

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Posted in 1944 (12miles south of Spa Belgium)

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Don't apologize, They were

Posted on Sun, 21 Apr 2019

They were arrogant little jerks and I believe you have every right to be shouty - as a matter of fact -shout it from a mountain top - it reaches more ears that way-

Your story drew me in and, being a woman, infuriated me at the lack of...

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Posted in Throwing Stones

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Thank you, the cherries are

Posted on Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Thank you, the cherries are lovely. Let's hope for more chances to write on these lovely pages here on ABCtales....

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Posted in No Place like it Anywhere!

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That secret forest sounds

Posted on Thu, 28 Jan 2021

That secret forest sounds magical and perhaps a bit like Brigadoon, maybe you were meant to turn at that precise moment to capture a sight you’ll never forget.

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Posted in A Secret Forest

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Lovely poem Jenny but then

Posted on Sat, 06 Feb 2021

Lovely poem Jenny but then any ode to nature is beautiful to me, and trees are the masters of that world. I can see that barrel oak just as you describe it, watching as it weathers kindly, Remembering its days of growth, upward and outward until...

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Posted in Big Belly Oak