When do I cry?

Finally the search is over for me. How to sum up a great man and his part in my life.

The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path When challenges in life threaten to overwhelm me I pup-tent on a three-acre island on Economy Lake, Nova Scotia. Its quarter mile...

Time For a Chuckle

Little did I know a fishing day years ago would provide a memory of chuckles “If only I had a camera then,” my wife said about the occasion. Shortly...
Gold cherry

Moon Whisperer

Hello, moon. Caught you smiling just a bit ago. Made me smile a bit, as well. I know what you’re thinking. That I’m about to ask you, once again, if...

Pages of Rage

I hear liquor on his breath dad wrestling with the door fingers scratching wood-- painting it with curses. Falls down couple of times before making...

Glad To Be A Baby Boomer

Dear diary Remembering. At this time of Samhain when thoughts go out to the loss of loved ones, I want to light candles and especially remember mum...

Making Amends

Today a friend is buried. A heart attack tore him from our grasp. His life is an example that we should never leave making amends until tomorrow.

Grandpa's House

When I was young at Grandpa’s house, I would play in the cold icy snow. I would play, even as it slowly melted through my clothes, turning my skin a...
Story of the week

Rolling in the Aisles

I was on the early shift at the supermarket. 5 am start, through to midday. I hated the early shift. I hated all the shifts. But what could you do?...

Work is the Curse of the Drinking Classes...

Sure, I've had a few jobs. Too many to count. Some I got fired from, some I left. Some I didn't even start. I get bored easily, anyway. It never pays...