Close enough

Job-Centre horn-rimmed Himmler are you the S.S..... or something similar? D.S.S....... Close enough!

I'm Free and So Is My Corn

I'm not addicted to writing. Addiction begins at the exact moment that you know you shouldn't do something that you've aready done at least once...

Every Dogma has its day

I did great in school until I ran into geometry. I was a voracious reader, arithmetic whiz, geographic pathfinder, history buff, scientific fanatic,...

Missing out

Missing out Twenty five years ago I knew a man, a homeless alcoholic. He was fifty odd years of age. He told me he had started drinking as a teenager...

Cloud in head

Although the sun is hanging in the sky like a bookkeeper that just signed up for the workshop 'the art of clowning', I don't feel that way at all. My...
Gold cherry
Story of the week


Written some years ago by my father Abraham Schaufeld

‘Dear Darling Daughter’: letters, sore knees, chicken legs

Amongst some of my most treasured possessions are the small number of letters that my dad wrote me the summer before his death in January 1979. I was...

Your Mind Never Sleeps

"I" fell asleep last night around midnight. I woke up around 8 this morning. When I refer to "I", I talk about the condition in which the mind and...

Fag ends


The mirror

When they asked me if I was interested to go to the Far East for several months, I didn't hesitate for a moment. Not only was the job interesting,...