Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Eleven year old me, so clear a scene like out of a movie I find myself gazing at you back in the corridor of my old Victorian school, a shy...

The Mathematician

One could go to his office with a problem anytime. It was correspondence university so there weren't too many students to be a bother. You could ask...

Crusade of a Heretic

Crusade of a Heretic I was maliciously tortured with a Christian upbringing, which is why I’m a devout atheist today. The main reason their plan...

School Reunion 2008

celebrating its half-centenary - true, as witnessed, though not my school; worrying

Attack and destroy!

In the mini bus our motto was “Val aan en vernietig!” Attack and destroy! For our away matches the team spirit was more like a rock band than a chess...
Gold cherry

Black Catters

Some gifts are far more precious than others. We only have to recognise them when they are offered.

The Corner Library

At the age of nine, my world revolved around books. I had not yet gotten into hard science fiction or whimsical fantasy; I liked Westerns, I liked...

A Chilled Out Day

Dear diary, Wednesday 3rd of June 2020. My path is filled with thoughts of adventure, the great unknown fills me with some trepidation, yet...

Live when you have it.

Live every moment of your life. Life is pretty strange, the time you are living right now no matter how, in future won't last and you miss this exact...

"Those Summer Days"

I ran out the door so fast I barely heard my mom tell me to be home for supper. “I will,” I called back as I slammed out the front door. My friends...