Holocaust Day Remembrance

Tunbridge Wells Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day was cold before dawn, and I got up shivering for a cup of tea. I have been sleeping rather better...

and I. Love you still

I still miss you my Michael I know I have been alone for years now; you living away at a place where you can get good loving 24/7 care… But I can’t...

Ever Decreasing Circles

From a rollercoaster festive season to and endless month that seems to exceed its 31 day allocation.

Food for Thought

My rather uncomfortable experience of a free meal...

Escaping to Serenity

Having enjoyed a recent IP on films without naming them I enbarked upon this piece of personal reflection. Why do I watch the same film again and again? To be honest for a variety of reasons. These are but a few.

Extraordinary Experience On The Bus

Dear diary...Monday 16 th January 2023. Just had to record this entry. I started off my bus ride into town as I normally do. Everything was as it...

Looking Forwards - 1974

The last in a trilogy of years that shaped the very fabric of my life to date....I made the mistake of not proof reading before I posted. The orginal made perfect sense at 4 a.m.

Part 2 of the Union: 1973

Sadly, I have had to put an age restriction on this part of my diaries, but it was essential for the purposes of continuity and relevance to my journey; one that was fast gathering pace. The fragmented reference to 'Union' is a homage to tthe Strawbs and the song 'Part Of the Union' which was popular at the time.

1972 A New Direction

I took thie picture of 31 018 in York Rail Museum, Forty years previously I actually drove it whilst working on the footplate at Stratford

Regional tourism, 2022

In that slow time between Christmas and New Year, I drive from the East Coast to Columbus, Ohio, to spend several days at ethnic restaurants having...