That Olde Chestnut

That Olde Chestnut I am a chestnut tree Hard to crack! “That olde chestnut.” The hurricane barks! My leaves are green With enormous veins: Lizards'...

Countryside (spoiled)

Thorny hedges Uncut grass Smell of rain And broken glass Scattered by the road A soaking piece of paper Ink crawling off its edge I see a single...

Merbach Hill, again

End of flat grass ridgetop, vast sky, Dore valley meets meandering Wye far below. Hay Bluff sharp sliced off finger of Black Mountain range...


The sucking slurp of semi liquid earth slows my steps and gurgles between my bare toes. I feel like I’m walking inside a mouth. My feet sink in and...

Butterfly Soul

sky. of the wing Butterfly My soul, changing colour, flies. Beautiful song of the Earth.


Storm sea The Isles move and writhe As the storm dances around them A constant tango Swaying to the tidal urges Of passion and power

The Wet Land

The wet land The land is sodden, like a sponge It cries to be wrung out But its very heart is wet. The sea flows from Root to tip, Burn to fell, Crop...

Underguard...Brockton Choice

Awhile back, during the customary slaughter of the Bills, I had to use the men's room at half-time. The men's room was packed and there was a huge...

Man With A Plan

Sometimes out of bad situations new conditions can arise – like a phoenix from out of ashes lifts, darkness can be replaced by wink of light. Dad...