I Want

to curlicue in a current of wind soaring gliding trading up and down thermals born in the energizing beginnings of time when glaciers grew into...

To the sea

Whenever I go to the sea, I feel changed. (Wikimedia image)

Not Cricket

I've never played cricket nor have I ever seen a game of cricket played but I'm very familiar with the phrase "that's not cricket" which figuratively...

In the Summertime

A copse of birch trees serene in their placement are comfortable in a forest of freedom- such magnificence and beauty. I could easily invite them to...

Come, children, let’s garden!

In earth that’s brown we plant our seeds from which are grown (together with weeds) the flowers we chose and the lettuce and leeks: each seedling...

Virus by Wendy Kirtley

Virus Dark skies above us, The virus is there, We’ve been told to stay home, If we dare to go out there. We must stay away from people we love,...


Dory boats whisper against their mooring lines rocking-splash gently atop bay’s skim of glass reflections shimmy in friendship.

Closing Act

Made the marriage and the ceiling! Pic: no © issues