Cynical Safari

Watch out for them buzzards... (Image free from

I Have to Pee QW

Women’s I push the door and beyond I see The female eye Spec-ula-ting They see my rejection My pierced tongue My speed To fall into the category -...

The River And The Fisherman

The river and the fisherman An alabaster jar Among the discard Embedded in the mud. The fisherman Well trained in the ancient art of piscary Catches...


Koby Koala woke up to a knocking sound on the trunk of his tree. It was his friend Wanda Wallaby. Koby reached his arms above his head, and yawned as...


Splatters descend into splashes of sloppy drops on cars – lawns – homes and smooth black-top resistance. A downturn now in its intensity: plinking...


After a days bloom..

Identification – non-native?

Seeds to attract nectar-loving wildlife … search our many flora books … maybe?

A Lifeline

is a gravel road -- less travelled but not forgotten as an after thought needing attention maintenance a priority-- yet usually used when the pace of...

Where I Belong

..I am the sea. I would live and die here (With grace, as our ancestors did) If I could outswim the spike Embedded in my side..

The Princess of Odd Numbers

It’s getting dark. The cypresses, slender, respectful genuflect to the sunset, a horse’s eye in all its majesty. In their junctures, iced from winter...