It’s my favourite time of day Is a special time, a magical time A time for romancing lovers

Black Dogs Guard The Gods

defending you, though it doesn't feel it! About Endogenous Depression

Summer Comes

Suffused with morning’s gleam I rest upon a back porch where snowy remnants melt away in last days of huddled crystals once rampant as a runaway kite...

A Windy Afternoon

feels like a tidal movement of crops as waves startled by a long distance push begun hours ago relentless in bully tactics - racing across sand dunes...

Departure Lounge

angle-plotting arcing sunrays; always a melancholic moment - pic: no ©

Uncanny Tales – (34) Late for Work

I don’t like tardiness and in particular I don’t like being late for work, but sometimes it just can’t be helped, but there was one particular morning this last winter when events overtook me and I was late for work.

autumn's observers

Autumn’s Observers A slow dance with the breeze A subtle twitch in the leaves Hues of buttery yellow smeared by cutting, knife-sharp winds Across...

My Anthem.

Around March and April this year a lot of us, didn’t know how it was going to end. The fear of tomorrow, let alone the following week was uncertain,...