Hum And See

Hum And See By Paul McCann Diamonds on the water are sparkling everywhere , precious...

Take Me Out of the Ballgame II - A Craven Danger Mystery

Big Ben Bronski of Hell’s Kitchen stood in the batters box, listening to the taunts of the sparkling firecracker in the stands. He pointed his bat at...

Summer Shower

It was incessant. Less of a pitter patter of droplets; more of a drum roll that seemed to go on forever. Full bodied, heavy drops in their millions,...

Sunbird Of Palestine

1. The Sunbird of Palestine, I won't scare away 'cause all of its colours shine; so here it can stay. In feathers like glistening foil, it's...

Orphan Lamb

Who will save the orphan lamb? Shivered bleats, wet crease Skinny back, mucus neck Coated shine, ewe’s juice Pleads just like a baby In a stubbly...
Gold cherry


Bare bones stand lifeless, gaunt and sere – the wood is dark and drear. … a yellow blast is trumpeting from sparkling gold that spring is back –
Gold cherry
Pick of the Month

The day after yesterday

...on millpond water, I gripped this groaning mast...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Wai Peipei Comes Of Age

Written six years ago but nothing changes (much) so I'm posting it again ----- Dedicated to Albatrosses everywhere ----- (Image of dead Albatross chick and stomach contents from Wiki commons) ---- Link to ---- WE ARE ALL GUILTY

Purple Heights

Purple Heights By Paul McCann . . I don’t want to be caught up in the frantic pace I’m In I want to be by...

Beyond the Day

within the dark of night clouds crowd the sky in roiling ecstasy— lightning bolts clash thunder stutters rains swamp. and I am covered in wet. © 2018...