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A Glass Winter 5

Looking down at her phone she see’s six missed calls from her mother. Wiping her dewy eye’s, she stows it back in her purse; swapping it for a hip flask full of vodka. She didn’t feel like flirting for drinks tonight.

Angel 29 (amnesty)

Angel smiled when she saw Tony waiting for her in the visiting room. She wanted to hug him, but sat across from him grinning. ‘You came.’ ‘Aye,’ he...

The Cave Chapter 4

The Cave Chapter 4 Xu Hongqi had just seen the most beautiful woman in the world and immediately fell in love. She was absolutely gorgeous. He couldn...

The Gateway to Hell

Book I: The Beginning Satan was preparing his meal of a 5 uttered cow when he got a message from DevilMan. “Satan I’m getting sick and tired of being...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (280) Doctor in Disgrace

It was the day after St Valentines and Doctor Belinda Mason was upstairs at Callum Grainger’s house attending to his terminally ill wife.

An Echo Of words

A dream where time follows triangles and ribbons through moments that suddenly become a physical place; Gaia; stillness surrounds you in a single...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.11: Dumis (Part 2 - Section 2)

Danella observes that there are many 'spinsters' in Prancir, due to the great loss of male life in the last major war, and wonders why they cannot share the males. Set in an alternative world which reflects our own.

Angel (change and charges)

Angel’s time had been taken up with crying and trying not to, when she had riches bestowed on her, a puff of a smoke—she had to bang on the door for...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (282) Lusty Doctor

Dave Goodwin had been conducting an affair with his sister in law Kayleigh Channing for over a year.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (93) Day of Judgement (Part 02)

David sat tied and handcuffed to the chair, periodically calling out and each call became increasingly more desperate,