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Choice Tales from the Vale – (234) Playing Around – The Propper Attire

The four friends had spent the morning playing a foursome at the Forest Ridge Golf Club, they all lived locally in the village of Forestdean and three of them had houses that backed onto the course. Their foursome had become a regular fixture on their calendars after Dave Whitaker had taken early retirement at the age of 50.

Paul the Perplexed Platypus

Paul was a perplexed platypus. He was dating Dolly Duck and Bonnie Beaver at the same time. Dolly and Bonnie never knew about each other and Paul was...

Chadpocalypse 1:11 - Bad Reputation

Need to catch up? Check out the full collection here: https://www.abctales.com/collection/chadpocalypse 1:11 - Bad Reputation They walked through the...

Uncle Eddie

It was in the late sixties as London was swinging and Eddie, my uncle, his flared trousers flinging pet dogs across pavements of silvery ice, his...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (233) Do you Want Everything with that?

The Channing family owned and operated a number of “Burger Vans” one of which was on the Shallowfield road on the Childean side of Forestdean. During the Summer, eldest daughter Georgina ran it with the help of David Wythe, who were both university students, and although they both attended Abbottsford University, they were doing different degrees and had never met before that summer.

A Serial Killer, A Spider and A Moth

He carried her down in the basement. The old wooden steps creaked as their weight bent the thin oak boards. He dumped her on a pile of past victim's...

2105 H

I’m not a pussy. - but my head hurts so badly, my back goddamn kills me at times – doc says it’s from that specific time that IED’d blasted my ass...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (232) Nookieville

Graham and Denise Rouse were on holiday at Maxlins Holiday Camp in Sharpinghead, it wasn’t their ideal holiday destination but it suited their pocket and the extended family all went as well so it was normally a fun couple of weeks.

The Merkaba (8)

In Georgia, Tyler Friesen was accommodated at a recreational facility by the Tbilisi Reservoir. He reached the huge counter and took a telephone call...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (231) The Student and the Teacher (Part 03)

For her part Amanda was just enjoying the attentions of a man, the first such attention she had received in the three long years, and she hoped it wouldn’t end with a kiss.