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Choice Tales from the Vale – (275) Sweet Young Things – Sharon’s Tale (Part 03)

“Hello girls” he said jovially and there followed five minutes of light hearted chattering and then the girls went on their way. Ian watched them as the three girls tottered down the lawn and when they reached the gate all three turned and waved and Sharon blew a kiss.

Rough Draft

“Do not take roads traveled by the public,” the man said out loud. The range of his voice was calculated not to go any further to those he did not...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.9 : Concessions (Part 2: Gerald)

The Officer in charge of the Dormitory debates light heartedly with Danella and brings a request from General Ravelleon to meet him again.

Some Thoughts on Feminism

Imagine this scenario. Your ancestors have lived in Britain for centuries, most likely for millennia. They were not the landowners or politicians or...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (275) Sweet Young Things – Sharon’s Tale (Part 02)

When they reached the Vicarage he left the giggling flirts outside while he went inside to change and came out 10 minutes later just wearing an old pair of baggy shorts and he joined the girls as they sat on the patio which was now in the shade and he gave them a glass of wine each.

I Am here

xx - I am the Enchanter, born Illusionist evident in signature upon both hands. Symbols of Understanding and the Divine. Mystic Crosses, two pairs...

Words Never Blocked -

Control has been obtained. Eyes of razor sharp manipulation matches its arms swung as blades. The stalking warrior blends in with each leaf it prowls...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (275) Sweet Young Things – Sharon’s Tale (Part 01)

Downshire is a relatively small English county but like a pocket battleship it packs a lot in, a short but beautiful coastline, a channel port, the Ancient forests of Dancingdean and Pepperstock, the craggy ridges and manmade lakes of the Pepperstock Hills National Park, the rolling hills of the Downshire Downs, the beautiful Finchbottom Vale and farm land as far as the eye can see from the Trotwood’s and the Grace’s in the south to the home of the Downshire Light infantry, Nettlefield, and their affluent neighbour’s, Roespring and Tipton in the North but it’s in the small village of Oxley Green in close proximity to Nettlefield, where our story takes place.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (273) Not Keeping it Dry (Part 02)

After Linda delivered her ultimatum Frank was cleared to speak but he didn’t know what to say, he wanted to say don’t be silly you’re the only one for me but he knew he was a dog.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (273) Not Keeping it Dry (Part 01)

Frank Edwards lived in the traditional seaside resort of Sharpington-by-Sea, with its Victorian Pier, seafront hotels, crazy golf, Palladium ballroom, well maintained gardens, promenade, theatre and illuminations, all the usual things to have a great time by the seaside, as well as amusement arcades and of course the Sharpington Fun Park.