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Uncanny Tales – (35) The Girl in The Black Dress

It was the midsummers Eve Ball and Luke Martin was enjoying an illicit cigar on the East Terrace of the great hall, and the reason he chose that particular place to smoke was because it was the furthest from the ballroom and therefore the furthest away from his wife’s disapproving eye but that wasn’t the only reason he always sought out that spot.

Hangin' Around (5)

Previous chapter 5. Thunder on the Horizon Adam’s idea of a training regimen wasn’t much. Day after day, he told Maggie to ‘focus her anger’ or ‘...

Hangin' Around (4)

Previous chapter. 4. The Rise and Fall of Crooked Larry All Maggie wanted to do was ask Adam about the possession, but a bet was a bet. From word one...

Hangin' Around (3)

Previous Chapter 3. Another Hanging in Paradise For the first month, Adam looked up hopefully at the sound of every hoofbeat on the horizon. Whether...

Uncanny Tales – (33) A Man to Be Trusted

“Take care of her?” said Winifred Hawkes-Holland as he opened the driver’s car door. “Will do boss” Harry replied giving his passenger a wry smile as he got behind the wheel. “I’m not a child,” Clare shouted petulantly out of the open window “and I don’t need babysitting”

Nick Names

(Chapter 4 of the formerly-known-as 'Crazy Diamond') Before we arrived, the college sent us a list of books to read in the summer, including two...

Hangin' Around (2)

Previous Chapter 2. The Not So Great Beyond It took the better part of the afternoon for Adam to come around to a point where he could stop asking...

Personal Communion From The Sides Of The Virus Ridden World

On the other side of the world Kimono communicates with friends and admirers in other parts of the world, while the virus ravages the world and makes it too dangerous to meet in person.

Uncanny Tales – (32) Funereal Finery

Funerals have had an unduly erotic effect upon me since the morning of my grandfather’s funeral in 1963 when I was 13 years old.

Hangin' Around (1)

This is part 1 of 6 for a short story I've been kicking around. Will post the other pieces this week! 1. The Bet “It’s all in the feet. See? See how...