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A Shocking Affair

Jenny checked her watch again before taking a gulp from the large glass of Merlot the waitress had just put in front of her. She had a good twenty...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 08)

When Karen left Jean-Claude she was feeling very pleased with herself after the shag but very guilty about her mum, so she went straight upstairs. Her first port of call was her room to change her knickers which she had leaked onto almost the moment she put them on.

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 07)

When she emerged from the bathroom she was as good as naked. Most of her clothes were strewn about the bathroom floor the only thing she still had on was a cardigan which was not quite long enough to conceal her bush. Her breasts were just about covered and her erect nipples and a single button appeared to be the only things holding the garment in place.


‘I’m here to see Tony,’ says Angela. Bob stands elephantine in the doorway of the Home with his checked shirt buttoned up to his neck, glasses off-...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 06)

He kneaded her plump little buttocks and then slid his thumbs downward “Oh God” Karen gasped “What’s that called” “Labial massage” he assured her before his fingers parted her lips and she gasped again. “Ooooh I know what that’s called” she moaned

Invitation on a Saturday

Rains beats a sleepy time staccato on the tin roof. The nom-nom-nom-crunch-crunch of the rabbit chowing on her early evening vittles. Soft splash of...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 05)

After her mum had gone off, Karen assumed that she had upset her, but the truth of the matter was that she was embarrassed not by what she saw but by what seeing it did to her, no daughter should have to witness her mother wetting her knickers.

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 04)

“It’s very nice here isn’t it” Julie said as they walked through the marbled splendour of the sauna and massage suite. “Yes its lovely” Karen agreed and then Emily led them though a set of louvered doors and into a different world.

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 03)

“Good morning ladies” the very attractive specimen of a man said with the faintest hint of a French accent. “Good morning” they replied in unison

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (16) Massaging Ego’s (Part 02)

There was a second reason why Karen thought the House of Fun was a good option and that was that she knew her mum would never have gone to a place like the Dancingdean Spa Hotel on her own. In fact her mum would have insisted that Karen went along with her, so they could spend some quality time together doing girls stuff.