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Decoding A Dream (Part 5)

It was late afternoon. Kaola listened to Hishan’s family talking in the lawn with the east wing occupants. Her brother brought a team of guys and...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (103) Studying Poppy (Part 05)

As she sat on his desk he stroked her outer thighs as he looked forward to her sliding onto his cock as he sat in his chair. But at the point of potential penetration a look of doubtfulness crossed her face and she said “I don’t know what to do”

Decoding A Dream (Part 4)

Kaola captured a couple of good waves on his hybrid with Nasr and Imme. On his toes he was a clever surfer, his legs appeared like pencils, dissolved...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (103) Studying Poppy (Part 04)

“I wanted you too, so why didn’t you tell me?” she asked “Because I was 25 and you were only 17” “So you didn’t want to take advantage of me because of my age?” “That’s right,” he answered truthfully again “And not because I look funny?” she said

Decoding A Dream (Part 3)

Kaola’s mother belonged to Kashido, an island located at the northern tip of Malé Atoll. She gave birth to her first child in 1970. That daughter...

Whiteout II-16 (The Devil at the Gate) [2 of 2]

This is Part 2, Link to Part 1 Nick began to feel clarity as he took deep breaths to calm himself. It took him a moment to realize it, but they were...

Whiteout II-16 (The Devil at the Gate) [1 of 2]

Here's the last chapter of Book II. It was a long one, so I had to split it up. 16. The Devil at the Gate Just beyond the plateau they had stumbled...

Belgium (Part 2)

Follow on from a story I put on here a couple of years ago. I am updating it. https://www.abctales.com/story/ed-crane/belgium This starts with the last paragraph from part 1 for continuity.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (103) Studying Poppy (Part 03)

Colin sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and staring out through the rain streaked window. After about half an hour he went into the utility room and checked the contents of the tumble drier. He had no idea what was in there as Poppy had already loaded it he merely switched it on.

Decoding A Dream (Part 2)

Kaola reached east waters at Lonu-ziyaraii-kol, rather known as Varunula Waves to the surfers and the only surfing spot on the island. His friends...