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Choice Tales from the Vale – (174) The Wedding Planner (Part 01)

Twenty eight year old Paul Galasso had himself an older woman, a forty year old, recently divorced posh piece by the name of Antonia Tarling-Toley, who was not only ready willing and able she also had a huge house that backed onto the The Forest Ridge Golf Club in the village of Forest Dean situated equidistant between Shallowfield and Childean.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (173) Lily Oh Lily

Gerald left his house and walked into Upper Gracewood and as he got to the centre of the village he turned the corner and he saw Lily Cooper outside the corner shop serving a customer with fruit and veg, she smiled at him coyly and he tripped on the edge of a paving slab as he remembered her handling his fruit in the bushes beside a layby on the Finchbottom road.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (172) Cathy’s Tale – The Stepdaugters Love

Cathy Maddock’s was an attractive twenty nine year old widow who lived with her six year old twins, Lily and Iris, and an 18 year old step daughter Gillian. Cathy’s husband John was much older than she was when they married but he was the love of her life and she was absolutely devastated when he died.

Dollar For Your Thoughts, Part 12/14

“‘Dear Imno’,” Connie complained aloud. “‘I would like to point out some flaws in the Lil’ Im Floaty-Floaty device’.” We tugged the contraption off...

Dollar For Your Thoughts, Part 11/14

“Stick with me. Close.” Connie stood and shouted- “Mea Culpa!” And walked toward the mayor who now held the smokin’ pans to either side, with a pair...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (170) Topographic Touch

His strong hands explored the pure silk landscape of her form and its sensual gentle topography,

Choice Tales from the Vale – (169) Pretty Fair Cop

Lynda Godfrey and Steve Smith were stood in the old wooden bus shelter by the Clarence village green just after midnight and were in the depths of a very passionate kiss. Lynda and Steve had only met a week earlier and they had spent that evening at her friend Cassie’s 18 th birthday party.

Dollar For Your Thoughts, Part 10/14

“Keep the badge?” she asked. “Keep the badge,” I told her. “It’s better that the sheriff knows that you’re from Tenger.” “What about this rabid hoi...

Dollar For Your Thoughts, Part 9/14

As if finding a solution, she turned to light. A negative of herself. I grabbed her arm. Then I couldn’t see anything. Connie was still with me,...
Gold cherry

Because I can

Because I can I am smoking in bed way past midnight. I am smoking in bed and I have no work tomorrow or the next day and I have just eaten a streaky...