Certificate 18

Adults only

Lost Days 2

You squat near the remains of the railway station. A direct hit. Burning building and the embers of ghostly grey sludge settle on your shoulder as...

Lost Days

The rubble stunk of smoke, burning petrol and cordite. Twisted lampposts were garlanded with rotting corpses with signs hung around their neck. Dead...

Meeting with Foo-Kahl

Ae-Jah (the young Pleiadian monk), can't resist his forbidden studies, yet a surpise visitor to his dormitory chamber leads to an unexpected game of "lost and found." Meanwhile his bond with his snake-familiar deepens. ...Could it all be related somehow?... (Ae-Jah narrative #4)

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash have the power to party.

Chadpocalypse 2:1 - El Diablo's Coffee Bar

It's been a while since I've written Chadpocalypse, but with Downpour off to the editor, I've decided to dive back in. Here's the first part of...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (56) Maiden in Distress Again (Part 02)

Eleanor had called a halt to their brief affair when she started dating a lad called Kevin and said “Her boyfriend wouldn’t like it”. Greg wasn’t happy about it because his feelings for her had deepened but what could he do, he had to respect her decision.


He always gave me flowers. But not in the usual way. Far be it from Nathan to do anything in a usual, ordinary, everyday manner. We’d been together...

Mornington-By-Mere – (56) Soldier Wood (Part 02)

David and Sharon had already had a couple of drinks in the Old Mill Inn when he suggested another, but she declined. “I’ll walk you home then” David said “Ok” she replied

Angel 59 (QC)

‘I’m not too worried,’ Angel, a slight edge in her voice, caught Stacey hurrying out of the kitchen with a folder in her hand. ‘But Lisa is beginning...

Frailty - End

From what he told me, and he never told me much, the lieutenant wouldn't have changed a goddamn thing. Regret just ain't a part of him. He was born,...