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A Piece of Ass. Part 5. The Sugar Plum Fairy

Then the circus came to town. The first Corey knew of it was when, upon opening up Ginny’s Palace, he saw the flyer posted across the window. Stephen...

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 1: Section 1)

Valdark, the Great Sorceror, calls Sorceror Aribor back to work. He is sent on a mission with other Black Sorcerors to bring terror to Bricas in Shalirion. He goes into the city in disguise to assess ways of causing distress. He merges with crowds and finds himself at a festival of the Goddess, learning much about the ways of Shalirion. This is Section 1 of this Part.
Gold cherry

In Hate

I am in hate. I used to be in love. But I’m done with that now. It started out so good, too. You wouldn’t believe how good; I mean he was so perfect...

Chapter 2

“Miss Windlor, here is the scroll you requested.” A pale and skinny with long nails reached and seized the scroll. She untied the ribbon holding the secret inside the ancient and beat up looking scroll. The woman read out loud what the scroll said as everyone perked up and stopped what they were doing.

A Mother's Attempted Suicide

Why did she do it? They all asked, why did she try? So silly, so much to live for, so many depending on her, so many days left, not enough hours in...

A Piece of Ass. Part 4. Mermaid.

Ginny’s Palace was between Rolls , a shop that sold huge sausage rolls, and a children’s ball pit. Over the years every single one of the balls had...

Do You Know Who I Am?

A Minister kidnapped in Nigeria on 2nd of January 2020, the Reverend Lawan Andimi, was shown in a video as the, ‘world’ held its breath and prayed...

Island Hideaway 47 - Just one last thing before I go​​

The night before Mo left she came into my room during the night. I was asleep at this point but woke at the noise, woke at the noise of her removing...

Changing Hands (revised title)

Based on a poem I wrote several years ago. There might be more . . .

Chapter One

Ember looked around, the deafening sound of the rushing river only made her more paranoid. She ran in between the buildings, pushing her way past the unsuspecting people around her out the way. She gasped for breath as she came upon the damned bridge as tears welled in her eyes; She opened her mouth to shout at the black-haired Néko woman about to walk onto the bridge.