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Risky Business

Much like a raven shot in mid-flight, the black object pirouetted through the air and landed onto the car's windscreen, bounced once and fell heavily...

The Guardians

Her mother had always told her she was a lucky child. ‘Listen to your instincts, Sara, and you’ll be just fine. You should always trust in yourself...

Puppy Love

Light seeped from the bar entrance, trickling red neon over wet pavement like blood from an open wound. An arterial thumping filled my chest and...


The drive to her final resting place was painful as memories came unbidden to my mind. We had shared so much. Yes, she had driven me insane at times...


It was the sound.

 The finality of that harsh metalic, 'click'. 

Peripheral things stick in my mind.

 Inconsequential, yet remembered as other...


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Loved this line: The hint of

Posted on Wed, 04 Dec 2013

Loved this line: The hint of a smile played around her lips like puppet strings.  "I don't pay you by erection." 

I was disapointed in that there was so litttle story posted, I want more. (Yes, I'm a man...)

This should pan out as a...

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Posted in Banal Desires- Part Two