The Perfect Princess

Once there was a Prince of a kingdom of perpetual night. It had not always been a kingdom of perpetual night but had been cursed by an evil witch...

The Posh Bird

The posh bird only went to the best parks and gardens. To keep herself in shape, she flew every day between London and the countryside. In London...

Mornington-By-Mere – (36) Returning Angel (Part 06)

After making love for the second time on that momentous Sunday, Matthew and Angela drifted off to asleep again. When they eventually awoke and they emerged from his bedroom they went downstairs and he cooked them a fried breakfast, although technically it wasn’t really breakfast but Matt called it that because he didn’t know what else to call a fry up at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Taking Umbrage With a Sentence

Mise en scène: Dafne, delighted at first scan, Sees the error after to print it's gone. George, helplessly in love yet not in candour, Calms her with...

Mornington-By-Mere – (36) Returning Angel (Part 05)

It was 4.00am and Matt was still sitting at the kitchen table having drunk two mugs of Milo made with boiled milk and he was very wide awake and cursing his behaviour. “Why couldn’t you just look away” he said to himself “This is going to make the atmosphere very strained for the next two days”

The Crown Of Gilda

There was once a poor husband and wife, named Rothbert and Gilda who lived in a small cottage at the edge of a forest and one day, while she was out...

Mornington-By-Mere – (36) Returning Angel (Part 04)

Inconveniently Matthew had to get up for a pee at about 3.00am and as he was just getting back into his bed he thought he heard a noise downstairs so he slipped on his bathrobe and cautiously crept down the stairs.

Mornington-By-Mere – (36) Returning Angel (Part 03)

His Mum phoned again on Saturday morning as promised, but as it turned out he didn’t need to meet Angela’s train at Shallowfield station after all. In fact she didn’t even catch the train, the Christian fraternity had rallied round, as they do, and a rather frumpy middle-aged woman called Lily Mumford delivered her to his door in her Morris Minor.

Chatoyant Of Seraglio

Chatoyant Of Seraglio She shed her clothes; fur and silk first; Petrichor lingering in her hair Seraglio was the holy-grail For most women of the...

Mornington-By-Mere – (36) Returning Angel (Part 02)

“She actually asked if she could stay here?” Matthew asked “Well no, I offered on your behalf” she admitted “She’s back from the missions for about a month, catching up with old friends before she returns to China”