Charlotte Finds A New Employment : Ch.4 : Getting To Know The Foreign Men - Section 1

The Western economies have become stagnant and poor. China and other parts of the world are now more prosperous. Charlotte and friends are introduced to adventures in their new work, which create unexpected reactions. This is Section 1 of 2 sections, which somehow didn't get posted up properly around 1/4/19 when Section 2 was posted - so it has been missing from this collection, and is now restored.

Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13 : New Friends In Dumis : Part 2 : Communication (Section 2)

Danella, the Priestess of Pirion, in the land of her people's conquerors, questions and provokes her new friends more closely on the subject of their desires and personal secrets. She finds out more about their real attitudes and feelings and tries to encourage them. This is set in an alternative world, not dissimilar to our own.

Soap Opera Comeback

Since the day my father took me to ringside seats to watch a professional wrestling match, I've always loved wrestling. It brings back wonderful...

Do not shed tears

(Villanelle) Do not shed tears when dreams have not come true. And don’t regret those moments that are lost. Regret stops heart from knowing what to...

Night bus

Entering the hidden cathedral of my mind Through the back door of nostalgia On the 159 From Trafalgar Square to nowhere Across the Waterloo bridge A...

Keeping note

Left, left, she paused and considered the photo. Right, just. Left, left. Man with a fish and wearing a cap. Cap-fish/ Cat-fish. Double Tinder bonus...

It's All Over Now

but, I used to love her! Pic: of railings, my own (A tad too dark?)

The highwayman

When summer’s fingers next caress the nascent earth I will become a highwayman, weaving a great dappled stallion between the tailback of camper-vans...

Candy is dandy

A love letter is written by hand ink on paper. A little poem is a nice touch. A girl's stationary is light purple or shade of yellow a bit of perfume...

Get you the moon.

Isn’t it odd how often we think of others but never realise we are thought of, to learn you were once the main character in other peoples poetry, how...