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Christmas isn't about having the biggest tree


“What’s top of your Christmas list?”

Snippets of Downshire Life – Remembrance Day

Downshire is a relatively small English county but like a pocket battleship it packs a lot in, a short but beautiful coastline, a channel port, the Ancient forests of Dancingdean and Pepperstock, the craggy ridges and manmade lakes of the Pepperstock Hills National Park, the rolling hills of the Downshire Downs, the beautiful Finchbottom Vale and the home of the Downshire Light infantry, Nettlefield.

You Really Make my Crystal Shine

You Really Make my Crystal Shine Words and Music By Sequoia Fahey (Funky soul-rap somewhat in the style of RHCP 'Cant Stop') Verse You really make my...

Policing Downshire in the Noughties – Loving Catriona

The new female probationer at Abbottsford Station, Catriona Hanratty, had done everything that was asked of her.

Pontius (Ch.15) : Part 4 Jocarna

Pontius, the Supreme Director of MIOST has some time to relax. He decides not to fly home in his flycar, but to call upon one of his mistresses in the suburbs of Marta City. His power and fortune has brought him certain benefits to make up for his nagging and less than warm wife. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol in the Modern Age.

The Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa – The Guy Fawkes Bash

The beautiful Downshire village of Clerembeax St Giles was situated to the west of Abbeyvale located between Grace Hill and Bushy Down and on the outskirts was the Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa and it was the location of The Guy Fawkes Bash, which was first and foremost a costume party, but in addition it was a masquerade.

Snippets of Downshire Life – Guy Fawkes Night

Mornington-By-Mere is a small country village lying in the Finchbottom Vale nestled between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest and the rolling Pepperstock Hills.