"Past and Present" Chapter 1

The newsroom was hectic. It was nearing the deadline for the final print and the last of the articles were due in. Stephanie Mitchell was spell...


more than mercy more than rain more than air more than breath i love you more than madness i love you more than blood together we will as one stand...


I am in the Dawn And in the Sunset

Princil's Magic : Ch.12 : Guthelm's Weakness (Part 3)

When King Charlerion realizes Remzain's previous connection with the Sorceror Aribor he seeks her assistance to persuade the renegade Sorceror to help in his removal of the cruel barbarian King Guthelm. Set in the fantasy land of Shalirion, which has been invaded by the barbarian nations.

L'eau Sous Le Pont (Water Under the Bridge)

I was very poor in French in high school so I decided to make the most of my ultralimited French vocabulary by inserting everything I recalled into one story. Inspired by Insertponcyfrench and inspirational lock down.

Uncanny Tales – (18) Lustful Intent In The Glens

It was a warm summer’s night in 1974 and Marilyn and I were in a tent together when all at once the flaps flew open, that would’ve been the tent flaps obviously and not hers.

Brief Romance

One from the archive.

A Wizard's Magic" Chapter 3

Leila was furious at her brother and turned on him as soon as they were backstage. “What was that Troy? You didn’t tell me anything about a new trick...

"A Wizard's Magic" Chapter 2

Belinda Myers leaned closer to Serena, “I can’t believe that Ray asked me to marry him,” she wiggling the ring adorned finger on her hand, flashing...