Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 2: Ravelleon -Section 3)

The General asks Danella about her past and the choices she has made. They debate the role of the Priestess in the Empire of the Goddess, and in the new regime of the conquerors. She anticipates a more physical outcome to the evening.

Downshire Diary – (38) The Girl in the Red Lingerie (Part 04)

“So it was actually my knickers you thought were gorgeous” she said Mark hesitated before answering, he could have just agreed with her and simply laughed the whole thing off, because if he told the truth then the genie would be out of the bottle and he wouldn’t be able to unsay it. “That’s not true” he replied deciding to bite the bullet


Like wind-blown petals Of spring blossom

Downshire Diary – (38) The Girl in the Red Lingerie (Part 03)

He sat down on the opposite end of the bench so he was looking straight at her and he was very grateful. The reason for that was that Samantha was in a state of undress apart from matching red silk bra and pants and a pair of red lace topped stockings, matching suspender belt and a wry smile on her lovely face.

Downshire Diary – (38) The Girl in the Red Lingerie (Part 02)

The group arrived at the Whitecliff Hill Caravan Park late on Friday night in the pouring rain and they were all exhausted, in fact they only had the energy for a quick drink and then turned in early.

Downshire Diary – (38) The Girl in the Red Lingerie (Part 01)

Sharpington-by-Sea is a traditional seaside resort complete with a Victorian Pier, seafront hotels, crazy golf, The Palladium ballroom, well maintained gardens, promenade, theatre and illuminations, all the usual things to have a great time by the seaside, as well as amusement arcades and of course the Sharpington Fun Park.

Mornington-By-Mere – (38) On Account of a Surgeon (Part 05)

Brian Kane spent the first part of the day rummaging in bookshops and antique shops of Abbottsford’s old town district and then he indulged his penchant for ridiculously expensive coffees in the trendy coffee shops.

Kelly 1

Kelly stepped out of the Stealth and took off her helmet. Her blonde hair contoured her face (a lioness) and protected her from the wind. She knew...

Mornington-By-Mere – (38) On Account of a Surgeon (Part 04)

They had lunch at an Italian Restaurant called Roberto’s just around the corner from her office. “So was it just Rhonda that brought you too Abbottsford?” Brian asked “No it wasn’t, but I would have made the trip just to see her” he thought but out loud he said “No I’m in town for the weekend, at the Regent’s, Sarah and I are going to the cricket tomorrow” “We’re putting up at the Regents as well” Brian said

The fact

I hated the fact, that it hurts intensely, everyday, that I wanted you but I can't. That I needed you but you don't need me. I'm sorry if ever...