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Donna Marie Beck

I just like to write. Apart from school the only formal classes I have taken was a creative writing course run by the poetess Maggie Sawkins.
I have a self published collection of poems on amazon; Inner Nature by Donna Marie Beck

My stories


Higher Ground

New year, new me (and all that..)

Above Such Things

I laid on the grass To look at the sky And the sky looked back While passing me by And with every cloud that drifted from sight Another came To take...

The Clearing

Three lines.

Deep Blue

Sweet melancholy


My feet are an anchor for thoughts that would carry me away.


8 of my comments have received 8 Great Feedback votes

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'not caring where the dew

Posted on Sun, 06 Jun 2021

'not caring where the dew ends and I begin'  :)


and the pic is lovely too. 

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Posted in Garden at Dawn

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Similar poem

Posted on Thu, 15 Apr 2021

Hey..I've just posted a poem about Rain Clouds and then saw yours. Yours is great and more atmospheric x

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Posted in Storm clouds rolling in

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Posted on Sun, 21 Mar 2021

I have two dogs, both rehomed, and your description of Frankie reminds me of one of them, he is very perceptive. It's heart breaking losing a dog and never goes away. But they do teach us, as you said, and I really enjoyed your stories.

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Like this. Heres to new

Posted on Mon, 31 Dec 2018

Like this. Heres to new beginnings.

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It doesn't help that from an

Posted on Wed, 20 Jun 2018

It doesn't help that from an early age, boys are taught to hide their emotions because they're a sign of weakness. You are being honest about yours and thats got to be good, not just for youself but others too.

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Posted in The Iceberg

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Im not vegan (as yet) but I

Posted on Sun, 21 Jan 2018

Im not vegan (as yet) but I don't feel awkward about being vegi.

I have a sensitive side (upset by cruelty) but I can be tough too, I am less smpathtic towards my own kind, except for obviously sad, unfair situations.

What does or...

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Posted in .14 why am I 'vegan'?