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Gold cherry

Gift From The Sky

Photo from wikimedia.


Not so dead as I appear to be


Just a few lines

Sea Swept

The sea grabbed hold of me quicker than I can swim engulfed in foamy kisses fizzing on my skin a rolling weight upon me flattened underneath dragged...


All I have left is breath, how aware I am of that now, how automatic its function that we barely notice all the thoughts, actions and experiences it...


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Felt like I was there with

Posted on Sat, 09 Apr 2022

Felt like I was there with you. Felt intimate.
I have dogs too and they take over your life and your heart. Enjoyed reading your story.

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Posted in Pet Sounds

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Posted on Tue, 05 Apr 2022

Hi Rhiannonw :)

i dont thnk of god as a he, just bc it sounds as if being male is more powerful. I think god is the best of both sexes and far more mysterious x

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Posted in Looking For God In The Woods

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'not caring where the dew

Posted on Sun, 06 Jun 2021

'not caring where the dew ends and I begin'  :)


and the pic is lovely too. 

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Posted in Garden at Dawn

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Similar poem

Posted on Thu, 15 Apr 2021

Hey..I've just posted a poem about Rain Clouds and then saw yours. Yours is great and more atmospheric x

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Posted in Storm clouds rolling in

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Posted on Sun, 21 Mar 2021

I have two dogs, both rehomed, and your description of Frankie reminds me of one of them, he is very perceptive. It's heart breaking losing a dog and never goes away. But they do teach us, as you said, and I really enjoyed your stories.

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Posted in "The Canines of My Life"

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Like this. Heres to new

Posted on Mon, 31 Dec 2018

Like this. Heres to new beginnings.

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Posted in Here's to a new year

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It doesn't help that from an

Posted on Wed, 20 Jun 2018

It doesn't help that from an early age, boys are taught to hide their emotions because they're a sign of weakness. You are being honest about yours and thats got to be good, not just for youself but others too.

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Posted in The Iceberg

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Im not vegan (as yet) but I

Posted on Sun, 21 Jan 2018

Im not vegan (as yet) but I don't feel awkward about being vegi.

I have a sensitive side (upset by cruelty) but I can be tough too, I am less smpathtic towards my own kind, except for obviously sad, unfair situations.

What does or...

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Posted in .14 why am I 'vegan'?