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StoryCaretaker D Marie32 weeks 6 days ago
StorySolidarity D Marie41 month 2 weeks ago
StoryBee Heaven D Marie16 months 4 weeks ago
StorySea Meditation D Marie68 months 3 days ago
StoryClouded Aura D Marie28 months 3 days ago
StoryThe Soul D Marie08 months 3 days ago
StoryInner Child D Marie99 months 3 weeks ago
StoryLight Thieves D Marie310 months 1 week ago
StoryVirgo Hands D Marie010 months 2 weeks ago
StoryA fox, an owl and a caterpillar. D Marie31 year 1 month ago
StoryHard Waters D Marie01 year 1 month ago
StoryRemembering D Marie51 year 1 month ago
StoryAuthor Unknown D Marie01 year 2 months ago
StoryHabit D Marie21 year 3 months ago
StoryApple Maggot mark_yelland-brown21 year 4 months ago
StoryRoots D Marie71 year 6 months ago
StoryThe Hills D Marie41 year 8 months ago
StoryTree Speaks D Marie191 year 8 months ago
Forum topicCalls for nature poetry D Marie01 year 8 months ago
StoryStag Boy D Marie01 year 8 months ago
StorySol D Marie21 year 8 months ago
StoryShallow Waters D Marie21 year 8 months ago
StoryHere's to a new year francisraymonda...41 year 9 months ago
StoryIncarnation D Marie21 year 9 months ago
StoryGift: A Son's Story (short extract 4) HarryC71 year 11 months ago

My stories



Wee love poem

Bee Heaven

The loss of bees from a plants point of view.


I turn to nature more than people..

The Soul

The soul is a silent witness..

Clouded Aura

A reflection on mental illness


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Like this. Heres to new

Posted on Mon, 31 Dec 2018

Like this. Heres to new beginnings.

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Posted in Here's to a new year

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It doesn't help that from an

Posted on Wed, 20 Jun 2018

It doesn't help that from an early age, boys are taught to hide their emotions because they're a sign of weakness. You are being honest about yours and thats got to be good, not just for youself but others too.

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Posted in The Iceberg

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Im not vegan (as yet) but I

Posted on Sun, 21 Jan 2018

Im not vegan (as yet) but I don't feel awkward about being vegi.

I have a sensitive side (upset by cruelty) but I can be tough too, I am less smpathtic towards my own kind, except for obviously sad, unfair situations.

What does or...

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Posted in .14 why am I 'vegan'?