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Secrets Of A Green Man

Through soil wherever you need to go, slight curious impressions advance; roots emanating emotive kinship for descendants of forest floor. Green man'...

England's Harmony

I'll miss energy of Winter's bracing cold winds sweeping away cobwebs from summer's heatwave, bundled up warmly; off for a stroll in afternoon sun...

Right Here In Contemplation

When reason takes a back seat, my room symbolizes transporting of imprinted essence, no need for any movement; pen travels, fingers guiding the way;...

Extraordinary Experience On The Bus

Dear diary...Monday 16 th January 2023. Just had to record this entry. I started off my bus ride into town as I normally do. Everything was as it...

Allowing Letting Go

Don't waver – observe the beat, monitor and feel sounds that cleanse motivation; stimulating action as hours – minutes – seconds swamp minds with...


1734 of my comments have received 1810 Great Feedback votes

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I think you've kept this

Posted on Tue, 20 Dec 2022

I think you've kept this story so real. There's only so many times you can forgive someone for their aggression, then the only action you can take, is to move on, but for so many women the fear is far too great, which is very sad.


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Posted in The Last Christmas (Part Two of Two)

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This was a lovely family

Posted on Wed, 16 Nov 2022

This was a lovely family situation until the end. I have a feeling things aren't all what they seem and that is a big concern.

Looking forward to finding out more.


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Posted in Runaway Mother chapter 13

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I too have never heard of

Posted on Wed, 02 Nov 2022

I too have never heard of chemo curls. Went through a similar experience as you when I was younger. My hair is straight too. It was when a friend asked me to be a maid of honour at her wedding in about 1978. She wanted me to have permed hair so I...

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Posted in Chemo 14

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Hi David,

Posted on Mon, 24 Oct 2022

Hi David,

The whole experience could have been much worse, that was why I wanted to record the episode in a diary entry, as the whole experience could easily be forgotten or not remembered right over time. We were very lucky, if we'd been...

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Posted in You Never Know

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This is such a fond elegy for

Posted on Tue, 23 Aug 2022

This is such a fond elegy for someone passing. I too am sorry for your loss Paul.

These lines stood out to me so much:-

Night comes wearing its cloak

of sable skies and constellations,

moonbeams filter through glass...

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Posted in Does it Rain in Heaven?

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Much love and respect goes

Posted on Mon, 22 Aug 2022

Much love and respect goes out to anyone suffering any mental disorder. I myself nearly went through this condition in my early thirties, but managed to pull through without any tablets. It was only with the help of my health visitor taking me to...

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Posted in Stop the stigma

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It must have been so

Posted on Fri, 10 Jun 2022

It must have been so difficult back then to arrive at a destination, not knowing whether it was safe or not. Then to be faced with unprepared firing. Arent really needs Cadwaller's friendship now more than ever.

You've described the drama...

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Posted in The Castle (18)

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I got so engrossed in this

Posted on Fri, 03 Jun 2022

I got so engrossed in this part, I actually felt like a fly on the wall watching the scene pan out. From Aren't telling Cadwaller of his plans to escape to the Caribbean, which was so hard on both men, because I can understand each side of the...

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Posted in The Castle (14)

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Hi Mark,

Posted on Wed, 01 Jun 2022

this is another enthralling part to read.

I hope you don't mind, but I was walking in the forest the other day, and felt compelled to write a poem about Elowen. Your story is so inspiring, but If you would prefer I didn't put the poem on...

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Posted in The Castle (11)

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I'm in absolute agreement

Posted on Thu, 07 Apr 2022

I'm in absolute agreement with you. I did buy my first phone some months ago, but only to take photos, I got so fed up of it just lying around, never being used, that in the end I gave it to my son who I knew would make more use of it than me....

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Posted in I Don't Need No Stinken Cell Phone