This is a dream I had and would be interested to hear if anyone can analyse it.


there is no such thing as just a dream. Elephants are really "lucky"


Rachel Down

My Dream

I had a strange dream and decided to put it down in words. I wonder if there is any dream analysts out there?


A strange dream I had last night.

Out of the Shadows of Nightmares

Heart beating so fast listen on the wind.

Unresolved Dream

Cairn Terriers fly from tree to tree, feathered wings start to appear

Just A Dream

I dreamt I wandered the ocean's edge, my black - sleek - shiny cat at my side,

Fever Dreams

A very strange dream I had, when taken with a fever.

Dream Sequence

an effortless night furnished a personal illusion, we're together in the zone... if only for tonight; Uncomplicated dreams...though if truth be told...


Alice is not running down rabbit holes; she's not through the looking glass... for I swam in a lake of slumbers, her face reflected in rippled...

Joker At My Door

As daylight began to melt away and the mysteries of the night fell upon me, I found myself concealed under a mantle of smog, foolishly wandering...

Fountain Of Dreams

I want to go to those places where old friends flirt with my dreams, their faces emanate from a fountain of past memories, each varying globule...

United In An Ancient Wood

There was a spell binding unlimited magic surrounding this ancient woodland I found myself in, it was bursting with bird song that aroused feelings...

Dream Catcher

Do not tease or mock my words as I lay them at your feet, for if sleeping visions do not intrigue please step aside, let them pass. They occupy my...


Going to sleep for me at one point in my life would leave me in a hot suffocating bed of sweats and fighting to breathe. The main scary part of my...

Web Of Dreams

Web of dreams weave pleasant gossamer visions, let me wander all connections of the mind, lead my soul through midst of people invisible but to a few...

Ghost Of A Feeling

Listen! At my side hearing voices... for a second like soft breath but cold, thoughts wander my pillow of dreams that now on waking merge in a...

Compelling Dream

Light again my dreams, even better than the night before, but now sadly continues to fade like burning embers that once crackled, now dispersing as...


Dreaming readily even through darkest hours; I cross over with just sight to guide the way, a phantom unseen, going where vision leads; taken by...