The timing wasn’t right You always said. Night ships skirting Souls’ coasts In our twenties in the John Baird Beckham got sent off for kicking the...


Anything I may have said Six months ago to you

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 18 – The Hounds Return

After leaving Eirkos they returned to base on Soman and prepared for a prolonged run around the system although it turned out they had a three day wait before departure. And as there wasn’t too much in the way of leisure activities they got to work on some basic maintenance, cleaning and restocking.


Safety in pins Her mother bestows her with a pillow Blooming roses in azure and red embellished with silken threads Edged with a A crystalline river...


S ilken fingers flow into mine tender hands caress my cheek your mesmerising voice drifts across my senses as raindrops cling to summer’s ripened...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 17 – Return to Montrose

The Tornado lifted off the planet Achrem after assisting Legion Commander Salmin with an operation to capture a fugitive named Kurla Babic, with Merionwen Strong and Lyris Skeet at the controls as everyone else was otherwise engaged.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (195) Sunday Service

On his journey home from Church, Brian Gaunt found it quite remarkable just how many women of the village were wandering the streets and lanes of Dulcet St Mary long after the service had ended despite the inclement weather.

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 16 – Breaching

Having spotted their target in the Blue Horizon, Lyris and Zerrad ordered another drink, while the latter sent an electronic signal to the Commander, and then they waited while Kurla got comfortable and during the next half hour the Skeets witnesses an array of wrong doing among the clientele, where a variety of contraband changed hands.
Gold cherry

Queen Cordelia's Lament.

I silently slumber beneath tired air as sounds of sourness mediate rhythms to my shattered heart. Our rainbow’s edge pierced, I fell to sodden earth...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 15 – Into the Lion’s Den

The plan for the Legion to capture Kurla Babic was a simple one. As the Tornado was a regular visitor to Odekka no one would raise an eyebrow when they landed with a Legionnaire strike force on board, nor would they be alarmed when the Stroller drove down the ramp and crossed the field to drive up to the Blue Horizon with a small group of Legionnaires concealed in the back.