First Contact

Attention! New arrivals coming to earth every second of each day, having no knowledge of our language or customs, oblivious to why they're here,...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 01)

Yvonne Makin closed the traditional loss making Spa Hotel in Pangmere and opened the House of Fun, where spa treatments like Raki and Reflexology were replaced by a more exotic menu for those inclined more towards restraints, punishments and the more unusual pleasures.

December Christmas Acrostic — 'L' [and previous]

Learn of this love that sent us a Saviour, Lean on that love that offers such succour, leave all that promises fun, but brings but harm, lose rubbish and lies for peace and calm, light to see clearly the pathway to heaven, love shared with others as we are forgiven, life of the spirit through trials will sing.

Now They Are One

Bliss: she responds to her kiss falling into vast oceans of passion, dwelling in harbour that's their haven...tossed boats undulating on rippling...

At Seventy

At Seventy P K Routray A picnic or a get-together intently is sought after on any part and time of a year adverse weather fail to dampen our cheer...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (92) Christmas on the Ward

Kathryn Reed had just turned thirty and she was a nurse, but reaching her milestone birthday she realised she was in a bit of a rut.


The room was full of Christmas, Steeped in the essence of the season,

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (91) Christmas Plans

“I fancy something to eat” she said and the movement of her head caused the golden earrings to glint in the Christmas candlelight.


Under the Christmas sky Their breath plumed

Mystery Of Love

Mystery Of Love By Paul McCann Looking at life and its looking at me the past and the present now what can it be ? Mystery of love I need you so much...