Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (42) In Green Silk (Part 01)

Shallowfield lay on the southern edge of the Finchbottom Vale and Shallowfield’s fortunes had always relied largely upon forestry and agriculture for its survival. In the post war years with rationing and a shortage of work a lot of people moved away, to Abbottsford, Abbeyvale and beyond, and it only barely survived.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (233) Do you Want Everything with that?

The Channing family owned and operated a number of “Burger Vans” one of which was on the Shallowfield road on the Childean side of Forestdean. During the Summer, eldest daughter Georgina ran it with the help of David Wythe, who were both university students, and although they both attended Abbottsford University, they were doing different degrees and had never met before that summer.

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 06)

It was not a short kiss it was long and simmering after all it had been a long time coming and when it was over they smiled at each other and he asked “Do you still want that ice cream?”

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 05)

So they left Pangmere and he drove her to Dulcet-on-Brooke where they ate lunch at The Waterside Inn. But there were awkward silences as the two of them battled with the internal struggle on whether to take a chance, expose themselves and risk rejection even if the reward could be their hearts desire.

To a Friend

We all have to deal with fate.

Wild Bill From Babylon

I'm starting to wonder how long I will last. I'm already older than I deserve to be; based on the way that I've conducted my life. I want to give...

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 04)

As he stood there looking at her he knew she had lied about the paper, he could always tell when she fibbed, he just wasn’t sure why, he hoped she hadn’t had a falling out with Katie.

Celebrating Midnight Mary

He got him some cigars and some scratches For the price of a Yankee Budweiser. Some chips full of horses and radishes To remember a birthing, oh yes...

From Above

The heavens open. The heavena close. In my shoe there is an ocean. In my heart there is a sea.

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 03)

Charlotte watched as Jonathon stood across the room in the half light, his upper body still damp from the shower, and a towel wrapped around the lower. He was standing sorting laundry into baskets of light and dark and as he held a pair of pink knickers she recognised them as her own and blushed deeply.