The Tornado Sojourns – Chapter 02 – Meeting the Visitor

The Tempest Class Freighter was powered by 4 Plasma Turbine Pyroclast Engines, which allowed for a very quick turn of speed once airborne, and four vertical take-off jumper engines whose purpose is self-explanatory, they could also be used independently to provide auxiliary power on board while they were on the surface for periods when the solar converters were inadequate.

The Tornado Sojourns – Chapter 01 – The Back End Of Beyond

In the beginning was the word, and the word was “Fuck!” and that word was followed in quick succession by several other words of profanity, and the deliverer of the colourful tirade of abuse was Merionwen Strong, owner, Captain, Pilot, engineer and all round general dog’s body of the Tempest Class Freighter, Tornado.

Driving to Nowhere

It was the night he went out to find himself. John loved the idea that part of him was hiding somewhere, waiting to be discovered. He thought maybe...


A LOVE STORY Mosaic perceptions Same chain of events. The day is kaleidoscopic Bonfire, rainbow coloured robes! A wedding celebration. Dancing...

Downshire Diary – (36) At the Church Weekend (Part 04)

When they came down for dinner that evening he didn’t see Fiona anywhere, although in truth she was so tiny she was easy to miss in a crowd. On the pretence of mingling Anthony wandered around the reception looking for her in every nook and cranny but there was no sign.

The Princess And The Eclipse

Once, a long time ago, a black prince named Prince Luno and a white princess named Princess Solaya fell in love but the father of the white princess...

Love Is All

Love Is All’ By Paul McCann I’d give all I have but even that’s not enough , that’s the price that you pay for love , it’s never too much , its such...


We're in the park. We're in the playground. We're running towards the swings. No slides. No See-Saws. No climbing frames. No - not for me. I want the...

Downshire Diary – (36) At the Church Weekend (Part 03)

It was late afternoon when Anthony and Fiona returned and he parked in the most private part of the car park where he could kiss her goodbye with no on lookers and then he drove her to the quietest entrance so she could slip into the Hotel relatively unnoticed.