Grounding Of Autumn

I'm deep as an abyss in reasons for loving this season, for my sensitive tears fall like leaves blanketing ground; pooling these cheeks with...

Cassiopeia (opening chapter)

This is the opening chapter/prologue for a longer story/novel that I'm working on. It's about a woman who looks back on a domestically violent relationship with a man who would eventually commit murder-suicide with their children, leaving her behind. I want to make sure the opening 1000 words is enough of a hook for the larger story, without giving too much away or being too expository of the later plot. Does this chapter do that well? Do I hit that balance well? Thanks!


Nostalgic, twee and sentimental. No, you're quite right, best ignored. Image is free to use: created by Ixan Sinsuke, source

"But I Never Met You"

Do I just lack the willpower? Is that why I’m struggling to fall asleep in your bed? I’m in an impenetrable, protective burrito now. I had used your...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

The Senile Neurologist

a comical farewell to an old friend after his own fashion - I guarantee, he'd have laughed at this!

Secrets Of Wistman Woods

This is a poem about a small wooded area on Dartmoor, that is both ancient and otherworldly, like a secret to be told. Troubled cobwebs blown away in...


You were palm-sized when you arrived Wide-eyed and wrinkled Spent every day from then by Angela's side Enjoying all things simple We called you...

Jam over Toast

I spread my love like jam Over toast without butter Covering the burnt bits Rhubarb and vanilla linger You pick out the pips I jab at crumbs with a...

I Tell Him That I Love Him

He looks everywhere but at my eyes Eventually he says That’s nice There’s a silence where I wait for him to elaborate Even the ‘care a lot about you...

She Tells Me That She Loves Me

I push my eyes into the corners of the room As I say That’s nice There’s a silence where I want to declare that I think of her constantly but the...