Leaving Phnom Penh

Barrelling toward the airport in an old tuk-tuk, early morning, city inhabitants quietened after New Year. I sense relief, breathe in possibility...

Downshire Diary – (78) In the Afterglow

It was in the late 1980’s when Gerry Cooper, a Uniform Police Constable in Finchbottom, was on holiday with a group of fellow officers.

Hi, Lynn

Mr. Baseball remained in his coma for months. It was the bottom of the ninth and his team was behind by 100 runs and there were two out and two...

Sweet Thing

Drunk again, drunk before Knocking at an open door Giving you things to keep Things that I had buried deep Placing my heart in the traction Of...

Policing Downshire in the Noughties – The Body in the Tree

Marty Griffin was a wiry character much like a younger version of the Detective Inspector Tom Adamson for who he worked, but with brown hair.

My Max

Goodbye my darling, my precious, my all. You helped me throughout my fall In health and looked at me in awe With those big eyes and that brown paw...

A Tale of Two Marys

I chose my Christmas gift 25 years before I was born. I chose wisely. On that day, Mary Keenan, who had just arrived bag and baggage in Rochester,...

Downshire Diary – (77) Oh Carole

Carole Bean went to the University of Downshire where she studied English at Abbottsford and it was for her, like many girls of her age, a life defining time.

One of Seven

Tommy was a five year old boy. It was a magical age; it’s the age where cars picked up tigers from the zoo and brought them all to a tea party in New...

Burnt Out

Burnt Out by Paul McCann Working too much , starting to loose touch , can’t stop thinking about you and that’s just enough to help me get through ,...