Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (81) Assisted at the Claremont Hotel (Part 02)

When he first found out he was being sent to Shallowfield Matt was very unhappy, he was a city boy, born and bred, and he viewed being sent to the country as purgatory, but no one was more surprised than he was when he found that he actually loved it, it was a beautiful place, it was quiet and the air was clean and he felt immediately at home.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (81) Assisted at the Claremont Hotel (Part 01)

Shallowfield sat on the southern edge of the Finchbottom Vale and was bordered on the other side by the Dancingdean forest and the town’s fortunes had always relied largely upon forestry and agriculture for its survival.

Uncanny Love Tales – (02) The Bitter Triangle

They were in the bedroom of Karensa’s cottage and were redressing. “Where does she think you are?” she asked “I told her I needed a walk to get some inspiration” he replied “A lie then” She retorted bitterly “Well I think what we just did was pretty inspirational” Bob said gesturing toward the bed. “What a characteristically glib response” Karensa responded disappointedly

Choice Tales from the Vale – (306) Winter Warming

Pepperstock Hills National Park stretched from the bare, and often barren crags of Oxley Ridge in the North to the dense wooded southern slopes on the fringe of the Finchbottom Vale and from Quarry Hill, and the Pits in the West to Pepperstock Bay in the East.

Her Smile

Like most husbands, I am captivated and beguiled by the smile of my wife. I'm not much of a smiler so she's got to do the work for two as we tango...

Downshire Diary – (74) The Ginger Amazonian Conclusion (Part 03)

“Well if you didn’t upset her then what’s got into the silly cow” Katie snapped “That’s not a very nice thing to say about your friend” he said reproachfully “I know” she admitted “I’m just jealous that she’s your girlfriend” “Ah” he uttered

Downshire Diary – (74) The Ginger Amazonian Conclusion (Part 02)

The following couple of days there was a little awkwardness between them, but not because they felt guilty for what they did, the kiss was electrifying, so the reason for the awkwardness was simply that they wanted to do it again although neither of them actualy knew how the other one felt.

Downshire Diary – (74) The Ginger Amazonian Conclusion (Part 01)

A group of University friends were camping at the Eastern end of the Finchbottom Vale, on the Maxlins camp site in Sharpinghead that was once a working railway station before it fell afoul of Dr Beeching and his draconian cuts.

Downshire Diary – (70) Ginger Amazon Assignation (Part 02)

On the third day most of the group were going on a coach trip to Pepperstock Castle for the day, but the night before Sean tripped over a guy rope on the way back from the pub and twisted his ankle, so he cried off and said he was going rest it for the day.


We had been overwhelmed. We had cursed our coming creation. Get the goddamned thing over with. We resisted the urge to push. We were Full and ready...