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September 15th 2008

Big Fish Eat Little Fish Peter Bruegal 1556, representing the Lehman Brother's crash in 2008 (see attched link below)

Changing Hands Part 3

I could feel the searing heat of the white hot coals in the forge stinging my eyes as I pulled a glowing bar of steel from the fire with a pair of Madelaine’s Puiforcat Elyseé sugar tongs. The heat from the steel started to melt the sterling silver. My grandfather appeared at my side wearing a cloth cap and dressed in an Armani suit. He slapped both my cheeks.

Ullswater (haiku)

Many thanks Kevin (Parson Thru) for reminding me I had this.

Changing Hands part 2 (revised title)

extract fron pt 1: These are the hands of your father and Grandfather and his father’s fathers. Hands that worked wood, hammered red hot steel into horse shoes, swung an axe or held the reigns of plough horses. Hard-working honest hands. You haven’t earned the right to wear hands that look like these.


70 of my comments have received 72 Great Feedback votes

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Good to read this train of thought,

Posted on Fri, 15 Feb 2019

I was thinking about writing a bit of a ramble about a totally different subject, but reading this brought familiar thoughts and also some nice memories of my Las Palmas and Lanz. days. Eight years away from Spain punctuated by occasional trips...

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Posted in Among friends

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How did I miss this? Where was I on October 4th

Posted on Fri, 04 Oct 2019

This has to be one of your very best, and one of the best I've ever seen on ABC.

The four opening lines hit me right between the eyes. I spent half my working life on the road and your descripion of chain pubs is awesome. I've stayed in...

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Posted in Never trust a writer

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Mornin' Harry

Posted on Tue, 16 Oct 2018

I read with great interest your story and your replies to other comments and it got me thinking about your situation and those with the similar problems.

Now, I don't want to be-little autism by any means, but it looks to me like Aspergers...

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Posted in Head-Crash

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I've been a bit rough lately and haven't followed ABC for a week

Posted on Fri, 09 Feb 2018

This morning I found this gem. This is so visual to me. I see everything in black and white, not because it's like an old movie or an early Ken Loach play of the week, but because it tells a story, or should that be the story, of mining...

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Posted in Some Seam Shared

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You found my weak spot Kev!

Posted on Wed, 26 Feb 2020

As a child growing up in London's suburbia I became a "bus spotter" at about the age of eleven. It was all the rage at shcool swapping Ian Allen books on buses and trains. I found buses more interesting mostly because nearly all the ones that...

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Posted in Buses

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I'll buy that, Ewan

Posted on Fri, 31 Jan 2020


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Posted in A Hymn for Silent Bells

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I just posted it but it's I'll put it here also cheers

Posted on Sun, 26 Jan 2020


 dark and brooding fells

mirrored on tranquil waters

blessed by Wainwright’s boots

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Posted in Memory and sacred places

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The fear of guilt is a powerful attraction towards the unwanted

Posted on Sat, 25 Jan 2020

And nothing ferments guilt like the fear of disloyalty. A circle of fear I guess. I imagine it will be over eventually one way or another. The books are your friend, love them and they'll see you through.

I attempted Ulysses but I was kind...

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Posted in Reading room

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Thanks FB and Drew

Posted on Thu, 23 Jan 2020

I will begin working on a follow up today. It may take a while, I'm not the fastest of writers.

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Posted in Changing Hands (revised title)

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You make a very good point about shallowness

Posted on Thu, 06 Jun 2019

So twisted the world. States in the US offer no leeway when it comes to choosing not to give an unwanted embryo life and yet in the same country people want perfect designer babies and reject the rest while there are desparate parents who cherish...

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Posted in Return To Sender