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Missed by a Mile

I hope I have the punctuation correct, it was tricky . . . Image free ex Pexels stock

Much ado about Nothing

cynical limerick (sorry Bill)

Big Cat

You're a Tiger and you need to make a kill. . . . A little something from the dark side of my mind written in 2nd person. Not sure at this point whether to write about what happens next ----- Image from Wiki commons


58 of my comments have received 57 Great Feedback votes

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Mornin' Harry

Posted on Tue, 16 Oct 2018

I read with great interest your story and your replies to other comments and it got me thinking about your situation and those with the similar problems.

Now, I don't want to be-little autism by any means, but it looks to me like Aspergers...

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I've been a bit rough lately and haven't followed ABC for a week

Posted on Fri, 09 Feb 2018

This morning I found this gem. This is so visual to me. I see everything in black and white, not because it's like an old movie or an early Ken Loach play of the week, but because it tells a story, or should that be the story, of mining...

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Great stuff it's about time we had poems about this problem

Posted on Fri, 04 May 2018

I'm amazed at the lack of response to this important topic.

What seems to be forgotten is the fact that palm oil is not just hazardous for Orangs (the greatest gift we have from Asia) but it's danderous for us also.

A cheap form of...

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Posted in Palm oil or Orangutans?

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Non human animals don't judge.

Posted on Mon, 16 Apr 2018

They'll eat you (some anyway) and they'll accept your food, care and love, if they need it.

Unconditional. They don't give a monkey's jerk-off what you look like, what colour you are what religion you are or how pig fucking ugly you are...

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Posted in Un/said

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Life is a self-perpetuating bio-chemical reaction

Posted on Sun, 01 Apr 2018

We are more complex than and ant (but not by much). Life has to be self-centred by its very nature, therefore we must be too, whether we like it or not.

I enjoyed this piece.

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Posted in Self-centered?

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Alfie, I have taken that into consideration

Posted on Thu, 29 Mar 2018

I remember the six day war and and Arafat days of terror. I sympathised with israel in those days.

Everything you said is true and I know the history. However, I think the Arabs have (discount Muslim Persians/Iran of course) have pretty...

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Posted in End Islamophobia (In the Blairite Party)

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I kind of like this

Posted on Sat, 24 Feb 2018

A lot of truth in this, but I think it would have a greater impact if it was written as a conversation, however it is very valid.

Certainly made me remember some of the "middle class" conversations I've heard around a dinner table (can't...

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Posted in It's all about bread

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Hi Poppy

Posted on Sun, 21 Jan 2018

I had a pork chop, carrots peas and potatoes and a cup of tea also alone .... oops did I say pork chop? What could that mean in 30 years. Don't matter I won't be around.

My point in this was, although people with power and influence using ...

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Brilliant poem Pops

Posted on Fri, 27 Oct 2017

Says it all  ..... well most of it. I think they really believed in what they were doing. My Grandfather lied about his age and signed up at 17. He was lucky he came home pretty much in one piece.

check this out: ...

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Posted in Christmas

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Well done Pops!

Posted on Thu, 26 Oct 2017


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