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Waiting for the Flyers (Dreamtime)

My Kangaroo dream returned. Sitting on my rock a flyer came over and took my hand. She seemed to be asking me to go with her. She held me very tight...
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Waiting for the Flyers (Sally ten years on)

I decided to post this as a "taster" as possible sequel to Trials of an Angel

Light White Light

The Sun is cold today. Winter mist causes temporary blindness. Water laden air, so hard to break through. The light is white . . . and cold She doesn...


146 of my comments have received 154 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Wed, 29 Mar 2023


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Posted in "I Love Your......."

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You paint a grubby picture of a lonely abandoned

Posted on Sat, 18 Mar 2023

intelligent kid growing up in a grubby environment. This is the underclass, a few make it most don't. 

Kind of reminds me of the Dutch Film Ciske de Rat, except that was set in the 30's and he had a better chance in life than your spider...

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Posted in Nah, Nah Not Funny

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Excellent last line, Ewan

Posted on Wed, 08 Mar 2023

My Butch was a guy I worked with when I went to Austalia, he was quite a bit older than me and passed away in 2017. He was on the board of an AFL club in Melbourne. I have to laugh at the thought of the look on his face and the accompanying...

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Posted in Women's Day

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I have two lambs like yours. we should start a flock :)

Posted on Wed, 01 Mar 2023


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Posted in I Sigh, You Sigh.

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sometimes it's good to be wrong

Posted on Sat, 18 Feb 2023

glad things are improving

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Posted in Don't Ask

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I like off-peak tourist traps

Posted on Mon, 13 Feb 2023

When I lived in Norfolk wandering the beaches at Happisburgh, Holkam and Dunwich in Suffolk in the winter was great.

But I guess as a kid I was an Emmet or a Grockle when we holidayed in the West. 

Your poem reminded me of those ...

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Posted in Exeter to Teignmouth, Off Peak Day Return

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I love those old woodcuts and prints from the middle ages.

Posted on Thu, 09 Feb 2023

They have the power to frighten and feed imagination which can lead to super poems like this one.

This is a good thing. (the poem :)

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Posted in The Shadows of Birds

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The curse of privatising public transport

Posted on Thu, 09 Feb 2023

Unlike low cost airlines you can't fill up buses and trains all day. Take the non profit ones away, you lose a lifeline.

To run it properly it has to be a balance, but politicians whatever their party colour are blind to balance.


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Posted in Our Town

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Tony or Lionel?

Posted on Wed, 18 Jan 2023

That is the question. (both were not what they seemed) wink

Thanks for the giggle...

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Posted in Bring back Blair

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You'd better give it their number next time you pass the pub

Posted on Tue, 17 Jan 2023


Good one, Jenny :)

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Posted in Extraordinary Experience On The Bus