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Spook Dog (next bit)

The htis hits the proverbial

The Spook Dog (first bit)

I've been working on a crime piece for a while, but since I know very little about police procedures this is more of a crime writing exercise. A second bit will follow in a day or so.
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The Magic of Dust

Beautiful image from, W.Carter who dedicated it to Wiki commons


145 of my comments have received 153 Great Feedback votes

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hi Rhia

Posted on Fri, 09 Dec 2022

If the photo was taken by you recently the chances are the "star" in the picture is Jupiter. It has been very bright in the sky recently moving east to west over night followed by the clearly reddish Mars. 

congrats on the gold!

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Posted in Afterglow

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Always a worrying time when car check time comes around

Posted on Thu, 22 Dec 2022

I took mine on 20th. To my relief it was OK, but as always it gave me a bad night's sleep.

Actually £250 doesn't sound too bad for an exhaust and welding. Good luck for next year. 

I guess some new clothes helped soothe the pain 

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Posted in What A Difference A Day Makes..........

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Been there, Jean.

Posted on Sun, 20 Nov 2022

The pain and discomfort you discribe is worth it. My last session was eleven years ago.

We all react differently to the effects of chemo, but you will never forget the experience or the fact it had to be done if you wanted to see all those...

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Posted in Chemo 15

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Hi Ice

Posted on Tue, 08 Nov 2022

I found your notes about quotation marks interesting. When I started writing stories and stuff I also struggled with quote marks. Years of writing technical reports doesn't prepare one for that kind of writing.

I started trying to write...

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Posted in Quotation Marks

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Only two countries make 11/11 a national day of mourning

Posted on Sun, 06 Nov 2022

I find that disappointing. 

(not too contraversial I hope)

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Posted in On Ainley Top Looking Down

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Clever use of some of Syd's song titles and lyrics.

Posted on Sat, 29 Oct 2022

They treated him bad. Ambition and money over friendship and respect. They could have done more for him I reckon. I read his bio.

I was fortunate enough to see the band in December 1967 just before they dumped him (along with Jimmy Hendrix...

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Posted in Syd Abandoned - A Pink Floyd Tale

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Thanks Rhia

Posted on Sun, 23 Oct 2022

Yes you are right. When I saw those trees lit like that I just stood still for about ten minutes and watched the sun do its work. My dog looked at me like I'd gone mad. :)

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Posted in When You Wish You’d Brought Your Camera

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Know it well

Posted on Sun, 16 Oct 2022

A green oasis ringed by major duel carriageway roads and the M1. Surrounded by housing estates. Just up the road from a massive Tescos.

Good place to chill out and catch your breath

Posted a crime story based around Tescos Mereway a...

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Posted in Hunsbury Hill Country Park

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Beautiful poem about a beautiful bird

Posted on Sun, 25 Sep 2022

I was unaware of mythes surrounding the Hoopeo but it's hardly surprising.

I always wanted to see this rare visitor to the UK and I was so pleased when I lived in Las Palmas Gran Canaria they frequently visited the gardens around my...

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Posted in The Ghost of The Bird

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Walking Willies taking over the World

Posted on Tue, 20 Sep 2022

Interesting thought, maybe it's happened already wink

this certainly is the year

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Posted in It's the year. . .