Black babies.

‘You’re a fibber, Alice O’Connor,’ Clarence said, holding her skipping ropes tightly. We stood facing each other in the backcourt, tenement windows...

A Glass Winter 3

She had just decided to change when there came a sharp knocking on the door. She looked at herself the in the tall mirror by the door. I’m in control she let her face say. It was good. Good enough to fool him. She opened the door.

A Glass Winter 2

The bottle didn’t make as much noise as she though it would. Sure enough it shattered on the floor into a thousand shards that would be impossible to find later, but the noise was only just enough to make everyone look up from their drinks.

The Meeting

Tanya and Helen are in a meeting. Less formal than most they spend much of their time in they meet in the coffee shop on the first floor of the...


President Kennedy suffered “no permanent damage” from a bullet wound sustained in an assassination attempt in Dallas yesterday afternoon.

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.5: Cultural Exchange (Part 3: Section 1)

A sense of normality and security returns to the Priestesses after the excesses and dangers of conquest. They are now able to influence and educate the conquerors in the ways of the Goddess. Still the Pirionite men remain in labour camps, and the exploitation and competitive values of the conquerors remain incomprehensible but fascinating to Danella.

The Hem of This Dress

“The hem of this dress Needs to be addressed!” Said the Master tailor; The material scintillating Under his looking glass. “This is silk!” Protested...

Last in Love

She was your gold and I was your silver I guess second place is still a place But not close enough to fool yeh' You said you'd lose her if you ever...


Our monsters are invisible, so when you grow up, your heart dies. Is it our nature to destroy ourselves? Most days feel like so, and on that off day...

Lessons for Mr Flopsie

Mr Flopsie is content with his lot. He lives a mostly comfortable and largely stress-free life in the bottom of The Grand Magifico’s top hat. Along...