The Second World War: PART 7 - Roger Farrier - Paris (1944)

When the café on the corner first opened its doors in the August of 1923, Pierre Goddard and his father thought their clientele would consist mostly of businessmen. Twenty-one years later, his father long gone from polio, with shoulder-length grey hair in a bun, the physical manifestation of a man in a mid-life crisis, and a World War in full swing, it had become frequented by Nazis.

Liam Anders

He got up before dawn. Each day. Crawled out of bed to the stinging sound of an alarm going off beside his bed. Woke himself with stabbing cold water...

Cleansing The Temple

It's a crackling sound. Old parchment; it's like old parchment. Appropriate for the tomb of the Holy Father, don't you think? But wait. I'm getting...

The Woman at the UEA

The whole thing was bizarre, très à la Bond . Waiting in my name were tickets to Copenhagen International.

Grimms 100

Bedcovers deaden Tony’s hearing, seals him in the tomb of his dreams, but when he sticks his head out of his bed, he’s alive to the wind rattling...

London 2017

London 2017 Funny high rise buildings, mushrooming up in certain parts of London. The razor sharp Shard is being obscured by competition, racing to...

'Smile, it might never happen'.

What follows is a short piece of fiction which, like many such writings, is based on something that happened to me (many years ago). I’ve written...

A Little More

The heavy thrum, thrum, thrum of the rain against the window is hypnotic. I’m staring at the paper on the desk and nothing is coming to me. The...

Grimms 99

‘Weet, weet,’ says an man at the bar, the cuffs of his gabardine coat falling down his thin wrist as he necks down the last of a Grouse whisky. ‘Aye...

Underguard...Brockton Choice

Awhile back, during the customary slaughter of the Bills, I had to use the men's room at half-time. The men's room was packed and there was a huge...