There Are No Words

Christ. I’d got it. After all these years, after everyone’s efforts. Where others had failed, I’d got it. Cracked it. Nailed it. The answer. The...

Odyssey of a Prodigal Stepson Part Nineteen

Recap : After a merciless reprimanded by Delilah; Jamie was let into the farmhouse to await the return of Pedro; whom had gone off somewhere for...


I lived in the armpits of the world, but it wasn’t like me to leave work early. I’d a good job at Boots the Chemist, with prospects, but my skin...

Corinne of the School Disco

Steve “Stevo” Mason looked at his watch. He was always checking the time like it might go faster through the power of his gaze. He knew the bell was...


James is a monologue for an audition. James is a black man, who iis over seventy and has received a terminal prognosis. The brief is for him to be a be a family loving man who is trying to maintain his independence and not be a burden on ohers.

Reading Matter

boils down to motivation and needs - pic: my own

Pop's on a Tear Again

Gid in the house boy and leave your muddy boots on the porch mom’s not your slave you know. Now fetch me a tall glass of water get crackin’ boy '...