A Devil of a Man (8) - The Miller's Daughter

tear the flesh = Sarcasm. From the late Greek “sarkazein,” - Image: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0)

New Directions (13)

With Dev hanging on to the door handle with one hand and thumping the window with the other I couldn’t drive away without injuring him. Before the...

Not Cool!

Today I went shopping for my Mum. When I came outside, a man pulled up in his car. His window was down and as he parked his car, he kept his music on...

Meanwhile in Eden....

Meanwhile in Eden, Adam and Eve began talking about things that were invisible. They talked about things like happiness, fear, pain and pleasure. The...


Everything seemed perfect. It is not. I am strong. To everyone else they think I am. I am in control. Someone all powerful controls me. I had a...

A Devil of a Man (7) - In Vino Veritas

Tasting the local wine. - (Image from Wikimedia Commons - Diego Delso, delso.photo , License " CC-BY-SA "

According to Paul

Once again Paul Giamatti is a nominee for the Best Actor Academy Award. What is it about this guy? He sure as hell ain't a looker. Dude is an actor...

A Devil of a Man (6) - A Pope's Dilemma

Enters the Green Count - Image by Odejea - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,- Wikimedia Commons
Gold cherry

New Directions (12)

Barry Stokes isn’t easily fazed. I was banking on him figuring out how to make a few quid from my visit. Word would already be out. Pretty soon...