Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13: New Friends In Dumis : Part 1 (Section 1)

Priestess Danella has been taken to live in the Prancirian capital of Dumis by General Ravelleon, as his mistress. Bored by the General's long absence, she has become close to the General's friend Mireau, who now takes her out to enjoy the sights and events of the Grand City. Now Mireau introduces her to new friends. She explores the people and culture of this strange Vanmarian nation further.

Sun, air and water

Drama on the riverbank

Odyssey of a Prodigal Stepson Part Fifteen

Recap: Jamie’s failed attempt to flee Eve’s house motivated tighter security which included having Anastasia sleep in Grayson’s room also to keep an...

The Want - The Instructor

December 1942 - Central Division Shooting Gallery. Officer Jake Lacey learns a lesson in humility from a weapon's master: in order to overcome one's fears, one must first learn to trust himself.

"A Brief, But Thorough, Exploration Of Why I Hate Christmas" (Short Story)

If you insist on knowing, something happened when I was eleven. I think. I don’t know that you need to know that right now. I’ll tell you about it if...

Funny Money - Part 2

The driver droaps me oaff right ootside the hospital entrance. Ah pey the boay his fare and chuck in a couple quid tip fur his troubles. Ah gesture...

Funny Money - Part 1

Such occasions as this wid normally be held at some run doon miners club in the ootskirts ae the Toon. An expense spared, social gatherin, where...

All Good (short story) part 2 of 2

"That’s good,” he repeats, “because then I can keep you safe from all of it.” I don’t know what he means, but I put my bag down. It knocks over a...

All Good (short story) part 1 of 2

I’m at the closest thing my rural high school has to a counsellor, Mr. Hawkin. I’ve seen him draft an email in my presence and according his...

Ch.19 :Campaigns : Part 1 (Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age)

A huge tunnel rail system has been announced for the offshore islands of the Martan Empire, linking with the mainland. A new company called Martatunnel is to be floated and investors are needed. The Neo Creadd group are not too impressed by this unnecessary economic expansion, viewing it as a waste of human effort and potential. This is set in a futuristic period, in a world quite similar to our own.