Through War & Adversity - Chapter 1

The burly man lying face down in the sand may have well been dead.


The only road in Les Rigoux, Southern Burgundy rose westwards from the flats, took a breath as it split the hamlet in two, and then sped up skyward...

Corpse Candle (Part II)

“Don’t be. What I need is closure and maybe I’ll be more myself again.” Empty. “And the sooner I know what happened to Gunner the better I’ll be.”...

Gibson's Lesson

A young, idealistic schoolteacher in the 1960s faces a challenge.

Corpse Candle (Part I)

Chapter One Where there's a flame I see a corpse. Whereas I create a flame, say by lighting a candle, the flame draws a colour and depending on the...
Gold cherry


A laptop computer pays witness as a Twitter troll is confronted by an awful revelation

Tales of Gallanol : Ch.6 The Party (Part 1)

A Party is held to reconcile the victors from the south with the people of Elladein, in the Palace at Caerella. Jovian finds the High King's Companions attempting to ruin his reputation.

lesson learned

This is my first book im writing, as im very new I have no idea if im doing a good job or not, so honest feedback would be great, thank you all in...

Brain Fade

I once hurt a famous girl. I shan't say who though I shall say why. Her scent, not a perfume but an odour; a smell that permitted from her pores,...