Do You Know Who I Am? Part Three.

Children were raped and abused by up to 100 members of a Manchester grooming gang sixteen years ago - but despite police and social workers knowing...

Cowbells and Wedding Bells

Part 5 - Flash fiction - 500 words.

In Hate

I am in hate. I used to be in love. But I’m done with that now. It started out so good, too. You wouldn’t believe how good; I mean he was so perfect...

A Mother's Attempted Suicide

Why did she do it? They all asked, why did she try? So silly, so much to live for, so many depending on her, so many days left, not enough hours in...

Secrets and Half-lies

Part 4 - Flash fiction - 500 words.

Do You Know Who I Am?

A Minister kidnapped in Nigeria on 2nd of January 2020, the Reverend Lawan Andimi, was shown in a video as the, ‘world’ held its breath and prayed...

The Swiss Finishing School

3) “Who is Lottie?”, asks Jessica. (Flash fiction/500 words)

Milo Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven “I spoke with Alain.” John was in the kitchen, hovering, as Marie worked. “Don’t get in my way please,” she said, sliding past him to...

Milo Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten Milo was up early and thought there would be no one else about yet, but he was wrong. His mother was sitting alone at the table on the...

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16e) : Democracy of Managers

Democracy of Managers : Ch.16e 26/3/00 The modern world had become inseparable from free democracy. Every citizen exercised a vote for public...