Sooz 9

The best place for a walk in Clydebank was down by the Clydeside. Eddie could get out from under his wife’s feet and take a dander down to Cable...

Odyssey of a Prodigal Stepson Chapeter 04 (rewrite)

Jamie and his stepbrother Harvey took their pet dog, Koromaru for a walk. Along the way, Jamie collected a camera from one of their teachers, Mrs...

Life and Times of a Priestess : Ch.13: New Friends In Dumis : Part 1 (Section 6)

Priestess Danella has noticed that men are more powerful than women in Prancirian society, and explains to her new Prancirian friends that she feels women in her homeland have a better life. The Prancirian ladies are dubious about the status of Pirionite women, but Danella explains openness and friendship with many is more fulfilling for them. This is a continuing fantasy, a scenario which may not be real in our world for many reasons?
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Robert Hulcup 1933-2003, RIP.

Daft Rab’s bedroom was above mine, and his brother Freddie’s bedroom was above my sister’s room. Two middle-aged men, our Laurel and Hardy, adults we...

Sooz 8

Eddie was half-pissed after four pints. He been drinking and not sleeping. Badger flung them back and went up to the bar for more as if he’d taken a...

Sooz 7

Breaking into at trot at Partick Cross, a rumble of thunder and squall of rain followed Badger and Eddie as they crossed Dumbarton Road and pushed...

Sooz 6

On a three hour train journey, with drink involved and money on the table, fights broke out with the frequency of barroom brawls in The High...

Odyssey of a Prodigal Stepson Part Three (rewrite)

Recap: Jamie was thrown into thorns by bullies at a local park becasue he refused to give them the name of the person that got them into trouble...
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Sooz 5

Better get goin’, or we’ll miss the train,’ Badger had to crane his neck to speak in Eddie’s ear. A DJ dressed as Elvis but wearing an orange wig appeared and he’d pumped the volume up, flinging in a medley of ABBA classics beginning with Winner Take it All and working his way back to Waterloo to get the girls dancing.