International Woman's Day

Mr Alfred Muggins' Thoughts On The Reformation

He had been virtually accused of racism in the summer for defending the statues on social media, but there was no foundation to it! What would they have accused him of if they had realised he was a fan of Henry VIII? At least he wasn't going to get his head chopped off.....

Maria's Diary 2

December 1, 1829 William did come again, and told us all about his exciting time. He went with Uncle Tom to a Gentleman’s Club in Hackney. Apparently...

The Gift Of Writing Songs

The Gift Of Writing Songs By Paul McCann For 40 years or more I’ve been writing songs , walking around from place to place , leaving footsteps in the...
Gold cherry

A Canine Conundrum

A quick musing. Are dogs really like their owners? Me and my pet seem to support the theory. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons - in public domain)

An Older Age

As I linger into older age my bones do crave warmth ‘cause winter weather seems to plunge me into a chill- not so when younger days encouraged me to...
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Timely Leisure Spent With You

Dear diary I feel so small today, like Alice down the rabbit hole inhaling atmosphere, seizing handfuls of earth as I shrink, where ant mounds are...

For Whom The Heart Tolls

The finite rhythm of the heart