A Bum In A Pit: Justin Sane

When my good friend Albert was, through the use of acid, weed, cocaine and hash, transforming into Justin Sane, he had a tendency to become very...

Why God Invented Carts

Deke, Crown and I have done a lot together. We did the great American road trip in my truck from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We camped out almost...

Pictures of Eric in Blue

For Dad's and Granddads everywhere. Our Dad was Eric

New Ways Forward and Publication (Ch.13f : Part 2)

Janus plans to make contact with colleagues from earlier life and create a movement of discussion and action. Meanwhile more of his writing, outlining his views and ideas for society are published onto the Vidnet. Set in an alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.
Gold cherry

Flotsam (Poetry Monthly)

Out of the blue, one Indian summer you finally came. The waving, windmilling Captain of your destiny we said. Stubby legs would beat a heave-ho hard...

The Artist

Rapunzel hair For mummy Eyebrows mummy She paints On kitchen rolls Purple felt and rouge Age 3 Aspirations: variable Artist today

Ploughman á la carte

Ploughman á la carte I shared with your mama. Raw onions, cheese and orange chutney. Springtime, in hackney We kissed French kind Twenty years gone...


Austerity Inc. Manila paper. Words like spiders. In black ink. "It's your nursery, We came to claim. This time! We don't believe In the community...

The story of a rock climber

The story of a rock climber Abseiling the prickly rocks My limbs bleed A halo of Elation Crowns my dazed head My demeanor is small My resolve...