My feet are an anchor for thoughts that would carry me away.

Finding A Song In Your Heart

Finding A Song In Your Heart By Paul McCann I grew up in Belfast where as a kid we all made up songs which were used to play street games . The songs...

The Anatomy of A Crime

The Cordele poisoner.

Golden Memories: TV Programmes Part Two

A few 1960's TV programmes are hard to forget, because they have rightly achieved cult status, and are now regularly repeated. These include The...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

A Paradise Not Yet Lost

just some thoughts while out early this morning; photo taken then

On Giving Up

On Giving Up I tweeted this the other day… “I’ve had 3 novels published. These are the ones I’ve not had published: The Brothers Mosteckski Zeitgeist...

Wan too many

I woke up rough and grunting, Amidst a pile of bunting. Somebody said "who let that runt in?" "Get him out. Get shunting!" For my trousers, I then...

The Hungry Years

. The Hungry Years By Paul McCann Writing songs came to me as a gift in the beginning of the 1980’s . I could hear melodies in my head with lyrics...