Charlotte Finds A New Employment : Ch.3 : Strippers

The Western economies have become stagnant and poor. Charlotte and friends have been given work hosting a sex party for far eastern businessmen. Charlotte finds the foreign clients enthusiastic for her attention, but feels outclassed by the younger strippers paid to entertain. Her friend Sharon feels no such inhibition and volunteers to take the stage.

The Tower That Wept

A wonderful woman has left us...for Irene Brown rip
Gold cherry

this weather station

this weather station positioned at a distance remote and true, this structure stands still recording changes in the air; the observed passing of time...

Galaxy Part Four.

I needed a car, I had been using a taxi, seven days a week, I became like a ‘skilled back seat driver,’ my Husband Paul often looked on line for...

This Older Man

sought comfort in those evening colours. Like a bowl of mom’s porridge the sky rippled across his view saluting the end of another worthwhile day...

I think there is a man....

I think there is a man (I say man because of the size of the dirty socks I found) sleeping in my shed. I say my, it's actually shared by the three...


Just found out I have two older brothers.

Charlotte Finds A New Employment : Ch.2 : Preparing For The New Venture

The Western economies have become stagnant. Charlotte and her friends are invited by the far eastern gentleman to a hotel where they prepare to host a party, in which they will begin the new venture of giving sexual favours to foreign clients.

Mr P and Mr B

There I fell in love with his daughter but soon found him much more interesting company. Since my friends and those guys said he was a master “ 'n...

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.7 Battle For Morith (Part 1 : Section 2)

The High King's army marches further into Elladein to defeat King Lew, who continues to resist. The Elladein army recieves a setback, but vows to fight on. Set in the early stages of Gallanol's civil war. This is section 2 of this Part 1.