Alien Opportunities Ch.2 : An Introduction To The Alien Household Part 1

Chris is enjoying work in the alien run business. He is invited to do some serving tasks in the Alien Household, supervised by the wife of the boss Braidt. He finds he is getting on well with Braidt, and she begins to make unusual requests, which human employers would have never made.

Sweet talk

She hands me the twist of cloth, filled with sugar. 'Granny Robertson has a sweetie for you, Sally.' I take the gift, and she hers. We suck between...

Virgo Hands

My mans hands

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16b) : Management Science

Management Science became an art, prized by all who entered the business race. Students were taught about it in colleges, universities and all places of higher and further education, even though many of them would not later enter positions which would ever give them much management control or influence. More of the Decline of Civilisation in the Martan Empire and Gallanol in the the Modern Age.


In loving memory of Sharen. Remind us to have positive memories, strengthen and support with sensitivity these two beloved sisters and daughters,...

Not Much

to eat these 1952 days cupboard’s bare and three children watch mom searching for something to place on the table. Patience in the house once again...

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16a)

Quotations from the book 'The Decline of Civilisation' by Janus Apinus. He writes of the development and then the decline of the consumer market economy in the Martan Empire and Gallanol, of the competition and efficiency which grew, stifling consumption and making the actual lives of the people miserable in the process. He mentions the development of new technologies, including Vidnet and the foodshute delivery systems to the blocks of apartments. A warning for our own world perhaps as our own economies 'develop'?
Gold cherry

Timber fences; empty freedom.

You were five when the world shifted when you told me you wished we were never made. There was a time, before those words, when the world was broad...


On the 50th year of my father's death.