Clouded Aura

A reflection on mental illness


This is a poem written by an old pen pal of mine from 1995. I think his name was Chris, but cannot be sure as he always signed his letters with a C...

Rhythm Of The Sioux

Part Two Dear diary...Summer of 1994 was filled with months of glorious sunshine. I was lucky enough not to be going out to work that year and so...

The Decline of Civilisation (Ch.16e) : Democracy of Managers

Democracy of Managers : Ch.16e 26/3/00 The modern world had become inseparable from free democracy. Every citizen exercised a vote for public...


He was my neighbor for over forty years and his name was Jim. When I think about what a good man should be like, I think of him. He and my uncle were...

At five years of age

you told me that people are shaped like stars and I realised that nobody else gets to see this, gets to see you and what you are in the pauses, in...

Princil's Magic : Ch.9 : Charlerion's Pleasure (Part 2)

Remzain, the barbarian King's concubine, is employed in new ways by her enthusiastic new master. She welcomes her new freedom and is able to enjoy her life once again. Set in a world where magic coexists with war and invasion.

Alien Opportunities Ch.3 : Alien Practices Part 2

Chris returns to the Alien Household hoping to confirm his friendship and position there, and finds himself talking to a daughter of his boss, who engages him in deep and pleasant conversation, in which he reveals much of his true self.

A Minor League's Mozart

A wonder from Down Under.

Alien Opportunities Ch.3 : Alien Practices Part 1

Chris recoils from his shared experiences with the alien female. He begins to question the motives of the aliens, but somehow he cannot bury the feelings which have been released. He returns to the office the next day with some new insights.